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I had lots of things, nice things to talk about but since I need a little venting, I’m going to get that out of the way. I can’t concentrate on “nice” things until I do. If you’re not in the mood for whining and complaining, simply move on. Or stay here and whine along with me. Surely there’s something on your mind that you need to get off your chest. That didn’t make sense.

It’s hard to make sense or carry through a thought or be productive or play nice or much of anything when you’re deep in the throes of menopause. Yes, that’s what I’m venting about. G’bye boys.

There are tons of wonderful things about being a woman. That’s a post for another day.

There are a few dreadful things about being a woman. In my experience thus far, being that I’ve always been around considerate males and never had to deal with the seat-up/seat-down issue, the absolute worst is dealing with the changes a woman’s body experiences before, during and after the cessation of her menstrual cycles. Even if you are nowhere near this period in your life, surely, due to the media and advertising from pharmaceutical companies, you have a pretty good idea of what possibilities exist. The manifestations (yeah, that’s a scary-sounding word, but it fits here.) range from mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes and night sweats, and a bunch of other things I won’t go into. The big PITA* for me is the hot flashes/night sweats. I’m sure I’ve ranted about this before but it really pisses me off that I can get out of a nice, hot, soapy shower and feel all refreshed and clean and fresh only to break into a full-body sweat not five minutes later. And I’m sick and tired of putting clothes on to stay warm (November in PA is chilly) and then having to peel them off trying to breathe. Seconds later you’re chilled to the bone and scrambling to get warm. On. Off. On. Off. The same thing in bed. I wake up every two hours drenched in sweat. At that point several things can happen. Depending on the severity and duration of the dreaded episode, I can either throw all the blankets off until it passes and then shiver for another ten minutes until my body temperature is back to normal or several other strategies for cool-down up to and including complete disrobement and a trip to the bathroom to freshen up. At which point I’m completely wide-awake and irritated that my sleep was disrupted. I’d be curious to see the numbers for menopausal suicides… And if I had to choose to go through this in the summer months or winter, I think I’d have to pick summer.

Ah, you all think I’m a whine-bag now… if you didn’t already. Be thankful if you never have to go through this. And our mothers and/or grandmothers never talked about this. Ha! So here I am, describing it in detail to the worldwideweb. Times, they are a changin’.

Would I trade all this to be a man? I dunno, I’ll have to think about that.

*Pain In The A♥♥


Yeah, the title is lame and so is the post but I think it’s funny and I wanted to share. Parental discretion is advised…

Two nights ago PD and I were finishing up Round One of 2007 Outdoor Decorating. We’re doing a blue & white theme this year. White icicle lights around the porch roof and perimeter of the house. Blue lights around the picture window and single blue lights in the front windows upstairs. We have a 5 foot white tree by the porch with blue lights. So we were cleaning up and discussing how to decorate the front door this year. And it went something like this…

Me: I know, let’s get blue foil for on the door.

PD: We already have gold. (He was cranky and uncooperative by this time.)

Me: But blue would be pretty.

PD: *grumble, grumble*

He’d started down off the porch carrying the ladder and was turning the corner, heading for the garage. I was trailing along, kind of like a puppy. I couldn’t see his face.

Me: We could get a white wreath! And decorate it with blue balls!

PD: Oh yeah? Well, my balls are blue.

Me: ( getting disgusted with his attitude and general “Scrooge-ness”) Oh yeah? And my “wreath” is white!

I guess you have to have a little bit of a gutter brain to appreciate this, but I laughed the whole length of the driveway. I couldn’t see Poopy’s face but he was a little more jovial by the time we got back inside.

Just to clarify and for the sake of a bad visual, I was joking about the color of the wreath.



For the love of… I forgot my own freakin’ Blogiversary. Or Annibloggery or whatever you call it. Two days and two years ago, November 25, 2005. A couple weeks ago I thought about it and then it just went straight. out. of. my. silly. little. head.

Hard to believe I’ve been letting you people suck up to me for two whole years. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. And for what??? I ask you…

A little step back in time~ My virgin post. You’ll have to scroll down on that page.  My plan to take you straight to the post seems not to be working.  Some things never change don’t even change in two years.


Is it ok to screw around with my header, say, like once a week or so? Or is it distracting? I just realized a couple weeks ago that I can actually do that without any major anxiety. And since I haven’t been able to master uploading pictures, this seems like an option to present a little visual interest here instead of just all my inane rambling text. (which is the same reason I sometimes put up video…)

This picture is of JuJu‘s cat, Allie. Forgive me if I spelled that wrong, Ju. PD and I don’t have a cat. Or a dog. Or anything that vaguely resembles anything from the pet world. Except the stuffed partridge I have perched in a Victorian birdcage in my dining room. And that’s enough for me. Although, PD often talks about how he might like to adopt a “Jesus Lizard.” They are members of the Iguana family and got their name from their ability to muster up the momentum to actually run on water when they are threatened by predators. They walk upright and are pretty cool to watch. If you’ve never seen one, here‘s a short 30-second video of one in action. I don’t see us adopting one anytime soon… I think it would be weird to wake up in the middle of the night and hear those little feet pitter-pattering across the kitchen floor.

