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I very nearly did this one day a few weeks back.  So when I did it today, the first thought that came to me was, you had your warning and you blew it…

I finished up all the laundry last night so I wouldn’t have to worry aboot what was clean and what wasn’t when I start packing for our weekend trip to NY.  I made sure I washed my favorite blue nylon windbreaker to take to wear to the Falls in case (ha ha) it’s windy.  I didn’t really have a lot of laundry to do because when I tried on last year’s summer clothes over this past weekend, much to my chagrin, I found that only two pairs of shorts fit.  And no, it’s not that they were too big.  And it’s not that they were too tight.  Some wouldn’t budge past my hips and the ones which did, the zippers were spread so far apart you could hear my groans echo much like I imagine would reverberate through the Grand Canyon.  So much for the freakin’ cappucino diet.

So my guest room looks like a fitting room at the end of a buy-one-get-six-free sale at Macy’s.  There are piles of winter clothes that still need to go to the attic.  There are piles of clothes that fit and need to be packed for vacation at the end of the month.  There are piles of “maybe before summer ends, the muffin top will dissipate” clothes.  There is a pile of clothes for the two girls at work who are skinnier than me.  (Actually that group is growing every day.  Skinnier than me girls, that is.)  And of course The (ever-present) Ironing Pile.  As if those weren’t enough, all over the bed are the clothes that I really like that fit beautifully last year and don’t now so they just got ripped off and thrown wildly in a fit of rage. thrown haphazardly on another pile.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  It looked a little like rain this morning when I left for work.  So I grabbed aforementioned favorite blue nylon windbreaker just in case.  Luckily, it didn’t rain at all while I was there so after work, I leisurely walked to my 300-degree-plus car which blew me back like a blast furnace when I opened the door.  (Since it looked like rain, I’d left the windows all up.)  I had my arms loaded with a pile of cds, my coffee-filled travel mug, my purse, a magazine, a dvd in a bag that I’d lent to a friend last week, my favorite blue nylon windbreaker, my purse and an envelope full of a half inch thick pile of fucking bullshit  401K information from HR.  As I said, the car was phewy hawt hawt hawt.  So I dumped what I could on the car seat, put my mug on the roof and began to root for my keys.  I put them in the ignition, turned and reached up and pushed the button to open the moon roof  thinking to myself, hot air rises, this will cool off in no time.  Instead, a travel mug of coffee with the slider thing in the open position rained down nice hot brown coffee all over my clean favorite blue nylon windbreaker.

I most likely won’t get a chance to post before we leave tomorrow.  So, y’all have great weekends.  And be safe if you travel.


Any second PD is going to stride in here and give me the look.  He won’t say anything, he’ll just look at me and then the clock and I’ll make some excuse as to why I’m not in bed.  (Yeah, it does kind of make me feel like I’m 14, but if I say anything, he’ll come back with, “I just don’t want to hear you whining about how tired you were at work tomorrow.”  He’s like that.  And no, I don’t whine.  If anything, when he asks how my day went, I’ll say, “I don’t know, I slept through most of it…”  He calls that whining…  

I said good night to him aboot an hour ago and came on here and finished reading what I neglected earlier on my blogroll.  It’s getting harder every day to keep up.  And I’ve added 4-5 new sites in my favorites that I haven’t made links for.  *Sigh*

I had planned to post aboot the Memorial Day weekend but I’ve waited so long that it’s a  bit fuzzy.  Could be the amount of beer I ingested.  I vaguely recall helping PD move the gas grill from the porch to the garage.  We’d built a little brick patio for it and it’s not quite finished.  But I love having the extra space on the porch.

I also remember looking at the Moon through the telescope.  Was very cool.  Which reminds me, there is a Blue Moon tomorrow night (Thursday) which means that it’s the second full moon to occur in the month.  This won’t happen again until 2009.

I maybe should have posted a video or a list or something, huh. 

Oh, here is some news.  We’re going to NY on Friday to visit the JuJu Clan for the weekend.  Saturday, weather permitting, our plan is to go to Niagara Falls.  I haven’t been there in a few years and am looking forward to it. 

Ok.  Goodnight.  It is now officially one hour past my bedtime.


Do you ever sit down here without a clue as to what you might write?  I just opened this and am sitting here staring at a blank screen and feeling as if my head is as empty as this box.  I guess being away from work for two days is cleansing… but if that translates into “empty-headed” I’m in a bit of a quandry.  Let’s put this another way.  There is an absence of stressy thoughts in my head.  And, damn, that feels good.

As a little side note, when you put a word or words in quotes and there needs to be a comma immediately following that word or those words, does the comma go inside or outside the quotes?  I want to say outside but that looks “weird”, and if you look right there, after “wierd,” you will see.  And if you look right there, after the second “weird” where I have put the comma inside, you will see that it also looks wrong.  F— it.  From now on when I use quotes, there will be no comma following, no matter how necessary.

