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Gravity, Interrupted.

Prompted by an excellent piece by my good friend and author, Harry Ramble, I wish to share a short countenance that is stored in my memory as one of the first dates I had with PD.

PD’s father owned a camp a couple of hours from here.  It was in a beautiful and secluded wooded area and would make an excellent place to invite a beautiful woman for a nice weekend escape and PD, being no dummy, did that very thing.  And I accepted.

New to this whole “camp” scenario, I didn’t know that the propane tanks which enable cooking and heating inside the camp would be stored in a shed off to the edge of the property, probly about  twenty feet from the camp itself. C’mon. I was a city girl long before I became a country girl… At any rate, the shed had been built amid a blind of pine trees.  Very. Tall. Pine. Trees.  It was dark in the shed. I don’t remember if there was electricity in there, but I stood outside under the pines while PD unlocked the padlock on the door of the shed and stepped inside.  I was to find out later that the loud whooshing sound I heard was from the air escaping the tank when he opened the valve to turn on the propane.  It was quite startling since I did not expect the noise.  AND it was loud. Evidently the squirrel in the tree must have been at least as startled as I was because, mid-whoosh, he dove straight down out of the tree  like a furry gray torpedo  and landed  directly on my head for a second or two… his tiny paws scrambling around in my hair to get his footing long enough to dive yet again.  This time, to the ground and he shot off into the woods, most likely to a backwoods version of Urgi-Care to have a full cardio work-up to make sure he wasn’t having a heart attack. Me? I would never relax outside the confines of my own home, ever again.

Maybe a better title for this post may have been “Squirrel, Interrupted…”

Finally Happened

I’ve been following a band called Runaway Dorothy online for a couple of years. If you are my friend on Facebook, you’ve surely seen me post about them. The thing is/was, one of the band members, Dave Parnell had a blog at one time and I read it faithfully. I tried to be as supportive as I could when the band was struggling.  Dave is very personable and often answered my comments. I grew to have a great deal of respect for him as well as a very healthy appreciation for the band’s music. Click here for an example of why I fell in love with the music. And here for an album review of The Arc, their first cd.

Recently I was thrilled to find that the band was on tour and was looking for a venue somewhere between Brooklyn, NY and Youngstown, OH. They were interested in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  Of course I was crossing my fingers for Pittsburgh.  And it happened.  They booked a show for this past Friday night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh.  I grabbed the first friend who showed an interest in going and we were gonna do it.

I should probly mention, and I hope if Dave reads this, he’s not embarrassed, but I have a healthy, um, crush on his disheveled  boyish charm.  He’s ridiculously talented, both as a performer and a songwriter. His lyrics have depth and meaning and you can tell right off that he’s got heart. If you know me at all, you know I’m big on heart.  If you don’t have heart, I don’t bother much with you at all… He’s also got determination and spirit.  I’m pretty darn sure you could say this about each and every member of the band but I’m guilty of paying a little more attention to Dave.  I’d adopt him. Heck, I’d adopt the whole darn band.

So, before this turns into War and Peace, I’ll tell you… My friend Brooke and I went to the cafe. She’s shy, I’m not. (DUH) There were to be 3 bands performing.  Before RD got there, I’d already talked to the lead guy, Mike from Band #3. Yeah, he had heart. I wish I could remember the name of the band :/ The first band up was called Blue Light Bandits.  They’re from Boston and I liked them a lot.  They had a kind of Jack Johnson sound to them.  And they thought I was in my forties so, yeah… Brownie Points.

Brooke and I were sitting at our table and I happened to look up and saw a messy mop of brown hair atop a plaid shirt (Dave Parnell’s signature style)  walking past. I said, “Dave.” He ambled a couple of more steps.  I repeated his name, a little louder the second time.  He turned and our eyes met. My heart soared. That face… A smile slowly spread across it (his face) and he made his way to our table. He has the most beautiful teeth I’ve ever seen on a guy. I was out of my chair in a second and stopped a foot in front of him. I said, “It’s me, Linda.” I don’t know even now if I had to tell him or not and I’m not sure if I held out my hand or just dove in straight for the hug, but we broke into an easy conversation. He had been heading toward the facilities (after 6 hours in a 15-passenger van) and asked that we wait a minute and said that he wanted to take us back to meet the rest of the band, was that ok?  WAS THAT OK?  Silly Dave.

