So, if you spend as much time as I do on YouTube, you most likely have an account there.  You know, a profile page, subscriptions, favorites, the whole bit.  And if you spend half as much time on there as I do, you know that in the comments sections under the videos, often times you’ll find complete whack jobs who say the damnedest things.  And if you have half a brain, you’ll let those whack jobs make complete fools of themselves and just go about your business.

Or if you have a brain that boasts its number of remaining cells in the negative column, like mine, you might find yourself wrapped up in a scenario that goes something like this:

You receive in your email, notification that someone has replied to a comment that you left months ago on a video featuring a member of your favorite (at the time) band.  You click on it only to find that your glowing comment has been completely overshadowed by a mean, vindictive diatribe touting (mostly) the physical appearance of said band member.  You find yourself in a highly agitatated state and fiercely type a response in defense of the innocent musician.  And then you forget about it.

That is, until a couple of days later when you find a message from said whack job in your YouTube inbox.  (I am tempted to share it and the two consecutive messages that I received the following two days which were even more incriminating, but what’s left of my better judgment prevents me from doing so.  They were derogatory comments made directly toward me, I’m assuming based in the information contained on my profile.  Oh, yeah and what I said to him in a message I sent back before I blocked him. I don’t recommend that either…  But I learned a valuable lesson, thank you very little.)

Then when you are lying in bed stewing about it, you realize with a start, that your profile on YouTube proudly (ahem) displays a link to your blog and your mind starts racing as you further realize that the whack job, as well as the entire universe and all the whack jobs it contains has access to it.  To it, and all your cherished readers who are friends AND family.  In a mild panic, you race out of your nice, warm bed and down the stairs and proceed to remove the link to your blog from your YouTube profile page.  Mind still racing, the thought enters your mind that there is a very real possibility that WJ has already visited there an maybe even bookmarked it and your blog may very well have become a tool for WJ to hunt you down and use against you however (he) sees fit.

Okay.  Take a breath.  I fully realize that I may have over-reacted and/or imagined a result that is or could be all blown out of proportion.  On the other hand, you just never know, now do you?  You and I both know there are crazies out there who could be teetering on the fence between whack job and serial killer.  And all it might take is some innocent (what?) and naive broad like myself to tweak a nerve and get the twitching started.

But I want you to know that what prompted me to shut the old blog down was to protect you guys. Some of us are more anonymous than others.  I made my blog roll private.  I started disabling links to you and your blogs.  I’ve enabled comment moderation for the time being.  I would like to have your permission for the time being whether or not to post your comments. I need time to decide if I’ve over-reacted to this or not.  (Whether or not I over-reacted is not the issue here, I think.)  Right now I’m working on removing the comments listed on my sidebar.  I’m sure this is a “duh” and I will figure it out soon…

I need your thoughts on this.  While a possibility, even a teeny one, exists that I may have introduced an “unstable influence” into our midst or even if I haven’t, I want you to feel free to decide for yourself if you still want to comment here;anonymously or not, be removed from my Flickr pics or whatever.  And if you want to ask me anything, feel free, here or by email.

I also just want you to think about this for a bit… Because it sure has made me think.  And it will definitely affect the way I relate from now on on the good ol’ Internet.  If you come back tomorrow and are presented with a page that demands a password, it will only mean that my mind kicked back in protective gear.  It could happen.  I’m seriously thinking of deleting this whole blog and starting another.  To do that, though, would piss me off pretty royally.

13 responses to “DECISIONS…

  1. You know I’m not one of your real regular commentors on here but I would be disappointed if I was not able to read your blog. I don’t have an account with word press and would not want to start blogging on yet another site just to be able to read what you have to say. (your blogs can be so fun, inspiring, informational and thought provoking that I’d miss reading it) But, all said, I guess it’s your decision on what you feel you have to do.

  2. I’ve been considering shutting down my public blog, and wishing that I had created two separate blogs from the beginning — one for public material and one for private (family events, friends, etc). Alas, I have mixed the two for 800 posts now, and going back to separate them all out is a daunting proposition.

