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Happy Birthday today to my baby, JuJu.  Lest she have a problem with my doing so, I’ll not tell you her age.  All I know is that the day she was born was one of my very best days…

Update:  Oh. I promised Jeff I would do this and I forgot. I feel really badly.  My apologies, Jeff.  You’re a wonderful man.



If for some reason the picture isn’t visible, it’s Edvard Munch’s The Scream, which is a pretty accurate depiction of the state I found myself occupying most of the day yesterday (Friday).  A friend attributed it to a caffeine-induced state of edginess.  Which is entirely possible, yet I’m choosing to blame it on other people things.

I always look forward to Fridays, mostly because it is the end of my work week and co-workers are generally in a good mood and even light-hearted and fun to be around.  I don’t know what was up everyone’s collective butt yesterday, but by the end of the day I was ready to sprint out of there like a bat out of hell.

Number One Irritant, we will call “M.”  M. tends to be a whiner 8 hours a day often.  Yesterday she was assigned to perform a job she doesn’t normally do.  This required her to relocate her work station to an isolated part of the room where she found herself with no one to whine talk to.  Then at break time, instead of enjoying the opportunity to whine socialize, what did she do but whine for 15 minutes aboot not having anyone to whine talk to all day.

Number Two Irritant involves the constant barrage of visitors to my desk.  For some reason people seem to think I have cool stuff on my desk and are forever picking things up, inspecting them and putting them back in unconvenient places.  I have spent hours and days working out a system that works for me and is still within the rules to help me do my job consistently and in the most efficient way possible.  It may not be the way everyone else performs but it is, as I said, within guidelines.  People are fascinated evidentally, with what is different, the way people flocked to see the “freaks” in days of old at carnivals.  As a result, my desk seems to be a gathering place at regular intervals throughout the day.  After a point, I try to cut down on the wildly-entertaining wit and humor friendly conversation to discourage visitation.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  Keep in mind that a typical day for me consists of me inserting ear buds from the time I get to my desk, removing them ideally, only at break times, lunch and at the end of the day. Unideally, it is every five minutes to answer questions, pick up someone else’s slack or listen to a PA announcement.  Which brings me to Irritant Number Three.  Which is this:

Among the thousands of pages announced in the course of a day for a myriad of reasons, there are the outside calls which resonate, let’s say 4, 5, 6+ times a day for people which are obviously not business or even job-related.  You and I both know that these calls are from inept baby-sitters who are calling to report that Junior has once again ripped the dog a new asshole wallpaper off the wall or immersed the toaster in the baby’s bath.  The worker (a mother in most cases) must stop her job and counsel/mediate/instruct the caregiver in the complicated steps of childcare and then come back to work and whine and bitch about the babysitter for an hour and a half.  Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with young mothers who must work and manage their lives around young children not yet old enough to be entertained by school teachers but come on, find someone responsible and resourceful with half a brain to care for the kiddies.

Needless to say, I’m enjoying the hell out of my Saturday.  Rain and all…


Hey, it was nice of you all to come by and leave such lovely thoughts.  I miss you.

A good part of my absence here I will attribute to the extreme wonderfulness (and I hesitate to make a big deal for fear of jinxing) of the fact that PD is having a few good days in a row.  He’s run me ragged! 

We’re in the process of stripping all the ugly lacquer off our ancient kitchen cupboards.  I’ve always wanted them painted white and it seems my dream is showing promise of actually coming to fruition.

We’ve cut down two bothersome and unmanageable bushes which became trees from in front of our house.  Eons  Years ago, someone planted them too close to the house and they were wreaking havoc with the foundation.  Not to mention shedding needles and other assorted goodies all over the front porch. 

We also removed a whole shitload of shrubs which surrounded the front yard which a) were a pain in the butt to keep trimmed so we could see over them and b) were collecting litter consisting mostly of empty pop bottles, losing lottery tickets and cigarette butts from kids walking past the house.  We bought some fencing and a really cool black wrought-iron arbor with a gate to put at the end of the sidewalk leading to the street.

So while my biceps and calouses are getting bigger, my energy and time here is waning.  But that’s ok.

Hey, guess what I did last night?  (TC, you will be so proud of me.)  Around 10pm it started to storm and there were tornado warnings for areas, I believe North and a little West of here.  It was still warm outside and yeah, I should have been in bed.  Don’t know where I got the courage, but I grabbed my smokes and a beer and went out on the back porch and watched the lightning.  I did!  At one point I came in and said to PD, “Do you see that I am on the porch during the storm?”  He did, and I asked him if he’d like to join me and he replied “No, you need to be brave all by yourself.”  So I did.  I beed brave all by myself.  What a rush that was.  A couple of big streaks of lightning lit up the whole sky not terribly far away.  Every cell in my body was dancing.  It sounds hokey, I know, but I felt so alive!  Adrenaline OD  😉  Anyway, I thought I’d share that.  Anyone who knows me, knows that when it storms I cower in the basement and tremble with fear.  No more!  I HAVE OVERCOME!

I’ll tell you what, getting old is really interesting and fun as hell.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring…  

Oh, I finished The Kite Runner.  Awesome book.