Soon he came back and motioned us to follow him to a private dining area around behind the bar. On the way I asked if we were going to the Green Room. Haha Linda, you are so funnee.

We walked in to find Brett (Dave’s brother,) Sammy and Evan, as well as their manager Nick and 2 or 3 fan/friends from Pittsburgh. Amazingly polite and perfect gentlemen, they made us feel completely comfortable immediately. Two of them mentioned recognizing me from my comments on their fan page. Their manager, Nick was immediately at my elbow, asking what I had and what I needed.  At first I wasn’t sure what he meant but then I realized he meant band souvenirs, etc. I told him I had the shirt, the buttons, stickers, cd, etc. He asked me to leave my address and that he’d get some more stuff off to me. How cool was that?  So we talked awhile and the first band was up to play so we excused ourselves and went back to our table.

Their performance was even better than I expected.  And later I found out that Dave had been on cold meds for a week. Sheesh.

Third song in, (With You) I was pleasantly surprised to hear Dave say, “This next song I want to dedicate to a friend of a couple years who I’m meeting for the first time tonight,” and he looked up at me. (omg) “This is for Linda, something something…” I couldn’t make out and forgot to ask him what it was. Was awesome anyway.

There was more to the night but I don’t want your eyes to cross.  Among those things:

  • I was appointed House Mother to the band.  Which sounds a whole lot more respectable than Honorary Oldest Groupie, don’t you think?
  • I’ve offered to provide lodging for them next time they’re in the ‘Burgh and they accepted on the condition that PD make them a Spinach Quiche for their breakfast.
  • The crush I have on Dave has spread to the entire group.
  • If you don’t own any Runaway Dorothy music, your library is lacking.  Their new cd coming out, The Wait promises to be something you’ll want to own.  I will.  Here’s a sneak peek at a song from the album called Hurry.
  • You can go on FB and Like the band and get to know them a whole lot better and you’ll be lucky like me 🙂

So, that was my Friday night.  Was a great time and I can’t wait for it to happen again.  Thanks Runaway Dorothy!  Love you guys 🙂

Holy Cow

I’m thrilled to see readers here! You have no idea.

I’ve been busy with post-funeral stuff like writing thank-you notes and things but I have much more to say on this subject.  Including some problems I’m having adjusting. No surprise there. But I will post more on the weekend, I promise.

And thanks so much for coming over and saying such nice things 🙂

Boo Spam

Sadly, I’ve had to disable the page I had on my blog all about one of my favorite bands.  It seems to have turned into a spam magnet. 94 hits this morning. It makes me mad. Why can’t life just be simple without all the little headaches? They seem to multiply day by day and contribute to one big headache.

Oh, how I long for the simpler days gone by… I don’t think I’m cut out for living in this age.

Going to try a little experiment. I’m posting a video of the band and see what happens. This post may or may not be here tomorrow, depending.


I’ve been loving this song, Winter Tears by Mark O’Sullivan aka Goatboy for several months now.  It never had as much meaning to me as it does now, being knee-deep (pun intended) in the throes of Old Man Winter.  The song is from Mark’s EP Moon After Yule (available here.)  I should have the EP in my hands very soon and am excited to hear the whole thing.   You can read about him here also.  Very interesting read.

You Tube didn’t give me a share option for my blog for this video, if it’s not here, please take the time to C+P the link into your browser and give it a listen.  I promise you’ll like it.  Or maybe even love it as I do.


Today was Day Three.  Not entirely bad.  I’m hoping last night was the worst of it.  Breaks at work were weird.  I realize that even in the worst weather, going outside to smoke was a welcome quarter of an hour away from the masses.  There really is nowhere to go in our facility other than the cafeteria on break unless you go outside.  I imagine that when the weather breaks I’ll probly go out and walk around the perimeter of the building on break. Fresh air and exercise.

My four worst times today were right before leaving the house to go to work, after lunch, when I left work and just now after dinner.  It will hit me again at bedtime I’m sure.  I’ve only cried once so far and that was when I got home today.  I kept catching myself thinking all day, as soon as I get home this will all go away and I’ll feel better.  When I would realize that I was thinking that, reality would set in and I’d feel an instant letdown.  Kind of like looking forward to a steak cooked on the grill and then finding out the propane tank is empty.  Only different because I’d love a cigarette sixty thousand times more than a steak cooked on a grill.  And I would not feel let down if the steak actually got up and walked away because steak and tobacco are not in the same league for me.

