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54-40 (Band) ~ She La (Song)

Mike, who no longer hangs out in BlogWorld recommended this band to me. They are out of Vancouver.  I can’t quite decide yet if I like them or not but this video Blew. Me. Away. I had to share it with you.


I see that I should have posted Three Things last night, cause I forgot to tell y’all.  And I’m telling you now, well… because I’m narcissistic.  😉

Three years ago today marks the inception of my adventure called “One Wink at a Time.”  Here was my first post:


Friday, November 25, 2005


It is with a teensy bit of trepidation that I embark on this new, exciting but overdue and long-anticipated endeavor. For the past year, give or take, my fondest wish has been to have my very own blog. I am addicted to reading several daily and feeding that addiction has been a rewarding and enjoyable part of my day. I vow to you my readership, limited as you may be, to make this as informative and entertaining (or one or the other) as I am able. Welcome to my world…
I hope I’ve kept my promise somewhat.
If you haven’t, please read the previous post, TWO THINGS.  It requires a little action on your part.  Thanks.


Number One:  I’d like to put my blog roll back up.  I don’t have any Bookmarks saved here in my laptop yet and it’s a pain in the ass tracking down your damn blogs.  (please know I was being a smart ass there merely for effect.  but it truly is a pain in the ass…)  So I ask you this, may I put you (or at least a link to your blog) back on my sidebar?  If you don’t answer me, I’ll assume that you’d rather not be there.  And you know how I hate to assume things.


Number Two:  You know when it’s cold out and you exhale, you can see your breath?  Why isn’t there a word for that.  I’ve wracked my brain and polled about 50 people, asking what that’s called.  I’m sure there is probly some fancy-schmancy scientific terminology for it but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I want an everyday word for it.  All I can come up with is “seeing your breath.”  It seems to me, a very lame way to label kind of a cool (no pun intended) phenomenon.  Who has time to say that?  There should be one word.  Let’s come up with a new word.  Suggestions please.  Maybe we’ll vote on the best suggestion and I’ll give you a prize.  Okay?  Okay!


I watched the previews of the American Music Awards, thought I might like to see Pink and Cold Play.  I was hoping some more original music had made it to the stage this year…

Opted for a long hot soak in a deep, steamy bubble bath instead.

Too tired to post about the wonderful weekend I had.  That will come later 🙂


So, if you spend as much time as I do on YouTube, you most likely have an account there.  You know, a profile page, subscriptions, favorites, the whole bit.  And if you spend half as much time on there as I do, you know that in the comments sections under the videos, often times you’ll find complete whack jobs who say the damnedest things.  And if you have half a brain, you’ll let those whack jobs make complete fools of themselves and just go about your business.

Or if you have a brain that boasts its number of remaining cells in the negative column, like mine, you might find yourself wrapped up in a scenario that goes something like this:

You receive in your email, notification that someone has replied to a comment that you left months ago on a video featuring a member of your favorite (at the time) band.  You click on it only to find that your glowing comment has been completely overshadowed by a mean, vindictive diatribe touting (mostly) the physical appearance of said band member.  You find yourself in a highly agitatated state and fiercely type a response in defense of the innocent musician.  And then you forget about it.

That is, until a couple of days later when you find a message from said whack job in your YouTube inbox.  (I am tempted to share it and the two consecutive messages that I received the following two days which were even more incriminating, but what’s left of my better judgment prevents me from doing so.  They were derogatory comments made directly toward me, I’m assuming based in the information contained on my profile.  Oh, yeah and what I said to him in a message I sent back before I blocked him. I don’t recommend that either…  But I learned a valuable lesson, thank you very little.)

Then when you are lying in bed stewing about it, you realize with a start, that your profile on YouTube proudly (ahem) displays a link to your blog and your mind starts racing as you further realize that the whack job, as well as the entire universe and all the whack jobs it contains has access to it.  To it, and all your cherished readers who are friends AND family.  In a mild panic, you race out of your nice, warm bed and down the stairs and proceed to remove the link to your blog from your YouTube profile page.  Mind still racing, the thought enters your mind that there is a very real possibility that WJ has already visited there an maybe even bookmarked it and your blog may very well have become a tool for WJ to hunt you down and use against you however (he) sees fit.

Okay.  Take a breath.  I fully realize that I may have over-reacted and/or imagined a result that is or could be all blown out of proportion.  On the other hand, you just never know, now do you?  You and I both know there are crazies out there who could be teetering on the fence between whack job and serial killer.  And all it might take is some innocent (what?) and naive broad like myself to tweak a nerve and get the twitching started.

