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Yeah, I’d planned to write today but it seems everyone is dying and it’s hard to push that fact aside, I’m finding. Three people I care about have “finished their time here” since the weekend. I will be busy the next few days and in and out of town, but will try to check back here.

One bit of sunshine in all this, JuJu and the two littlest grandkids are coming for a visit. Yeah, I’ll try to get the house at least in a “safe” state before their arrival.

Carry on.


There’s nothing new here.  Sorry if you’re disappointed.  I’ll post tomorrow.  Too tired.  Have a good night or a good day, whichever you want.  I’m going to bed.  Zzzzzzzzz…


Our house is old.  Our house is large. I love our house.  At any given time, due to PD’s illness, there are a dozen or so unfinished projects either in progress or on hold at various locations in the house.  One of those particular projects is one we’ve been putting off, mostly because of the huge amount of inconvenience that would ensue, coupled with the amount of work involved.

At some point in time, a previous owner decided that it would be a good idea to put a dropped ceiling in the kitchen.  Which was, I’m sure, a decision made considering that a) the cost to heat a large home with high ceilings can cause one to reel, and b) it’s a great way to hide a lot of holes in one’s ceiling.  The second, being the end result of having a bathroom situated directly above the kitchen and all the plumbing problems that can result in an old house.  To say that there are a lot of holes in our kitchen ceiling would be a gross understatement.  The times that we have had to resort to using said holes to reach pipes, wiring, etc. could make a Guinness record… And popping out a panel in a dropped ceiling, doing the dirty work and popping the panel back in was a great way to “hide” evidence.

The thing is, that with your daily kitchen goings-ons, over time the ceiling can get yellowed and not-so-pretty.  A couple of years ago it was time to take the panels down and either clean them, paint them or replace them.  That never happened.  Now that PD seems to be enjoying a sort of temporary (but hopefully longer) alleviation of symptoms and is hell-bent on catching up on every single neglected chore from the past 4 or so years, the kitchen ceiling project was next on the list.  Had I paid closer attention to the list, I would not have been so surprised to come home from work one day last week to find the thing removed.

You can’t imagine how cool and different the kitchen looks.  In fact, we’ve pretty much decided to toss the old suspension thing and repair the old original ceiling.  It’s going to take a lot of work and some creativity, to be sure but I think the end result will be great.  I’m always one for restoring original character in a house.  It killed me to get rid of my old pedestal bathtub and sink when we redid my bathroom.  I lost that battle.  Ah, well. 

So the mood I feel in the kitchen now is hard to explain.  I kind of have this old general store look going on and the high ceiling seems to work with it.  I have one “brick” wall, lots of old tin advertisement signs and white walls with a black-and-white check motif here and there.  We’ve got a black ceiling fan to put up when the work is done and we’re working on taking the wood cabinets down and stripping them and painting them white. I’d wanted to put glass in the doors but Poopy pooh-poohed that idea. I wanted to put chicken wire behind the glass.

Anyway, this post has run on way longer than I’d intended and I’m already behind on today’s  major project which started yesterday with the power-washing, scraping and patching of the foundation of the house and the front of the front porch.  You can’t believe the mess.  Or how sore I was when I got out of bed this morning. Or how glad I will be when we get this finished. 🙂


I would like to address more of what I wrote of yesterday, and I may at a future date but I’m irritated that I’ve not had the questions I asked, flat out, answered.   I thought they were legitimate questions.  Now I see that they are just the kinds of questions I ask over and over and obviously they are just stupid questions that no one sees any reason to answer.  This has perfectly illustrated my point.  I will leave it at that and y’all will just have to put up with my ignorance and incompetence for as long as you chose to come here.  So there.  And before you take any of this personal, please keep this is mind.  If you read here, you know that you dwell in a special place in my heart, all of you in your own way.  You also know that I’m on medication that is making me a  f***ing lunatic little hormonal, agitated and prone to moodiness.  So you’ll forgive my snippiness.  Chalk it up to getting to know The Woman in All Her Glory.  And now when I tell you how I started my day,  and since you love me too, I trust that you’ll forgive me just about anything that might end up on this screen…

  4:00 AM  Awoke to a huge, earth-shaking thunderclap.

  4:30 AM  Finally back to sleep after lots more lightning, two hot flashes and a fair amount of teeth clenching and heart stoppage.  Totally blew my storm therapy to hell and back.