I love having a blog where you can make your own rules.  Some of my own rules are as follows:

1) The word “about” is spelled a-b-o-o-t in honor of my (ever-dwindling) Canadian readership.

2) If I cannot find or don’t know a word I need, I make it up.

3) Screw spellchecker.  Who needs it?

4) There are some things that I just refuse to talk aboot.  Mostly unlady-like things.  But my definition of “lady-like”  is my own, and probly not yours.  Like this blog.

5) If I read back over what I’ve written and it’s bland or unimaginative, I can just stop


You  know, I can’t decide what works better for me.  Starting the day off like this, or ending my day like I just did.

I got showered and looked at the clock and realized another half an hour wouldn’t totally jeopardize my sleep time and make me a bear at work tomorrow.  So I grabbed my favorite down-filled throw (thanks, Ju) and popped in my Waterbone ~ Tibet cd and turned it up just loud enough that I could hear the haunting melodies wafting through the open window out onto the back porch.  My comfy swing awaited.

The air was just a little chilly but it smelled sweet from freshly cut grass and spring flowers.  The Moon was shining down brightly onto the porch.  PD was lugging his telescope out to get a better look.  (This was my birthday gift to him and seems to be developing into his new hobby.)  The traffic sounded miles away and was replaced by the sound of water rushing in the neighbors’ fountain next door.  Tibet was a perfect choice.

I sat there, slowly swinging back and forth, feeling the cool night air brush across my face.  I studied the Moon for a bit, which was surrounded by a pale yellow haze.  I felt all the craziness, the demands and pressures of my day just melt away and I was filled with a comforting, peaceful, sated feeling that brought a smile to my lips.

Life can get you in a spin and sometimes the crazy threatens to overtake but quiet nights- and mornings- on my back porch are two things I wouldn’t care to trade.


Some people are really negligent aboot posting.  But then when they do, it was worth the wait…


I don’t think I would care to be “Flemish.”  It just sounds wrong.  Where do Flemish people hail from anyway?  Phlegmland?

Wouldn’t it be cool if our skin(s) was/were all different colors of the rainbow instead of brown, yellow, red and white?  Just think of the possibilities and how different the world would be.  And if our hair and eyes were all colors.  I think I should like to be blue, lavender, and a soft aqua color, maybe with some pink.  Oh yeah, and periwinkle… 

Or if everyone were black and white with one accent color?

And we had a mass transit system that was one humongous roller coaster that stretched all across the world…

And the economy was based on a bartering system.  And we all had marketable talents with which we made our livelihood.

Yeah.  🙂

And now I feel a Monday coming on…

8 AM

Oh my goodness, it’s a beautiful morning.

I’ve watched the sunrise every morning this week.  Some days it was through a heavy cloud of fog, once or twice through the rain. And I’ve been looking forward to Saturday so I could sit on my porch, in no rush, enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the birds.

It’s a little chilly but the sun is bright and there are little white puffy clouds scattered against the blue.  The air is crisp and clean and except for the birds, it’s quiet and peaceful.

Just the way I like to start my day.


Your Brain is Green

Of all the brain types, yours has the most balance.You are able to see all sides to most problems and are a good problem solver.

You need time to work out your thoughts, but you don’t get stuck in bad thinking patterns.You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, philosophy, and relationships (both personal and intellectual).

What Color Is Your Brain?


Mika Grace Kelly

This is for you, Natalie 😉


[PD and I performing outdoor chores and general yard maintenance, happily.  At first.]

PD:  That doesn’t make much sense, one glove on and one off.

Me:  Why must you criticize every little thing I do?

PD:  You’re talking out your ass…

Me:  Grrrrr.

I continue pulling dead stalks out from the hydrangea bushes.

PD:  Why don’t you get the loppers?

Me, much less happily by now:  I wouldn’t want to do anything Right.

PD:  Why don’t you just go in the house, I know you don’t feel good.  No need to take it out on me.

Me:  (speechless as in, where the hell did that come from???)

Just aboot two minutes later…

PD:  I’m sorry, (insert pet nickname here)

Me:  It just feels like you’re picking on me.

PD:  What are you talking about?

I repeat the glove comment.  PD shakes head, acting as if I made it up.  I decide to keep my mouth shut for the duration…

PD: Here.  Take care of your garbage. 

[He hands me the empty flower bulb box, which I begin to rip into pieces so that it will fit manageably into the trash can.]

PD:  What are you doing?  Just throw it in there.

Me:  I thought I would make this easier for you.

PD: Just throw it in the bag.

My head exploded just then.