But I want you to know that what prompted me to shut the old blog down was to protect you guys. Some of us are more anonymous than others.  I made my blog roll private.  I started disabling links to you and your blogs.  I’ve enabled comment moderation for the time being.  I would like to have your permission for the time being whether or not to post your comments. I need time to decide if I’ve over-reacted to this or not.  (Whether or not I over-reacted is not the issue here, I think.)  Right now I’m working on removing the comments listed on my sidebar.  I’m sure this is a “duh” and I will figure it out soon…

I need your thoughts on this.  While a possibility, even a teeny one, exists that I may have introduced an “unstable influence” into our midst or even if I haven’t, I want you to feel free to decide for yourself if you still want to comment here;anonymously or not, be removed from my Flickr pics or whatever.  And if you want to ask me anything, feel free, here or by email.

I also just want you to think about this for a bit… Because it sure has made me think.  And it will definitely affect the way I relate from now on on the good ol’ Internet.  If you come back tomorrow and are presented with a page that demands a password, it will only mean that my mind kicked back in protective gear.  It could happen.  I’m seriously thinking of deleting this whole blog and starting another.  To do that, though, would piss me off pretty royally.


This is the weekend that I’m trying to finish my Spring cleaning.  Yesterday I got all my summer clothes packed up to go to the attic.  Forget that about half of what I packed, I never even wore this summer.  I should have taken the time to try things on and make a “get rid of” box, but who has time for that.  I’ll do it next year…  I have so many things on that list that I’ll never get through the year.

I’m slowly replacing all my wire coat hangers with the plastic tubular ones.  The wire ones are in a huge pile in the garage, being given to a friend’s father who’s retired and supplements his income by selling metal to scrap yards.  We’re amassing a nice collection for the dude…

I don’t often watch the news, usually only what is necessary to sit through in order to see the weather report before work in the morning.  But I have to tell you, it’s getting harder and harder to stomach what’s on there.  I think of all the people who watch morning and night and read the newspapers and I’m not surprised at the high rate of depression in people these days.  It’s hard to replace all that negativity with positive thoughts.

My grandson, Julian, who’s 8 years old has started a blog.  It’s so awesome!  I can’t share it with you because for obvious reasons, it’s password protected, but I just wanted to share that with you.  And according to JuJu, he’s just as addicted to blogging as all of us are.  (I wonder if he’ll get kid-oriented spam, like from toy companies and junk food stuff.)

Have you seen the new format of Rolling Stone magazine?  No more of those over-sized issues that never fit in my tote bag.  I like the new size.  Now if I could only find the time to read an entire issue…  The new issue has an article about TV on the Radio that I’m anxious to read.

I think we had our last warm day of the year yesterday.  It was nice and balmy here, although a little gloomy with not much sun.  But there are still brightly-colored leaves on some of our trees, so it didn’t seem so dismal.  I will miss them when they’re gone.  I already miss my backporch time.

I’m down to 9 cigarettes a day.  I should have been on 8 this week but I had a really hard time with that, so PD granted me a little reprieve.  Tomorrow my “ration” will go back down to 8 and I’m hoping I’ll do better this time.  I still haven’t put any extra weight on and am hoping that doesn’t change.

Speaking of, go over to Hazel’s and read her good news.

I’ve noticed lately that there are two words that I absolutely cannot type correctly the first time.  One is “hotmail” and the other is “because.”  Invariably, I type “hotamil” and “becuase.”  Over and over and over agian.  It drives me nuts.  Uh oh, there is another one!   What is happening to my brain?  My eye-hand coordination seems to be deteriorating!  Do any of you have this problem?

Okay, I have a list to tackle again today.  Maybe one of these days I’ll find some downtime.  Till then, Ta Ta.


Just wanted to put up a quick post and let y’all know I’m thinking of you and missing our time here.  These work hours are taking their toll on me and cutting into all facets of my life including recreation.  I’m not at all happy about it.  I’m not just tired physically, it’s mentally draining as well.  If you’ve gotten an actual personal email from me in the last couple of weeks, consider yourself part of a small, elite smattering.  (I bet no one ever called you that before.)  I actually had the pleasure of a couple of IM conversations in the last couple of days which helped me to feel almost normal again.  I’ve only had one telephone conversation with JuJu this week and that hurts more than anything.

I’m not complaining because I have a job.  I realize that I’m fortunate and that there are plenty of un- and under-employed folks out there.  What irritates me is that our company could have been building up their stock all summer long instead of farming production workers outdoors to plant flowers and shit when the orders were coming in slow.  Now we’re barely keeping up and there is no end in sight. I hope they learn from this next summer when all the girls are whining because they would rather be outside getting a freakin’ tan.