  5:00, 5:05, 5:10, 5:15 AM  Awoke to, and promptly shut off alarm, cursing repeatedly.

  5:20 AM  Hauled a** out of bed.

  5:30 AM  Confronted with huge centipede (or millipede or Satan himself) on my kitchen counter.

  5:30:03 AM  Smashed the living sh** out of Satan with a paper towel.

  5:35 AM  Flick on TV to check out weather situation for the day.  Oh, rain.  Big surprise.  What, Tammy Faye Baker has cancer?  Oh, no.  That’s too bad.  What?  Sixty-five pounds!  That can’t be good.  Look away from the TV.

  5:36 AM  Dammit, why didn’t I look away?  Lord Almighty, why can’t I get that image out of my mind?  This is way too much trauma for me on a Thursday morning before 6AM.

  7:00 AM 3:30 PM  More Trauma  Work.

  4:00 PM  I walk in the door and find that PD has removed our kitchen ceiling.

Somebody shoot me.

(When you describe a day of your life and end up categorizing it on your blog under rant, web issues and wtf…  is that like, a red flag???)


I really hate that I don’t know enough about computers.  And I hate asking people questions about them.  Once in awhile I run into someone who is kind and patient and seems willing to share their knowledge.  But more often than not, I’m made to feel bothersome and rarely get a straight answer.  It’s like there is some sort of exclusive club or something.  I’ve been having mega-problems lately and I owe TC (my hero) some huge favors for talking me through some gruelling marathon step-by-step fixits.  I dunno if this has anything to do with it, but I started having problems after downloading from a certain popular music site.  Does that happen sometimes?  I don’t know what else to blame it on.  Something that freaked me out just a little, if I type the word “sc_n,” -put an a in the blank, WordPress or someone/something makes it into a link to a virus protection page. That’s too weird for me.  Isn’t that abnormal???

Enough about that.

You know what?  I don’t feel like finishing this.  I’m going to go eat.  Laters.


Today PD has me painting the garage. TC has me running virus protection things. JuJu has me waiting for a return phone call. I have me in my painting shorts from last year that are too tight and straining at the seams and a bathing suit top and I’m still sweating. I gave up trying to stay out of the sun. It’s not conducive to, um, Life. Things need to get done around here and it’s impossible to paint in the dark. Or at least not fun and easy. Actually, it’s neither fun nor easy in the daylight either but that’s beside the point…

Yesterday was ultra-interesting at work. There was a problem with the fans or something in the Clean Room. When the temperature is off, it’s not safe to be in the room. So 70 or so people had to either go home or be reassigned to different departments. I found myself packaging products in the Shipping and Packaging Dept. with only 5 other people. And my iPod. So it was a good day. It is not expected that the Clean Room problem will be completely resolved by Monday, so guess what? I ain’t goin’. End of discussion. It’s this simple: Me + Day Off = 🙂

Thanks for asking how I’m doing. Way better. It’s nice to have friends who care.

Anybody have any interesting Friday the 13th observations? Me, neither.

K. Back to work. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

sidenote: I just published this at 3:14:57; one second earlier and it would have been my birthday, 3/14/56. Oooooh. How cool is that?


… is how I’ve been feeling.  I can’t seem to focus on anything. I’m leaning toward blaming it on the medication I’m on for this “female annoyance.”  Two more months of this hormone-induced madness seems like more than I’m wanting to endure.  Just. Can’t. Imagine…

It’s fucking ridiculous hard to endure hot flashes in the midst of 95 degree temperatures.  Later today a cold front is moving in, according to the weatherman (my hero).  I keep telling myself that when I get through this and my next biopsy shows nothing abnormal that this will have all been worth it.  I’m not going to go into all the other details of what these meds are doing to my body, you don’t want to know.  I will tell you though, that having your face break out like a teenager’s at my age is fucking ridiculous a bit disheartening.  Staying out of the sun in the midst of summer is not just fucking ridiculous annoying, it’s damn near impossible.  I’m guessing that when George warned me of irritability and mood swings,  that the drug itself is not the direct cause.  It’s the end result of enduring all this other crap.  Ah, well.  I doubt you came here to listen to me whine.  I’m almost done.  You can leave now if it’s getting to you.  But say a prayer for Poopy, though.  He’s having to deal with me directly.

