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Firstly I would like to thank Mark at WordPress for helping me find my tool bar here.  I hope I don’t wear it out.

Getting ready to leave for NY in a couple of hours to spend a few days with JuJu and her family.  Seems like I haven’t seen them in ages and I can’t wait for all that huggin’ and kissin’ to commence.  The four eldest in the family are participating in a wedding tomorrow and I will have 2 dates, PD and the baby, Andrew aka Big Eyes.  Can’t wait.  Click on Ju’s link to see what my Date#2 looks like.

Looks like it’s going to be a perfect weekend weatherwise.  I don’t think we’ll see many colored leaves yet but it still should be a pretty drive.

I will leaf leave you with a wish for a good weekend.  I’m ridiculously far behind in my packing.  No surprise there.

Happy Trails.


So I’m outside just now contemplating the Moon.  I’ve said this before, how I see his “face” etched out in the craters and mountains and valleys.  (If indeed there are mountains and valleys on the Moon?)  His face concerns me.  It’s a startled look of consternation that I see.  And I wonder… is it just sadness I see or disapproval?  He’s up there, night after night for eons upon eons.  All alone.  It’s got to be cold up there.  The loneliness must be unbearable.  Or is it something else, I ponder.  He’s been watching over us from the time the Earth was clean and fresh and new.  There were green forests and blue water and beautiful mountains and beauty as far as the eye could see.  Mr. Moon has watched Man destroy so much of that splendor by moving mountains, clearing forests, polluting water.  Concrete has taken the place of fields and forests.  To be up there looking down at this big mess we’ve made would surely stir great sadness in anyone’s soul.  So I feel a great sense of empathy for Mr. Moon.

He’s a trusty old dude.  He can be relied upon to shine in all his phases like clockwork.  He keeps the tides in working order.  Sure, they get riled up now and then, but they always go out and come back in and he makes sure of it.  He uses his influence predictably.  When he’s fully visible, he arranges that lots of new babies are born.  His pull lets us change our moods and get a little crazy now and then.  From so far away, his powers over us are impressive.  Coyotes know his power and have been known to sit in his light and howl their praises.

Mr. Moon has prompted songwriters to sing of his beauty.  He provides that magical light, not too bright, but just enough to stir a bit of romance and the perfect background for a special kiss.  Any couple who has walked hand in hand basked in his light is well aware of the effect upon their emotions.  That gentle tug that can pull two lovers together.  That glow which he reflects from the sun can transform even the plainest face into a thing of beauty.  It’s almost as if he’s up there encouraging us to get close and love each other.

There are Sun worshipers.  Personally, I find it hard to have a personal relationship with a huge glowing ball of fiery gas.  I can’t even look straight at the thing to admire it.  And while basking in the Moon’s light isn’t giving my skin the vitamins it needs, I feel comforted and assured that the Moon is up there watching over me.  And you.  And everyone else.  I often look up at him and think that, at any given moment, Bruce Springsteen or Brad Pitt or Sean Penn or any other of a gazillion people could be looking up at the same time.  We all share the Moon.  He’s been a part of each of our lives for our entire lives. From the time your Grandma or your Grandpa held you up and pointed to the sky, saying, “Look, there’s the Moon,”  until now, he’s been there for you.

He’s up there for us to admire.  Pure and simple Moon.  Asks nothing of us.  And yet we ignore him, mess up his “view” and now and then send up an astronaut or two to tarnish his soil and threaten to overtake him.  I don’t know where I’m going with this, I guess I just wanted to remind you to appreciate Mr. Moon.  Call me crazy but I think before I go to sleep tonight, I’m going to walk outside one more time and blow him a kiss goodnight.  And then I’ll fall asleep content to know he’s peeking in my window  watching over me and my dreams.


I got the second parking ticket of my entire life last week.  The pissy part of it was that I actually had put money in the meter.  It ran out.  I guess a dime doesn’t get what it used to.  We so rarely park anywhere these days where there are actually parking meters.  One day the meters will suffer the same fate as telephone booths and full service filling stations.  Hee hee.  I said filling station. *snickers*

There are so many things from our pasts that have found their way onto the endangered species list, lingered there for awhile and then just bit the dust.  Remember rotary dial telephones?  Console televisions that you actually had to manually change the channel and adjust the volume?  Department stores, even in small towns, that had elevators?  Diners?  Toasters that lasted as long as a marriage?  Oh, well, I guess it’s the same these days…  I’m talking about our parents’ and grandparents’ marriages.