This is like, my third attempt at posting.  This is not supposed to be a chore.  And it never has been before.  I usually come here prepared and excited to share.  Lately, I dunno.  I’m not feeling it.  It could be any number of things… 

  • The weather is nice and I’d rather be outside enjoying fresh air. 
  • PD (knock on wood) has been feeling somewhat better and is back to his slave-driving old self. 😉  So I’ve been busy.  We’ve got an assortment of projects we’re working on and hoping to complete in time to still enjoy what’s left of summer. 
  • My brain is feeling more fried than normal and thinking is painful. Yeah, really.
  • Actually, I really can’t put my finger on it.  Boredom?  I don’t think so.  But who knows.  I hope this goes away, whatever it is.

At any rate, I apologize for not visiting and/or commenting on blogs with the same frequency and enthusiasm lately.  It’s just not there 😦


I guess today was National Walk at Lunchtime Day or some damn thing, sponsored by the company that carries our health insurance at work.  So aboot 150 of us gathered in the front parking lot and walked for 20 minutes (2 laps around the building) and then enjoyed a nice bag lunch supplied by the company.  Was a nice, invigorating midday break.  A bit nipply nippy but that made it easier to keep up a healthy pace…

I’m enjoying my new dental work and the novocaine has worn off finally. And the wrinkles are back. Dammit.

Remember awhile ago when I told you aboot the racist lady woman at work who declared that Obama just could not become President because”she would not have a (whispered) black man” in the White House?  And how sickened and disgusted I was by her remark?  Well.  I must share this with you and I hope you appreciate it as much as I did.  It is pretty damn near priceless.

Yesterday she came to work wearing a Howard University sweatshirt.  I kid you not. I asked her if she’d ever been to Howard.  She replied that no, she’d never even heard of it.  She’d found the shirt on a clearance table at Steve & Barry’s.  One of those moments when you wish that you had access to closed-circuit televison that went out all over the world a camera…  When someone pointed out to her that Howard was an all-Black university, she had the nerve to say (you guessed it) “That must be why it was on clearance.”  I wanted so badly to enlighten her to the fact that she didn’t deserve to wear the shirt but I’m not into wasting my time.  That’s all I have to say aboot that.  I’ll not soon forget how she looked walking in, all proud, wearing her new “bargain”.  It’s a shame it will most likely never get worn again.


I had something to say, which was nothing short of amazing, considering that I’m sporting a Novocaine-induced cheek/mouth numbification… but all I can think aboot right now is the fact that I deleted my profile photo and uploaded another one.  Problem is, now I have a big black square where my Novocaine-numbed face should be.

You know, I have no wrinkles on that one side of my face right now.  Screw Botox.  Pour me a shot of Novocaine.


Why in the name of God is the media airing Britney Spears’ goofy-ass rant on a day of sadness and tragedy?  As if the heinous murder of 32 innocent college students at Virgina Tech by a madman isn’t enough to leave us all shaking our heads and in our shoes.  There is only one less crazy person in the world today, after having shot himself in Virginia.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all the families, friends and loved ones of the precious kids whose lives were so horribly, unjustly stolen today.

If wishing could make it so…


Sometimes when life gets hectic or unmanageable or unsatisfying, I retreat to that place in my head where the world is as I would like it to be. An avoidance technique, if you will.  Many would chastise me for the ridiculous amount of time I spend inside my head/haven, but I care not.  I’m a tired tried-and-true Pisces through and through and it’s my prerogative…

In My Perfect World:

  • The only time the Sun isn’t shining is when the Moon is.
  • Each room in my home has an entire wall of drawers or cabinets labeled with its contents and everything is always where it’s supposed to be.
  • Everything in my house that I do not need magically disappears.  Until, of course, when I do need it and then it magically appears in the first place I look.
  • There is a separate highway system for drivers who don’t know how to drive follow the rules.
  • Music (in all its forms, including live concerts), medical care, and public transportation (in all its forms, worldwide) are free.
  • The work week consists of three 8-hour days of your choice.  I choose Tue-Thur.
  • The grass in one’s yard does not grow more than 2 inches tall.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and mind-altering drugs are both good for you and not subject to government regulations.
  • Chocolate grows on trees, year round.
  • Hair always does exactly what you want it to.
  • The same holds true for one’s spouse or significant other.
  • Cashews, almonds, pistachios are all options for what one would like readily dispensed from one’s refrigerator door.
  • Sex is as available as downloadable ring tones. flavored coffees.
  • My mouth works in conjunction with my brain.  Always.
  • A good doctor/daycare/phone plan/mechanic is easier to find than a Walmart.
  • Wishing makes things so.


Too tired I am

Too tired I be

You see I am

Too tired to….. post.

And yeah, I know it doesn’t rhyme. Too tired to care.  G’night.




I need sunshine.  I need heat.  I need to put away hats and gloves and scarves. I NEED SPRING.  Is it ever going to come??? 

The black monster* is sitting in the corner in the kitchen.  It cannot be fed for 24 hours.  Man, that thing is going to be ravenous by tomorrow at this time.  I hope it doesn’t eat PD while I’m at work tomorrow.  It’s big enough, it could conceivably swallow him whole…  The thing didn’t look that big in the store.  But you know, it really adds character to my kitchen.  Although a big black hungry monster lurking in a corner would add character to any room.  

Remember my friend Rick who was having some problems at Christmas?  God bless him; when I came home Easter evening from a day with the Fambly, the answering machine was blinking.  I pushed play and there was Rick, singing two verses of “Easter Parade”. 

“In your Easter bonnet, with all the fringe (he sang) upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade…  On the avenue, (My street name he sang) … etc.”

Rick has had several strokes and his speech is a bit garbled, but I understood perfectly what he sang and it touched my heart and brought a tear. 

* our new fridge