Ok, I’m getting irritated and this is counter-productive.  We can’t have that.  It would be against the memos that are going around work encouraging us to have a more positive attitude.  You know what?

I’m going to bed now.

Please keep checking in, probly on the weekend I’ll have something nice to say.  On the up side, did you see that awesome Moon tonight?  Wooooo-eee!   🙂  I think I’ll sleep with the blinds open and hope I soak up some of that wonderful moonlight.  I want to look pretty to celebrate Friday.

How’s your week going?



Remember our Veterans today.

I would especially like to show my appreciation to my little brother, Bill, who returned this week from Kyrgyzstan.  He is in the National Guard and had been deployed since September 25th. Welcome Home!

Hazel has published a beautiful post today in honor of our Veterans.


I think one of the most gratifying things about blogging is the unique way in which we connect with other people, especially “strangers.” I hesitate to use that word so I will refer to those people as PWNM. (People/Person We Never Met.)  The very idea of writing a post and publishing it to the world amazes me frequently. The idea that anyone with internet capability can read and respond to everything I write here is difficult to fathom. The fact that PWNM read what we write and appreciate it enough to come back and read time and time again is just plain cool. The reality is that many of us develop relationships with those who read and are read by us. Its a wonderful phenomenon that only a blogger can truly comprehend and appreciate. And once in awhile we are afforded the opportunity to actually meet a PWNM in real life. And then the line between blog life and real life disappears to a degree and there opens a door.

I’d never really given a lot of thought to that door, mostly because I’d never actually had the opportunity to meet someone I’d met online. I know tons of people who have met PWNMs online and actually have relationships, some even as in the serious type. It happens frequently and it’s not a big deal for most and has become an accepted mode of bringing people together.

Only very recently have I been presented with not one, but opportunities to meet three of my readers. Unfortunately, the first invitation, I had to turn down due to a conflict in scheduling, if you will. The third is still in the planning stages and I’m crossing my fingers really hard that we can pull it off. The second one was amazingly, a total fluke and I’m convinced that something or Someone bigger than Serendipity was choreographing the show. I’ll try to keep this relatively short, but I want you to see that it easily might not have happened.

The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy for me and my online-time has been probly half of what I’m accustomed to. I’d been having problems off and on with my laptop since the power outage after a late summer storm. It finally crashed and burned and I only got my new hard drive a few days ago and hadn’t had time to re-install programs etc. Then Thursday afternoon I actually found myself with a small block of time to catch up on some of my regular reads. I happened upon this post.  There was really no time to think, not that I had to.  I’d been reading Out of the Ashes for two years and felt that I knew Michael (M+) quite well enough to meet in person and there was the opportunity staring me in the face.  My first (and only) inclination was to go for it.  The extent of my reservation was that I knew I’d be tired from a week of getting up at 4:30 and working 10-hour days.  But the school where Michael’s son was performing was my old alma mater and only a short drive from my home.  All the signs were there and there was no reason not to go.  PD had some errands to run and had not been feeling great the past few days.  I thought I should mail Michael and tell him of the possibility that I may or may not be able to make it.  I didn’t want him to feel “stood up” if I wasn’t able to be there.

PD and I arrived a little before the time we’d agreed upon.  It was a warm and beautiful night and there were very few cars in the parking lot, being that the show wasn’t due to start for an hour and a half.  We decided to park and get out and walk around until Michael got there.  We were starting to walk up to the main door of the school when I saw someone get out of a car about 7 parking spots off to my left.  As soon as I saw the street light reflecting on the side of his head  *wink*  I knew it was Michael.

There was a big hug.  There were introductions.  (PD, who puts great stock in a firm handshake, was impressed.)  Michael’s mother had accompanied him.  She came out of the car and was surprised to find that Michael had “found” someone he “knew” there.  What a delightful and beautiful lady she is. She is quite petite, even when she’s not standing beside her brawny son. She had some questions about our blogs and how we’d come to “know” each other so well. It was fun seeing her amazement at how we reacted to one another. Michael, I have to tell you that, later on the way home, PD told me that he had the strongest feeling that he’d seen your mother somewhere before. Not “met” her, but “seen” her, which I thought was pretty cool. PD rarely says things like that.

I told Michael that I was surprised at how calm he was in person. It was the first thing I noticed about him.  He is almost what you would call soft-spoken but not shy at all.  He’s so very genuine and personable. Not at all intimidating and a great conversationalist. Articulate and purposeful in his speech. I felt not one iota of awkwardness or uncomfortability from the first second we spoke. Aside from how laid-back he seemed, he was as I expected him to be.