Remember mowing the grass with a push mower?  That used to mean two wheels, cylindrical blades and a handle.  As recently as 10-15 years ago, I bought one.  I was determined to cut down on neighborhood noise and conserve gas and cut down on air pollution.  Had I kept up with it, I might have some stellar abs, biceps and deltoids to show off.  But I was too lazy and it was too hard to push.  My bad.

I still would rather wash my car in the driveway with a bucket and a sponge and detergent and a hose than use a carwash.  It’s just plain old fun to put on a bathing suit top and cut offs and make the car all shiny and pretty.  It’s also plain old hard to find the time usually.

Lots of people these days listen to audio books.  I’ve done it, but I still love the feeling of a real, old fashioned book with pages to turn.  I love the smell of the paper and the beauty of those words all lined up and spaced so perfectly on the pages.  I enjoy the anticipation of turning the pages or flipping back to re-read a memorable passage. And when I finish a particularly good book, I like the feeling of hugging it to my chest to show the book gods my appreciation.

As much as I rely on a keyboard, I still love pencil and paper.

As pleased as I am to get personal email, a hand-written letter in the mailbox is such a joy to receive.

Popping a cd in is fast and easy.  But remember what it used to feel like to buy a record album and rush home to tear into it?  Once in awhile all the lyrics were printed on the paper jacket inside and that was the ultimate!  But the actual action of lifting the dust cover on the turn table, pulling up the arm and sliding it over, placing the record on the turn table and placing the needle in the groove…  it was like a ceremony we performed in preparation for the thrill of the music.  It was all part of the experience.  You adjusted the headphones, sat back and let the music take you away.

Remember winding your watch?  And the alarm clock?

When is the last time you wrapped a gift with paper, tape and ribbon?  I still do it.  I’m stubborn that way.  Occasionally I’ll use a gift bag to save time, but I get such simple complete joy out of choosing pretty paper to wrap a gift.  I rarely buy ready-made bows.  I buy ribbon, the good stuff-cloth, not paper- and love the look on the recipient’s face when they say “Oooh. Look how nice this is wrapped!”  One year at Christmas time, my son Michael questioned me; why I spent so much time lining up corners and cutting the paper so straight and painstakingly wrapping each present to my own specifications.  I don’t know that he understands even yet, how much I enjoy the simple little act of preserving an old tradition.  Like brewing tea in a real teapot or ironing a cotton tablecloth  or baking a layer cake.  Some things are just better the old way.

Why just the other day I was mending a ripped pair of the son’s boxer shorts.  Yeah, they could have landed in the rag bag.  But then I would have missed out enjoying the ten minutes that it took me to thread the freakin’ needle. 😉

Do ya think I’m old fashioned?


Paul Westerberg – Can’t Hardly Wait

My favorite televised musical performance of all time.

Update: try this link instead:

Then someone can comment and tell me it doesn’t work. Ha. Why do I keep trying???  Actually though, I tried the arrow about 6 times and it did play twice… Maybe you’ll get lucky.

And even if you don’t care for Paul or the song, at least appreciate the drummer, Josh. He’s a show all himself…


I spent some time today thinking about our homes and wanted to ask a pertinent question that would invite some “audience participation.”  I thought of asking y’all what your favorite room is in your house and why.  I guess that’s as good a question as any.

But before I answer it myself, I want to apologize for sending you on a wild goose chase. I have since fixed it but I had you looking for “Three Time Loser” on my blogroll when in reality, although that is the name of her blog, I have it listed as Hazel Hazel.  If you haven’t already, go wish my little sister a happy birthday.  She’s catching up to me and will most likely pass me up next year.  😉

I dunno if you can consider your back porch a room or not, but that’s my favorite part of my house.  And I’ve gone on and on about it in the past so I won’t beleaguer that point. So it’s your turn to answer.  I’m just getting a little antsy about “losing” my favorite “room” when the season changes to Winter.  I’ll miss sitting out there enjoying the outdoors and all that.  Yeah, I have a coat.  Several actually.  But sitting on the porch bundled up is just fun until the novelty wears off.  Then it’s just cold.

