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A Little Mid-Week Trauma

I may have told you on FB or Twitter that I’ve been seeing a chiropractor on a bi-weekly basis.  I’m supposing that this is the result of working too long in one position.  (So much for ergonomics.  Whatever…)

Anyway.  I was making noticeable progress. The day of my initial visit, I had woken up feeling like I could barely move my neck.  I felt like my whole clavicle was out of whack and the pain was making me nauseous.  I called off work that day, called the chiropractor and his lovely receptionist uttered those miraculous words, “How soon can you be here?”  That was roughly 3 weeks ago.

By this past Monday I was feeling quite human once again.  I’ve gotten in the habit of moving gracefully as opposed to using any quick, jerky movements to give my neck a nice rest and to let it enjoy it’s new “home.”  Read: where it’s supposed to be, as in no place like

And then… picture it.  I’m cleaning up my work area in the clean room at work.  I’ve been training another girl to do a job that I used to do.  It’s time for her to put information in the system and I am walking toward her to make sure she’s doing it right.  In the mean time, there is another girl, a big girl (and if I say she weighs in the neighborhood of 300+ pounds, I am not exaggerating) standing off to the side of my path.  Suddenly, the big girl steps backward, directly into me, knocking me off balance.  Before I realize what’s happening, I’m careening toward trainer girl.  Rather than crash down on her, I throw out my left arm to grab the edge of her desk to catch myself.  Hindsight being as they say 20-20, I may have been better off just crashing down on top of trainer girl.

I not only jarred my left wrist but I twisted my neck and spine (at the waist) when I caught myself.  Reading this, it sounds worse than it actually was.  It’s just that after having no less than six or seven adjustments, I now feel like everything the chiropractor has done has been un-done.  Right this minute I have ice on my wrist (new injury) and heat on my shoulders.  I imagine that in a day or two I will feel fine.  I’m due for my next adjustment on Monday evening.

I imagine the whole scene looked rather comical to a bystander.  There is me, a scrawny little 118 pounds bouncing off the back end of the big person.  It all happened so fast, I wasn’t entirely sure what hit me until the big person said, “Are you ok? I didn’t see you there.”  I’m thinking, obviously.

It’s difficult to relate this without sounding a certain way.  But there are physics in play here and it happened.  My own personal thought is that when you have a body, big or small, you tend to have a feel for the space you inhabit.  Apparently that is not always the case and accidents do happen.

On a loosely related note,  the same day I witnessed a woman very nearly get struck by a truck about 50 feet away from me.  Oddly enough, while her heart may have suffered more of a jolt than mine, she’s probly relaxing comfortably right now.

This is where I’m supposed to write the wrap-up with some intelligible thought to tie it all together and make some profound conclusion or something, right?  I don’t know what that would be.  I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time like the lady who stepped in front of the truck, thinking it would stop for her.  She may have simply used poor judgement.  I maybe should have anticipated the possibility that the big girl wasn’t going to stand where she was indefinitely and that she had no idea I was behind her.  It’s not as if I’d assumed she was equipped with a beeping back-up alarm because that would just be ridiculous.  But I will tell you that until this aching reminder wears off, I will be a bit more cautious when anyone approaches MY SPACE.  lol  I totally didn’t see that coming either!  ah ha ha.

The End.

(ps. yes, of course  i know that myspace is totally yesterday’s news)


If I don’t I’ll burst.

Conversation going on in the change room at work today…

Keep in mind, the room is about 20 by 40 feet.  At any given time there may be up to 50+ people in there, scrubbing up and/or changing into clean room gear.  There are racks of uniforms, hair covers and shoe covers, stainless sinks, loud Dyson hand dryers, a large table and four stainless benches.  Sound carries…

With that many people all trying to talk over one another, you hear many conversations, most of them loud.  Pretty much impossible not to overhear.