Cassie B suggested that I try writing on the blog each day and maybe get support and encouragement from readers.  I had been considering that.  The only downside to that is that writing causes me to think of smoking.  I’ll blame that on James Caan from Misery whose character (an author)  only ever smoked after completing a manuscript and even then, just one cigarette. But I will try writing each day.  It may not be any fun for you but it might be a little bit therapeutic for me.


Now and then I need to stop and remind myself that not everyone “gets” my sarcasm.  On here, anyway.   (And every once in a while in real life, too.)  It’s funny how you tend to assume that when someone reads what you write, that they’re taking it in in the same way you’re putting it out.   I don’t usually intend to come across as truly harsh or overly judgmental.  I forget that the reader can’t see me sitting here typing with a gleam in my eye or my tongue in my cheek.   A perfect example is the post I wrote recently about “pretents” in which I went on about how some of their speaking habits bugged me.  (A pretent, if you’re not familiar with the post, is the name I made up for a pretentious person.  It was supposed to be a jab at myself, as the whole point of the post was about how they (pretents) shorten words to appear to be cool…)  Someone I adore admitted to shortening her words and apologized for appearing to be a pretent.  In actuality,  she doesn’t have a pretentious bone in her body and I gasped to think that she thought I might consider her that way. She’s not the only person to read here who had that reaction, so I can only surmise that others may have reacted the same. (BTW, if you’re reading, B. and J., I ❤ you both!)

There have been times that I’ve mistaken people’s sarcasm, too.  It’s not hard to do.  When you don’t personally know people and are just reading what they write, never having sat together for a real life conversation, how do you really know how to interpret what they write?  I’ve struggled with this and wondered how to get things across… There are terrific bloggers who are terribly sarcastic and it’s very evident.  The first one  who comes to my mind is dooce.  I envy her ability to be funny and sarcastic and still get a heart-felt idea across.  (The post I’ve linked to coincidentally addresses the fact that there are always readers who don’t “get” what she’s putting out there…)

Let me just say, I don’t really know how to get around this.  I was born with this sense of humor and I come from a long line of sarcasts.  I think though that I may label my rants as sarcastic in the future.  If you’re reading something here and it makes you feel uncomfortable or that I’m speaking directly to you, look up at the top of the post at the category and if it says “*wink wink*,” then that’s all it is.

So.  There it is.  I just wanted to get that off my chest.  If there’s ever anything I say that offends you somehow, please call me on it and give me a chance to clarify.  Just because I’ve been blogging for as long as I have, it doesn’t mean I know all the rules or even if I’m any good at it.

Now if I were getting paid to do it, that would make all the difference…


… who’s pretty darn cool.  He’s got some wonderful insight into life and things.  He’s a talented photographer and has a wicked sense of humor.  He’s a Southern boy with great hair.  He’s got a beautiful family and a spiritual side that makes me jealous.

Only thing is, he’s got to be the center of attention at all times.  Sometimes his whining gets to me and just to pacify him, I decided to devote a post to him.

I know he knows I’m just jerking his chain cause we’re “tight like that…”

Make him feel as special as he is and go over and say hey to Joey.


So how’s your summer going?  I apologize that I haven’t been to visit anyone’s blog this week, it’s been crazy here.  It’s been all I could do to hop on Facebook and Twitter for a few minutes to try and catch up.  So if there’s anything important I’m missing, let me know here and I’ll come and see you on the weekend.  I picked a pretty lousy time to commit to posting every day.  A friend more or less said that he’d rather put up quality than to throw out crap just for the sake of writing every day.  I have to agree with him…


Lawgirl over at Renewal tagged me in this meme.  (Awhile back but I just found it last night, sorry, LG)


1. Mention the person who nominated you. Be sure to check out her blog.  That would be Lawgirl.  :D

2. List six unimportant things that make you happy.

  • Waking up with the sun shining in my window.
  • When the phone rings and it’s one of my kids.
  • A hug for no particular reason.
  • Driving with the sun roof open and some good music.
  • Morning coffee on my back porch.
  • An uninterrupted night’s sleep.

3. Tag six blogs, state the rules and notify them with a small comment on their blog.  (I’m not into putting pressure on people, so tagging ain’t my bag.  Feel free to do it if you like.  Just let me know so I can check it out in a reasonable time frame.)