As a side note, I want to share something pretty funny I overheard at work yesterday.

Lady: “I see there’s a new cd out that I just have to have.”

Other lady:  “What is it?”

Lady:  “Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow.”

Other Lady:  “Oh yeah?”

Lady:  “Yeah!  And they’re doing the Carpenter’s songs!”

And the best part is, she was serious.

(I know, it’s not nice to make fun.  Sometimes a situation demands it.)

Oh yeah, if you see my toolbar, tell him he’s sorely missed.


I’ve spent a week now looking forward to Talk Like A Pirate Day and I forgot about it. Bloody hell.

I’m not particularly lazy, I just don’t have time for a post tonight. But with the time you would normally spend here instead click over to the Little Sister’s place ON THURSDAY MORNING and wish her a Happy Birthday. I have no f***ing toolbar again so you’ll have to click on Hazel Hazel on my blogroll. After you get there, click on JujuBee Jenny on Hazel’s blogroll and watch the little video Ju put up.


BLESSINGS (cont’d)

What do you have that counts? If you’re counting the house and the cars/SUVs and the boats and the vacation homes and the bank accounts and the frequent flyer miles and the botox injections and the fake nails and other assorted body parts and the fancy jobs with the cushy offices, maybe even approaching retirement with a hefty pension and a condo at the beach… well, if that’s what’s most important to you, then I got nuttin’.

What I do have though, is a house that I love that does not look  like a showplace and isn’t even nearly paid for.  PD (mostly) and I have worked our butts off to make it a comfortable home that I love to come home to everyday.  A home where the grandkids can run and giggle and play.  A place for family and friends to gather and enjoy laughter and food and hugs. The place where I can sleep at night and feel safe and warm.  A place that holds tons of happy memories and will always have room for more.  The place where I live with my PD that we call “Home.”

Just one thing that I’m thankful for amidst a whole slew of things.


One of my favorite pastimes used to be Blog Surfing. I don’t know if that’s an actual name for an actual activity but that’s what I call it. Once in awhile, after reading my regular reads, if I had time, I’d scoot my mouse up to the top of the screen and click on the little button marked Next Blog. I would take a quick look around the blog I came to and if it appealed to me I would linger a bit and scroll up and down to get a feel for it. It doesn’t usually take long to decide if there is something worth my time to read or look at. I have found some really interesting sites that way. One in particular, being Izabella’s Velvet and Rust site, which I would gladly link but now I see that my tool bar is once again, MIA. Thank you very much, WordPress. I’ll come back later and hopefully fix that…

I would check out blog after blog, adding the interesting ones to my favorites to go back to later. Often times I would become a regular reader and make great friends while I was being entertained and learning new things and getting new ideas. I liken the activity to spending the afternoon in a book store poring of tons of books- only instead of shelling out tons of money on an armload of books, I just click here and there and end up with a long list of free reading material.

Well, I hadn’t done this in ages, mostly due to time constraints. Last night after PD went to bed and I was wide awake and working on burning a couple of cds, I decided to do some surfing.

There can be irritations along the way. Some blogs (namely those freaky Japanese teenager’s blogs* with all the weird, blaring music and the cutesy graphics that dance all over the page) don’t have a Next Blog button so you have to click Back and then click Next Blog twice to skip over the weird one. And once in awhile you would have to skip the ones that are dedicated to selling you vitamins, or a health plan from France or some other damn thing. But mostly you would find blog after blog after blog and be amazed at the array and number of blogging sites.

Well. Last night I decided that I’d neglected my hobby a bit too long. I started at my own blog, anxious to see what I would find of interest. Instead of blog after blog, what came glaring back at me on the screen was more like this: A blog and then a site devoted to some asinine money-making scheme and then a blog or two and then some porn. Then a blog or two and then some porn. No thanks, I don’t want to get laid tonight and I’m certainly not interested in some fat, sleazy-looking women in saggy underwear who want to make my dreams or someone else’s come true. I just want to read some interesting blogs.