You may recall the woman I’ve told you about who I have a problem with.  The one who has the problem with all other races, creeds, sexual preferences, etc.  Well.  Today I found out she has a problem with “Artsy-types.”  Yes, you read that correctly.  And you may also assume that I took that very personally.  Not a lot more than any of her other prejudices, which I find offensive- but in a more personal way.

You see, there is a guy we work with who is nothing, if not colorful and interesting.  Literally and figuratively.  This week his mop of thick black hair is accented with a beautiful bright patch of neon turquoise.  The woman in question was giving him her standard third degree… What made you decide to do that?  How much did it cost?  Does it wash out?  Yadda yadda yadda.  I just rolled my eyes and gave him my “poor you” look.  I’m one of the few people who has taken the time to get to know him and actually have real, meaningful conversations with the kid.  Most of the women I work with are either intimidated by him or repulsed by his style.  They’ve never taken the time to find out that he’s really nice and funny and a great conversationalist.

As soon as Mr. Prettyhair left the room, she started.  Keep in mind, she “hangs” with a group of older and judgemental women who go to church functions and pride themselves in their quote Christianity unquote.

After pretty much dissecting the poor kid and his wardrobe, jewelry and hair, she proclaimed that his need to “express himself” was way out of whack.  Or something to that effect.  And she added, “My daughter-in-law is one of those artsy types, so you can imagine how I worry about how my grandson will turn out.”  Then, if that wasn’t enough, she went on to describe an “artistic” boy who works at the grocery store.  Don’t get her wrong, she stressed, he’s a nice kid and all, but…  To which one of her cronies replied, “Did you say autistic or artistic?”  and they all hooted and hollered in laughter.  I thought I was gonna go ballistic on each and every one of their asses right then and there. Of course I was not part of the conversation and to intercede would make me as rude ok not AS rude as they are.

You know me well enough to know that just about all of my personal principles were offended and slaughtered to shreds in that short period of time.  Rather than cause a scene, I quickly left the room and returned to my desk and seethed for about 10 minutes and did some deep breathing exercises.  I also vowed that, given the opportunity, no, wait.  I will try not to say it.  But in my head, I’ll be saying, “You know, your own personal brand of narrow-mindedness is WAY more offensive, shocking and down-right dangerous than any sort of artistic expression I have ever witnessed.”

Man, when I think about it, going off on her (and her friends)  would be the ultimate masterpiece of  artistic expression.


So I got up this morning (didn’t wanna) and got ready for work, intermittently watching the bottom of the TV screen, taking stock of school closings, etc. to try and determine the condition of the roads for the trip to work. It didn’t seem too awful bad.  Got the car out of the garage and headed first to the post office to mail something.  The hill from our house to “town” was a little slick and slushy.  It was snowing still.  As I was leaving the post office, I took these things into consideration and thought of the possibility that, with the additional snow and the low temperature, things would more likely get worse than better.  I promptly turned toward home and went there.  Came here, whatever. I called off work and am now truly enjoying my morning coffee instead of guzzling it.

And I’m actually posting.  Imagine that.  It’s Friday and cold and snowing and I’m staying home and happy about it.

Incidentally, if you haven’t read my previous post and clicked on the Runaway Dorothy links, please do.  Dave has enlisted my assistance in getting some PR underway for the band.  I vowed to do what I could. The rest is up to you.

PD and I had a wonderful Holiday.  Lots of family around to make merry with, tons of great food and yummy junk, lovely gifts, vacation from work.  All around great times.  May post some pictures soon if I find the time.

A few months ago I came across a place to get my old blog published.  I deeply loved that old blog while I just have a passing fondness for this one.  My writing here is for crap and my posting is sporadic at best.  But I have a deep fear of the internet disappearing one day and losing all that I’d written on Old One Wink at a Time so I decided to get it printed.  It finally came in the mail day before yesterday and I was thrilled.  Like a dear old friend came to visit.

