I watched the previews of the American Music Awards, thought I might like to see Pink and Cold Play.  I was hoping some more original music had made it to the stage this year…

Opted for a long hot soak in a deep, steamy bubble bath instead.

Too tired to post about the wonderful weekend I had.  That will come later 🙂

5 responses to “MUST BE GETTIN’ OLD

  1. I didn’t even realize they were on last night. Dang.

  2. Actually, when I got in bed I couldn’t go to sleep so I flicked it on long enough to gag on Miley C. and the Fray was even crappy and I like them. I did however get to see Beyonce do that Single number that she did on SNL. I like it. Don’t tell anyone 😉 Then I turned it off so didn’t see Pink or Coldplay even.

  3. I gave up on watching awards shows years ago.

  4. gosh… must be in the air. i turned on the tube yesterday morning, saw the AMA’s on and turned the channel.

    just wasn’t interested.

  5. M+ and UN: Why does so much crap music find it’s way to the forefront? It distresses me to think that the rest of the world thinks this is what we all like.

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