    Good luck, Wink. I’m still working on working this out for myself, and will be interested to see how you proceed.

  3. It’s alright, I understand your worries. Do whatever you need to do to feel secure. As for links to me, leave ’em out there. I have handled whack jobs before. A few years ago I had a really good host for my website, then I pissed off the wrong people. In a matter of hours they had brought the server my site was on to it’s knees. Mind you, I knew it was coming, I had even disabled the whole site and warned the hosting company. After it happened they gave me an ultimatum, quit pissing these people off or find another hosting company.
    So I found a new hosting company, I have been through 4 since that incident.
    Did I mention the email attack? They were sending around 500 – 600 per day all packing viruses. Yeah I really made them a little angry. Guess what, they were twits and I would do it all again in a second to prove my point.

  4. Post my comments. I’ve had crazies leave comments on my blog and I’m not worried about another. I like to take out my frustrations on the whack jobs on the world when they attack me or what I have to say on my blog. I’ve always said, if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read my blog. If they can’t take that advice, I can be a real bitch to deal with. Stay strong and don’t let one idiot make you delete your blog.

  5. No worries here, nothing scares Lawgirl. 😛

  6. my first response is a protective one and i cannot understand how anyone could even be remotely mean to you. then i remember that people like this are always looking for a fight, they revel in it like’s heroin.

    the best way to handle them (based on my own experience and others like us) is to completely ignore them.

    and, i’m not afraid either. there was some really crazy religious man that was harassing a certain group of bloggers including me and we all pretty much ignored him and i think he went away.

  7. I’m not worried about my comments being posted. I have no blog (I know…boooooo!). My mom used to tell us, ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. I don’t get why people can’t just move on. They must be really unhappy with themselves if they have to harass someone over a comment on a video….get a life!

  8. oh. good god. what now? why do people pull this kinda shit eh. it’s just not good. i am sorry wink that you have been dealing with this crap. it’s scary. i know. i was shocked when i tried to get in to read you (earlier today i believe) and couldn’t find you. i have to say that i panicked just a little. good to see your words again!

  9. Just so you all know… She’s not talking about me.

  10. But whats his id…

    You know, I could put together a 129688 syllable sentence, and his head would pop like on Monty Python? Just there would be none of those 16 eyed monsters in animation behind his neck stump…

  11. Lu: Thanks for all that.

    Mark: I know what you mean; hindsight and all that. I wish I had known back then what I know now, I’d have done some things differently. It appears that I don’t really have a problem after all, and I hope that sticks.

    Amigo: Glad you understand…
    Remind me never to piss you off! 😉

    Bailey: Wow. I’m seeing a new side of you! I like it 🙂 You’re awesome.

    LG: How did I know you would say this?

    Piglet: Thanks for lookin’ out for me. I’m not a good ignorer. But I think maybe that could change real quick.

    Natalie: He was pretty scary in a weird, compulsive sort of way. And his profile was even weirder and scarier. Way to go, Linda.

    Raino: Thanks, ‘preciate your thoughts. It wasn’t bad for me, really. I was more worried about y’all. When I realized he was nutty, I didn’t take what he said to me as personal.

    LY: Hee hee. Do you have another screen name I don’t know about?
    I’ll tell you about him later.
    I think you would find some weird shit sitting on his neck… I wouldn’t want to piss him off too much.

  12. So, I finally get access to your blog again, and now I find you might be going away. That sucks! And all because some loser thinks his opinion about music or some band is more valid than yours? Please !?!?
    There’s a part of me that would really love to hunt down your moronic antagonist and…
    Well, we can leave the rest to everyone’s imagination.
    Do what you must to protect yourself and your blog. Should you choose to do one by invitation only, make sure you send me an invite.

  13. i am sooo w/ you on this. i’ve done the same thing after getting weird messages from ppl…. taking my blog off for everyone to see and such.. and then, we were getting msgs from weird girls who followed hashim’s music…

    sometimes the net is a little too accessible.

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