Let me tell you about Blog2Print, a division of  SharedBook Inc.  The actual process of putting the book together was fairly easy.  You’re able to design your cover and choose if you’d rather have hard back or a soft cover.  If I remember correctly there is a set price for each and if you have more pages than they specify, you are charged a set price per additional page.  At the time I placed my order, they were offering free shipping and that was a welcome discount.  If you love your blog as much as I do, I highly recommend looking into getting it printed.  If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer. I have lots more to say about it but that would take at least an entire post and I have some mail to answer and some time off to enjoy.  And I could do some shoveling, but hey.

PS I just noticed that Blog2Print always offers free shipping… yay!


Late in November I had a bunch of vacation days to use.  But due to some unforeseen circumstances in the past few weeks, I’ve had to rearrange things and I won’t be having all sorts of days off after all.

I had big plans for those blocks of time off.  Baking cookies, doing cards, decorating, shopping and wrapping.  Unrushed and uninterrupted.  I was feeling all on top of the whole business and looking forward to an easy and unstressed holiday.  I had convinced myself that this would be the best Christmas ever, simply because I would be prepared.  And I hadn’t expected the Juju’s until after the New Year.  That changed and I was even more convinced that everything would be perfect.  Then I looked at my calendar and the scratched off days that had been labeled in big red letters, proclaiming OFF.  The panic started seeping in…

We have no tree up and no indoor decorations.  The living room remodeling is taking longer than planned, mostly because PD is having some rough days and because other things have come up.  And I’m working long hours. (Although this past week we got a short reprieve from the OT.)  So until we can at least put the furniture where it belongs, we shall remain treeless.

I realize this isn’t the least bit entertaining for you.  I apologize for that.  This post is mostly for me, to get some thoughts out of my head.  Which is why I started blogging in the first place.  So bear with me.

Anyway.  I took my mom shopping today and I accomplished so much on my list.  I feel way less stressed about it and I will probly sleep better tonight.

I like to get the frivolities out of the way so when the big day comes I can concentrate on the real reason for the celebration.  I feel like I have a shot at actually pulling that off.  *Sigh*

I should be concentrating on the fact that I got my mom home safely today.  On the way back from the mall, we decided to stop at a restaurant for “nourishment.”  She had cappuccino and peach pie.  I had coffee and a Belgian waffle with whipped creme, strawberries and ice cream.  When we came out, I pulled back out onto the road and it was pure ice.  Of the black variety that I’ve often heard of but never actually experienced.  It took a very long time to get home and there were vehicles all over pulled off to the sides of the road.  All the coaching that PD has been drumming into my head over the years seems to have paid off.  I was quite relieved when I pulled into my driveway.

Looking forward to a long winter’s nap tonight.  You betcha’.


Dear Blog,

So how have you been?  I know that you’re here because I stop in once or twice a day to make sure you’re still up and running…

I apologize for not taking the time to tend to you lately.  Things have been especially busy with work and getting the house in order.  The kids are coming today and I want to have everything ready so that PD and I can relax and enjoy their wonderful company. I will try my best to come back and at least answer the comments that my friends have been kind enough to leave.

Take care and hope to see you soon.


One Wink


I found out today we reached our goal at work and am thrilled to report that I do not have to work on Saturday.

[Insert image of Happy Dance here.  Your own version, of course.  Mine will not fit on this monitor screen…]

Most likely I will be able to put up a post of some (relative term) substance with a little free time then.  Now I know you’re doing a Happy Dance for sure ; )  And I’ll have time to get caught up on yours.  : )



Every bloody year, I go an’ miss out on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Not this year, Matey.  I’m more ‘n ready fer it and I’m gonna tell ya a wee storry about somethin’ in Pirate Talk, I just ain’t d’cided what it be jus’ yet.

Th’ thing is, ya hafta git the properr accent thing goin’ so’s ya can read it out loud to yer wifey er yer dawg or jus’ ta yerself (cuz it’s funnyer if ya do.)   I’z wishin’ I hadda voice r’corder thing here so’s ya could leave me a recordin’ of yerself sayin’ Pirate Shit on herre.  But since Pirates ain’t perticularly known fer their bloody technical skills, I d’cided to duct tape my parrot, Petey, on here… ‘at way ya can talk ta him for a spell an’ once he gits it learned what ya said to ‘im, he can repeat if back fer us all to have a good laff an’ mebbe a pint er two.  That’s is, if ya be willin’ ta make a bloody fool ‘o yerself in fronta all sort of strangers an’ the like.