I was hoping that PD and I might brave the cold temps and put some of our outside Christmas decorations up today. But then I watched the weather report and found that we should be having a warm-up in the next couple of days. Which is even better since today we will be sitting with PD’s mom. It looks like her recovery from back surgery isn’t going to be as miraculous as it first seemed. She’d had the surgery last Friday and was up and around and home on Sunday. We were all, like, “Wow!” Not so much now. My own mom is coming along, mostly just sore from the surgery. She had a defibrillator/pacemaker “installed.”

There’s a full Moon tonight, so you’ve got permission a good reason to get a little crazy. I’m in the mood for summa’ dat…


My horoscope for today:  Your feelings are more than a little confusing right now, but that probably just means they’re more complex than usual, even for you. Try writing them down in a poem or rambling journal entry.  What? Me? Rambling???


How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great, thanks for asking. A piece of our family had a small gathering at Hazel‘s and I must say, she is an excellent cheffette and a charming hostess. And she makes a mean cornbread casserole that’s to die for. It was a nice, relaxing day and fun to spend time with my sis, Mom and nephews.

I successfully made the trip to her house and back which entailed some driving that previously gave me more than a little anxiety. I’m not saying exactly which route out of respect for Hazel’s privacy, but it included a piece of road known for high traffic and high speeds and also a tunnel. I also pulled off a merge which required negotiating across numerous lanes literally teeming with oh-gawd-where-are-all-these-speed-demons-coming-from? traffic. PD said I did a good job and he knew that I could do it. God bless him for sitting in the passenger seat calmly and not leaving nail marks on my dashboard.

I’m spending today at home, organizing and doing odds and ends to prepare the house for Christmas decorations. That would be fun and great if it weren’t for having to stop for meals, laundry and stuff like that. There was no way I was going out into the shopping world. Last night coming home from Hazel’s we passed a few of the larger department stores where people were lined up waiting for the stores to open. Nah, that’s not for moi. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of normal Holiday shopping but I ain’t goin’ askin’ for all that craziness.

Have I mentioned how fun it is living with PD? I’m afraid that maybe I don’t talk about that enough. For example, yesterday morning he was in another part of the house and I heard him yell, “Rudolph! Full power!” He’s prone to yelling out random phrases from movies and TV shows now and then. I’m not sure if it has to do with his illness or if he’s just nutty. 😉 At any rate, his enthusiasm and proclivity for expression tends to escalate around holidays. He’s also really good at sound effects, but I think you knew that already. What a guy.

Last weekend I bought the Rilo Kiley cd, Under the Blacklight. The video clip I posted last week of the song Silver Lining is from that cd. Damn, it’s some good listening. PD agrees.

Ok, I need to get back to work. I guarantee I’ll write at least one more post before I get my house put back together…


I wasn’t sure if I would get time to post this or not tonight but I figured tomorrow’s kind of like a Friday at work, so I can be up later than usual…

My mom had surgery this morning and is doing fine. I had told some of you ahead of time and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and kind thoughts. She will be recuperating at the home of my little sister and our Family will be celebrating Thanksgiving there. I’m looking forward to that in a big way.

My mother-in-law had surgery on Friday morning and is also doing fine. My prayer list is getting a bit of a work out these days. We have a lot to be thankful for this coming Thursday.

Also, it seems that I made a bit of a boo boo. I had Mark‘s birthday on my calendar on the 25th of this month and just found out his big day was on the 15th, not the 25th. My apologies to my good friend. Happy Belated Birthday Mark, I hope you had a terrific day. Are you 30 yet??? A hug and kiss for ya. xo

I wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving and I hope you’re able to spend it being all grateful with the people you love. If you’re traveling, I wish you a safe arrival to and from. When I count my blessings, rest assured your friendship will be on that list. You’ll be right there between the stuffing and the sweet potatoes.


Hey y’all. I missed you! Amazing how a few days away can get a woman feelin’ all behind. It might take me awhile to get caught up, your patience is appreciated. I read all the comments left while I was gone, I will get to them at some point I hope. Alvis, it was great to hear from you! I hear you shaved your head. Cool. Since I’ve never seen you with hair, I’ll need to see before AND after pics.

Trip to NY was great. Weather on the way up wasn’t too bad. We hit snow once and some sleety icy crap another place. PD insisted on driving a good part of the trip. He shouldn’t and is paying for it now. But there is no arguing with that man. It felt so weird to be a passenger in my own car.

It was great to see the kids and the birthday party was fun. The little guy wasn’t too enthralled with his cake but hadn’t had a good nap. I wouldn’t have been either… The little ones are growing like weeds and developing very interesting personalities. I couldn’t get enough of them. I haven’t laughed quite so hard in quite some time. It was hard to leave them behind.