It was a disturbing eye opener for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive and I know there are tons and tons of porn on the Internet. But I didn’t think it was taking over the Blogosphere. Don’t they have their own separate section for spreading their, um… stuff? All I could think of was dammit, this shit is wayyyyy too accessible. I bet there was a porn site every ten clicks and I’m not exaggerating. And in a half an hour’s time, I only found maybe 15 blogs and only 3 or 4 were serious blogs that you could tell the owners took some pride in. Doesn’t Blogger or WordPress or Typepad or any of those enforce any kind of decency regulations? I don’t know, I’m just asking.

I considered clicking the “flag this blog for objectionable content” buttons, but I don’t want a bunch of slutty women and horny men coming after me. I’m guessing they could be pretty threatening if you piss them off… I dunno.

Thanks for letting me get that out. I am trying to keep my blog from being all negative and whiney but I just had to address this. I feel a wee bit better having gotten this off my chest. ]What are your feelings on the subject?

*Please understand that I meant freaky Blogs and not freaky Japanese. I Love Japanese people. Some of their teens just seem to have some odd ways of expressing themselves…


I just noticed the better part of my blogroll is missing. Yay, I had nothing better to do today than piss around with my blog. Sneer, sneer.

I had three categories under the heading of Blogroll, those being Business, Playtime and of course, the blogs I read. So now I see everything but the Business portion is missing. Which doesn’t make sense to me since the entire blogroll is contained in one widget labeled Links. Wtf?

Let’s hope this negativity splat on my pretty, happy canvas is temporary.

Update:  Acc’ding to WordPress, this is happening a lot.  I now see that, although there are comments on this post,  it’s showing 0 Comments. Wonder what that’s all about???  And NOW I see the toolbar at the top of this posting page is MIA.  WTF.  OK, pretend that this Update is italicized and in a smaller font.  Maybe in a pretty magenta color.  Whatever.

Update update: My Blogroll is back , the comments are registering AND my tools are back.  Life is good 🙂


Still counting my blessings… and thinking over the past week and all the good things that happened. I truly am blessed with some great people in my life and I am truly thankful for that.

Early in the week my son, Michael emailed me pictures of his new furniture arranged in his new apartment. If the plan works out, he’ll call me and I’ll drive there to see it in person this weekend. And deliver his clean laundry to him 😉 Always fun to hang out with Mike.

Also this week, Matt called to catch up. We talked about anything and everything, just as we always do. The hour we talked flew by way to quickly. We have this incredible knack for knowing what the other is going to say and he’s forever opening my eyes and mind to new ideas and teaching me things. He’s planning to be back in this area in November for his sister’s wedding and we plan to get together and do something fun.

We’ll be traveling to NY the end of September for Juju’s SIL’s wedding. Most of the Juju clan is in the wedding party and it should prove to be a fun and happy time. Nana and PD will be on duty for managing children as needed (oh, listen to me making this sound like a chore, for heaven’s sake.) I can’t wait to see them.

I received another wedding invitation in the mail from yet another good friend who’s getting hitched in mid-October and I’m looking forward to that. I wonder if I can just buy one dress and make it work for both occasions? Two different states… that should work.

And though it is bittersweet, a good friend and co-worker Angela as of today, will no longer be a co-worker of mine. She and I have only been friends less than a year but she’s been such a joy to share my work days with. I joke with her that she’s just a younger version of me and she will tell you, yes, but with an old soul. Today we had lunch together as we usually do and laughed and cried and of celebrated the friendship we’ve built. But I’m grateful for the time we’ve shared and looking forward to watching her become a filthy rich successful artist in a few years. So, while I will miss her at work, we will keep in touch and I’m very happy that she’s following her dream. In her words, “The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths.”

Incidentally, the last time I cried when a co-worker moved on was several years ago when my/our dear friend and commenter, Natalie, left the company to raise her family. We “hooked up” again after having lost touch and I’m thankful she’s back in my life.

It’s becoming apparent that I’m so darn blessed that I’m falling asleep before I complete the list of my blessings.

To be continued at a later date…