54-40 (Band) ~ She La (Song)

Mike, who no longer hangs out in BlogWorld recommended this band to me. They are out of Vancouver.  I can’t quite decide yet if I like them or not but this video Blew. Me. Away. I had to share it with you.

5 responses to “VIDEO 4 U

  1. cool song. video too. Thanks for the Electric Touch info!

  2. i love that song, the video is amazing. i was just thinking on our long drive back from pa that i sure would love another one of your “mix tapes”, and that i am hereby declaring you my music picker goddess.

  3. Meh…

  4. TC: You’re very welcome, I hope you can go see them.

    DP: As a matter of fact, I have a gift for you that I wanted to give you in person but will be mailing it. I’ll hold off on that until I can put together a mix for you. I have some things in mind… 🙂

    LY: You took me literally when I said “Blew Me Away,” didn’t you? 😉 Good band. Scary vid.

  5. oh this girl is cute also, I guess I forgot to point that out. :p

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