I finally finally got to try some Tim Horton’s coffee after hearing about it for so long. Was good. And Mark, guess what I found? Coffee Crisp! Was in a vending machine at a rest stop. I just got one but PD said I’d be whining for the rest of my life if I didn’t buy more so he pretty much emptied out the machine. They’re ok, but I don’t get what all the fuss was about. Just taste like big fat Kit Kats to me. I couldn’t taste the coffee flavor. Oh well, now I can say I tried them. It seems that they are somewhat controversial, being in limited supply in the US and all…

I bought a few Christmas presents over the weekend. And stupid me, I was alone in the middle of a store… PD didn’t want to leave me and I assured him I would be fine. He told me exactly where he would be and I was cool with that. Well, I didn’t take into consideration that a department store that I was familiar with might be laid out differently in another state. And when I headed for the music dept. where he said he would be, I found myself dazed and confused instead. The panic started creeping in a few minutes before PD magically appeared around a corner. So that little disaster was deferred and I’m grateful. And disappointed too, because I really thought I would be fine. I’ve gotten away from the Serenity prayer, I guess I oughta work on that.

I got lots more to report but after tomorrow I’m off work until Monday so I should be able to get caught up. I don’t want this to turn into one of those posts that go on for days and make your eyes go up into your head. You’re welcome 😉


Yesterday’s horoscope: You’re ready for the next big phase of your life, whether it feels that way or not. Your positive spirit is almost overwhelming right now and others can see that you’ve got something good going on. Thought that was kind of interesting…


You guys seem to like my “varying degrees” posts. I’m thinking of doing some more of those but tonight I’m in a bit of a hurry and just wanted to write something quick.

If it’s not too late, run outside and get a look at that awesome Moon up there.

I watched this movie last night with PD. Have you seen it? (If you’d rather not click, the flick is “1408” with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson) It was a strange one…

Today on my way home from work, I was driving through a neighborhood where I saw a young boy, maybe 10 years old, frantically “raking” leaves, but with a broom. I slowed, as he was rather close to the road. Leaves were flying in all directions. It was funny. But not as funny as when he turned, broom in hand and looked straight at me, sporting a pair of large, red wax lips.  I laughed out loud.

Today was a gorgeous day here in Pennsylvania. After a cool and rainy morning we were rewarded with a sunny, 60-degree plus afternoon. I was smiling all over.

PD and I are getting ready for a trip to NY and I’m getting anxious. Andrew will be hosting his First Birthday Party. Promises to be a fun, fun time.



  • Falling asleep and missing Amy Winehouse on SNL. Was curious to see what all the fuss is about…
  • Leaving the house two minutes late and getting behind that stinky school bus. (You know the one… he sits at the intersection and pulls out in front of me on purpose every chance he gets.)
  • Stepping in the water you spilled filling the ice cube tray. In your stocking feet. When you’re already two minutes late.
  • Eating that second half of a hoagie when just the first half would have been sufficient.
  • Leaving my gloves in the car on a day like today- not terribly cold, but cold enough for gloves.
  • Waiting until the very last day to cancel the trial period for a music downloading site and sweating the fact that you might just get charged the monthly fee for an actual subscription. Update: As it turns out, I made it in time and this now qualifies for a spot on “VARYING DEGREES OF RELIEF.”
  • Sneezing when you have to pee.
  • Leaving the lids off my contacts case. With the contacts in the case. All night.
  • Lying in bed, all comfy, ready to fall asleep and realizing that you forgot to put the phone on charge.
  • Forgetting to click on the SAVE button.

Feel free to report your own regrets, no matter what degree.

***And to the Veterans who bravely serve or have served our Country, a sincere and heart-felt THANK YOU. ***


  • You just almost bit your tongue.
  • The train crossing turnstile is on it’s way down but you still have time to make it through.
  • The coffee you just spilled missed your new suede shoe by a centimeter.
  • Someone you thought forgot about you, remembers.
  • You’re late for work, following a truck going 10 miles under the speed limit. He finally turns off and you make it in time.
  • The alarm didn’t go off. You jump out of bed in a crazy rush and realize it’s Saturday.
  • The answering machine picks up that call that you really didn’t want to answer anyway.
  • You find out a filling will do when you were afraid it would need a root canal.
  • You have the correct toll change.
  • Yes, you locked your purse in the car, but (thank you!) the keys are still in your hand.
  • You realize that, yes, you did close the garage door and unplug the curling iron.
  • Your blood work was normal. And your cholesterol is down.
  • You told the whole joke without messing up the punchline.
  • That deer by the edge of the road decides not to charge at you.
  • You actually got the suitcase lid to close.
  • The cd case you just dropped in the driveway didn’t break.
  • You realize that your friends will still probly like you even when you write a very lame blog post.
  • Your friends actually comment on a really lame post, saying they forgive you.