Just wanted to put up a quick post and let y’all know I’m thinking of you and missing our time here.  These work hours are taking their toll on me and cutting into all facets of my life including recreation.  I’m not at all happy about it.  I’m not just tired physically, it’s mentally draining as well.  If you’ve gotten an actual personal email from me in the last couple of weeks, consider yourself part of a small, elite smattering.  (I bet no one ever called you that before.)  I actually had the pleasure of a couple of IM conversations in the last couple of days which helped me to feel almost normal again.  I’ve only had one telephone conversation with JuJu this week and that hurts more than anything.

I’m not complaining because I have a job.  I realize that I’m fortunate and that there are plenty of un- and under-employed folks out there.  What irritates me is that our company could have been building up their stock all summer long instead of farming production workers outdoors to plant flowers and shit when the orders were coming in slow.  Now we’re barely keeping up and there is no end in sight. I hope they learn from this next summer when all the girls are whining because they would rather be outside getting a freakin’ tan.

Ok, I’m getting irritated and this is counter-productive.  We can’t have that.  It would be against the memos that are going around work encouraging us to have a more positive attitude.  You know what?

I’m going to bed now.

Please keep checking in, probly on the weekend I’ll have something nice to say.  On the up side, did you see that awesome Moon tonight?  Wooooo-eee!   🙂  I think I’ll sleep with the blinds open and hope I soak up some of that wonderful moonlight.  I want to look pretty to celebrate Friday.

How’s your week going?

7 responses to “MISS CRABBYPANTS

  1. My week? blegh.
    I did see the moon, it even looked awesome when it was behind some clouds for a bit.
    Tell your bosses I said you deserve a day off!

  2. The new location is slow in being built…

  3. Jeff: My bosses want to know what you are basing your authority on. I tole them you were my psychiatrist.

    LY: Yay! You’re back. Anxious to hear about your trip.

  4. I left something for you on my blog.

  5. Hey crappypants! Sorry to hear that it still sucks there! They never did make much sense with anything. On a different note, I was thinking today bout Christmas shawpin’…..if you’re up our way please stop in….we would love to see you, PD, your mom, etc…..oops! I just realized I wrote ‘crappy’ instead of crabby. I left it there cause I know you’ll laugh (I did). Reminds me I should probly scrub the poopdeck! lol

  6. Scott: Thanks for that, I got a rilly big kick out of that. Was great to “see” you here. I know you had a “purpose” for your visit, but I’d like to see you here more often 🙂

    Nat: I will keep that in mind, altho we will probly be doing a lot of our shawpin’ online this year. Yep, you made me laff. Thanks!

  7. I gotta tell ya, for the first time since I’ve been working where I work, I’ve been not liking it. I’ve been moved into a different area (again!) to work with diferent people, and I’m not too happy about what I’m doing these days.
    Thank God I have a week of vacation coming up for Thanksgiving.

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