This is the weekend that I’m trying to finish my Spring cleaning.  Yesterday I got all my summer clothes packed up to go to the attic.  Forget that about half of what I packed, I never even wore this summer.  I should have taken the time to try things on and make a “get rid of” box, but who has time for that.  I’ll do it next year…  I have so many things on that list that I’ll never get through the year.

I’m slowly replacing all my wire coat hangers with the plastic tubular ones.  The wire ones are in a huge pile in the garage, being given to a friend’s father who’s retired and supplements his income by selling metal to scrap yards.  We’re amassing a nice collection for the dude…

I don’t often watch the news, usually only what is necessary to sit through in order to see the weather report before work in the morning.  But I have to tell you, it’s getting harder and harder to stomach what’s on there.  I think of all the people who watch morning and night and read the newspapers and I’m not surprised at the high rate of depression in people these days.  It’s hard to replace all that negativity with positive thoughts.

My grandson, Julian, who’s 8 years old has started a blog.  It’s so awesome!  I can’t share it with you because for obvious reasons, it’s password protected, but I just wanted to share that with you.  And according to JuJu, he’s just as addicted to blogging as all of us are.  (I wonder if he’ll get kid-oriented spam, like from toy companies and junk food stuff.)

Have you seen the new format of Rolling Stone magazine?  No more of those over-sized issues that never fit in my tote bag.  I like the new size.  Now if I could only find the time to read an entire issue…  The new issue has an article about TV on the Radio that I’m anxious to read.

I think we had our last warm day of the year yesterday.  It was nice and balmy here, although a little gloomy with not much sun.  But there are still brightly-colored leaves on some of our trees, so it didn’t seem so dismal.  I will miss them when they’re gone.  I already miss my backporch time.

I’m down to 9 cigarettes a day.  I should have been on 8 this week but I had a really hard time with that, so PD granted me a little reprieve.  Tomorrow my “ration” will go back down to 8 and I’m hoping I’ll do better this time.  I still haven’t put any extra weight on and am hoping that doesn’t change.

Speaking of, go over to Hazel’s and read her good news.

I’ve noticed lately that there are two words that I absolutely cannot type correctly the first time.  One is “hotmail” and the other is “because.”  Invariably, I type “hotamil” and “becuase.”  Over and over and over agian.  It drives me nuts.  Uh oh, there is another one!   What is happening to my brain?  My eye-hand coordination seems to be deteriorating!  Do any of you have this problem?

Okay, I have a list to tackle again today.  Maybe one of these days I’ll find some downtime.  Till then, Ta Ta.

8 responses to “TRULY ODDS AND ENDS

  1. Let’s see, “spring” cleaning..just started mine last month, MIGHT get done by Christmas.
    News, never watch it or read it and I am much happier for it.
    Jule’s blog, send me the addy some time if you can, I’d like to see what he has to say 😉
    Typing words “wrong”..fingers get going too fast and you can’t help it…me too.

  2. My hnad eye coordniation is jsut fien!

  3. i agree w/ the news being so negative and am sure, like you, that is causes depression in many. i have often found myself wondering if my mother gets depressed watching the news so much.

    i have so many clothes that need to be given away. i just don’t make the time to do it. haven’t gotten to putting away the summer clothes as of yet, since it’s still hot on days, and most are still wearing summer clothes. even linen.

    wire hangers… i don’t like them. did away w/ them years ago, but still get them from the cleaners.. but i always try to give them back. great that your friend (can’t remember now) is recycling them.

    you’re doing good w/ the smoking. it takes time. good for you for putting that foot forward. my mom has tried for years to stop, but can’t give it up, even though she has emphysema. so good for you!

  4. My eye-hand coordination always seems to fail me on abuot, hvae and belieev (sometimes beleiev). I usually catch them before they become a problem, but sometimes they sneak past me.
    Ya gotta love it when the little ones start their own blog. I’m sure Julian will enjoy his new form of self-expression.

  5. Have the same problem with “because” and sometimes I even have problems with my own name (Bialey).
    I don’t know what spring cleaning is, that’s a foreign phrase to me.
    Good for you on the smoking. I need to quit too. The thing that always gets me are the time sensitive cigarettes. Those are the ones that relate to variouse events; after a meal, with a beer, or on the way to and from work….

  6. No more wire hangers!!! Have you been saying that as you are purging the hangers.

  7. every time i think of wire hangers… i can’t help but think of that movie “mommie dearest”. what an awful thing she did w/ those wire hangers!!

    and… typing and getting words all messed up… gosh, i spend half of my time going back and redoing stuff i’ve typed. 🙂

  8. that is really awesome, 9 a day!

    i haven’t been around either b/c of my laptop problems, i didn’t know you were having them too!

    i love that your grandson started a blog, i’ll have to get luke into that in a couple of years, or heck why wait?

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