This is all puttin’ me in the mood fer watchin’ some o’ that handsome bloke, Jack Sparrah.  Me loves to watch the way that boy swaggers.  Aye 🙂

Tho’ it ain’t fair that you be sittin’ here readin’ this (if ya arrre) while I’m at work slavin’ me fine white ass off so I don’t be findin’ meself walkin’ the plank, why don’t ya leave me a wee note and let me know how ya arrrre taday.  This evenin’ when I’m sittin’ around the fire swillin’ the brine with me Arrrt School mates from days of Yore, I’ll make a fine toast ta all o’ you bloody swine!   Aaaarrrgh.

Blimey, th’ damn parrot took off, tape ‘n all.  If ya see ‘im, kindly r’turn ‘im ta me.

Some history here.


I just spent about 20 minutes writing a newsy, introspective, albeit ranty post full of all the juicy categories you see up there.  I had just finished when the phone rang.  It was Juju and I was excited to talk to her, being that she and Mr. Juju were in Toronto last night to see U2 (and Snow Patrol.)  As we started our conversation I’d realized that I’d not published my post.  I clicked something- which I thought was Publish and sat back to enjoy the conversation.

Now I see that I did not click Publish.  Dagnabbit anyhow.  It’s G.O.N.E., GONE.  And of course the title makes no sense whatso EVER.

Excuse me while I go find a pigeon to kick.


I’ve had all kinds of stuff to talk about but due to a heavy work schedule, I haven’t been able to find the time to post anything.  Cramming 10 hours of OT into 4 days and then work tomorrow has put a rather large dent in my life.

So what do you have planned for the weekend?  Or are you going to try and catch up on sleep, like I am?  I hope your plan is more exciting than mine.


I came here with the intention of writing an angsty and over-due work rant but I figured, Crap. Why even get into it?  Nobody wants to hear me being cranky and going on about stupid shit that I can’t do anything about.  And yeah, it feels good to get it out but it doesn’t accomplish anything.  I’ll be positive instead.  I have no idea what I’ll write about but that never stopped me before.

Just one thing, today was my last day of working reduced hours (9-hour days) under a doctor’s supervision.  And the last day that I can (with a clear conscience) park in the reserved spaces in the parking lot at work.  So I’ll be partying like mad until 8pm when I should probly go to bed so that I can get up at… Oh wait, no ranting!

I am totally baffled at the fact that tomorrow puts us into September.  I’m trying to be positive and I love September but I miss June and July and August something fierce. But I love to smell the crisp fresh Fall air  and seeing the Autumn skies which take my breath away this time of year.

I always get thoughtful and introspective this time of year, too.  I’ll think back over times past and look forward to slowing down a bit- that is until the holiday rush starts and then there are other things to look forward to.  But Fall is special.  Sometimes it feels good to put warm, fuzzy socks on and a sweatshirt and jeans.  To quit worrying about your tan fading.  I will find myself more than once curled up on my porch swing with a blanket and a cup of hot coffee.  It’s nice to actually sit in the house at night with the lights on, too,  something that we rarely do all Summer.

I’m consciously blocking out a lot of things like having to crawl out of a nice warm bed, to have to warm the car up in the morning, to pay high gas bills, to step out of the shower and dry off your goosebumps and even worse… to scrape ice off your windshield, to have to wear hats that flatten your hair…  Oh wait, I didn’t just write all that.

Fall food is good too.  Pumpkin.  Chili.  Homemade vegetable soup.  All that good hot stuff that you didn’t cook all Summer to keep from overheating the kitchen.

Ok.  This is all the positive you’re going to get from me today.   I’m all happied out.  It’s Monday, what did you expect?

Have a good one.