Early in the meeting, Michael pulled out a camera (I’d forgotten mine due to stupidity and being in a big hurry) and said, “We have to do this.”  My immediate thought was, and I said, “Michael, Jeff should be here.”  He agreed and commented that he’d just had the same thought.   (Seriously, Jeff, we wish you could have been there. It would have been the peanut butter icing on the chocolate cake.)  Michael handed the camera to PD, pulled up his shirt sleeve to reveal the famous bicep and here you see the end result.   (Keep in mind, I’d been up since 4:30am.  Did I mention that???)


PD and Michael talked about their shared appreciation for weaponry (they each collect swords and knives.) We talked about our families.  Michael shared some of his summer to clue PD in on his activities with Compassion.  He asked about my “addiction.”  I reported that I’m down to 9 cigarettes per day and am still down two pounds.  When I got up the nerve to ask him if I was what he expected, it seemed that he didn’t even think about it and just said “Yes.”  I have yet to find out just what it was that he expected… But according to him, the impression you might have of me from reading my blog is most likely the real me. We talked about so many things and then all of a sudden it was time for us to part.  But it became a great memory and a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see what he writes about me we agreed to get together again sometime.

If there were a rating system for meeting PWNM, I would give it 3.99 stars.  The .01 I subtracted ONLY because there was no food involved.  Hehe.  Next time we’ll go the full 4 stars, whaddya say, Mikey?  🙂

All kidding aside, it was great meeting you and your mom (nice bonus) and I’m anxious to hear how the play went.


*sorry, I couldn’t find a way to make the pic bigger.  you’ll just have to lean way in.


I felt like writing but not thinking just now so I thought I’d write about something easy. Um Naief got me thinking about candy. Seemed like a good topic…

When I was little, we lived a block and a half away from Bradford’s Store.  Mr. and Mrs. Bradford were an older Mom and Pop-type who ran the store and were awesome.  Both heavy-set and gray-haired.  And very patient, as I remember, as they would stand behind the counter holding little paper bags while we chose the penny candy that we sometimes paid for with the two-cent deposits we got when we traded in our pop bottles.  Yeah, really.  For ten pop bottles, we could get 20 pieces of wonderful candy.  There were shelves and shelves of boxes of a gazillion kinds of candy behind the counter. The penny stuff was on the lower shelves and the nickel candy bars were on the higher shelves.  Only when we were “rich,” did we venture up into the highlands…

I loved what we called “records” which were flat spools of black licorice curled into a spiral with a round red candy dot in the center.  You could unroll the licorice and eat it in one long strip.

I also loved the brown and pink and white blocks of coconut, gooey candy.  I don’t think we had a name for them.  The “Bacon Strips,” as we called them, were the same only flat, like bacon.  And there were Watermelon Slices, made out of the same stuff, only they were white and pink/red and green. Yum, yum. And there were little wax bottles that you bit the top off to drink the flavored liquid inside.  Of course they were called “pop bottles” and if I remember correctly, they came in a little cardboard pack with a carrying handle of maybe 4 bottles or so.  Remember PixieStix?  A long paper straw that contained colored, flavored sugar powder.  You could choke if you inhaled the stuff.

I also loved “Lipstick,” a chalky, cherry-flavored red candy in the shape of a lipstick covered in silver paper and wrapped in cellophane.  And then there were the waxy “lips” that had a little ledge that you bit into and it looked like you had a big red clown mouth.  I still can’t believe we actually ate the things.  The flavor was not that great.

Of course there were Rootbeer Barrels and Butterscotch discs which are still around today.  As well as Bit-O-Honey and MaryJanes.  Had I known they would be so plentiful in my grown-up life, I wouldn’t have squandered my pennies on them back then… I would have purchased more of those Flying Saucers (the little styrofoam-like UFOs with the tiny sugar balls inside) and the Icecream cones that were real cones with fake marshmallow “icecream” covered in colored sugar.

Candy necklaces were fun, too.  Little colored candy beads strung on elastic that you could wear around your neck and chomp away on at the same time.  I thought I was pretty cool when I found that you could wrap one twice around your wrist and make a bracelet, too.  The bracelets were much easier to eat while wearing.

A “buying trip” would not be complete without Bubblegum.  Either DoubleBubble or Bazooka… those little blocks of pink wonderfulness that not only tasted like heaven, but gave us hours of extra fun blowing bubbles.  And, gracious, don’t forget the comics they came wrapped in with the teeny fortune written at the bottom of the “funnies.”  I never did have a favorite of the two brands, they were both equally satisfying to my little cavity-prone mouth.

Have a Sweet Day 🙂