Not so much, though.  The last two evenings I’ve gone to bed before dinner and he’s not had to listen to me complain about the pings (yeah, they’re still plaguing my poor little brain) and the headaches and all-around blecch. You know, I’m trying to figure out why the female body isn’t designed to just obliterate all the hormone stuff once you’re finished having children.  Oh, wait.  Menopause is supposed to take care of that, isn’t it?  But I was finished bearing children 29 years ago.  So I spent the first half of my life preparing for motherhood and my body has spent the second half… oh, nevermind.  The joy of being a woman. *cough*

Aren’t you glad you came here and had all this sunshine blown up your butt?  I just bet you’ve got a little bounce in your step and a song in your heart that wasn’t there before…


Hi Kids.  Haven’t been on here much, am having some aggravating computer issues.  I come on and within 5 minutes I’m fed up.  I’m not one to seek out a nervous breakdown.  It will happens when it happens, I’m not going to invite one.

Hey, have you been over to see JuJubee?  Her blog was mentioned in their newspaper in Buffalo.  That’s pretty cool if you ask me.  Little Ju went with Mr. JuJu recently to see the Stanley Cup on display in the custody of Mr. Ju’s cousin who plays for the Anaheim Ducks.  That’s cool too, even if you don’t follow hockey.  PD is anxious to receive his autographed photo.  I decided I want this job.  How cool would that be???

I had a mind-blower surprise last Sunday.  One of my best friends of all time was on his way from Eastern PA to Denver and stopped to see if I was still alive.  His name is Matthew and he’s one of the coolest people I know.  I’ve known him since he was about 12 years old.  He lived nearby and was our newspaper delivery person.  Paper boy, they were called back then.  I haven’t seen him for just about 10 years and that was way too long.  He has lived all over the place and makes his living as an actor who teaches acting also at a college  in the eastern part of the state.  I was planning to share his portfolio pic complete with personalized message and autograph.  Where is it you say?  And my standard answer, as you well know, Hell If I Know.  But when I find it, I’ll be sure to share.  He’s got one of those great faces.  And handsome as heck.

Anyway, we spent a few hours catching up on each other’s news and discussing people and issues.  He’s a great conversationalist.  As always, we picked up right where we left off.  That’s one of the sweet things in life, ain’t it?  I wish he could have spent a couple of days but we were leaving for Buffalo and he had a flight to catch.  Hopefully, he’ll read here and comment and you can meet him. 

Welcome back, Kate.  Missed you.  Talk soon. 🙂  Incidentally, Kate and I are going to see this guy next month.  Should be fun!


Had a perfectly lovely visit with the JuJu’s.  Our visit went entirely too quickly, as always.  I had decided beforehand to come home yesterday to give myself a quiet, lazy day today.  Yes, I actually begged off a picnic invitation.  I’ll go back to work tomorrow and Friday and then have a weekend to enjoy. It will kind of give me the sensation of being a slacker and that’s exactly what I was going for. 

I have lots to tell you but I’ll spread it out over the next few days.  Don’t want to overwhelm y’all.  Ha.  Like my life (or reading about it) would make you tired.  Well, maybe… in the sense of boring you.  I’ll try to embellish a bit to keep things at least, mildly interesting.

I had an interesting experience on our trip home yesterday.  PD was in no hurry to get home so I talked him into visiting the Grove City Prime Outlets on our way down I79.  As much as he seemed to enjoy himself while we were there, he confessed that he was not impressed with the shopping there.  Big surprise.  Shopping Heaven for PD is Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.  Anything else is frivilous and a waste of time.  So I think it’s safe to say that the next time I visit the Outlets, it will be on my own time.

Anyway, one thing that happened there amused me.  I’d gone into a wine and tobacco shop and found the boy behind the counter all pierced and punk-haired (and cute) having a conversation with a much more conservative-looking young man.  I stepped up to the counter and waited for them to finish their conversation. The boy behind the counter stopped talking and looked at me offering his help.  I quickly glanced to my left to apologize to the other for interrupting their conversation about a concert he’d been to recently. Yes, I was eavesdropping and I hope you do not have a problem with that.  As soon as he turned my way, out of my mouth came “Death Cab… OMG, you look just like Ben Gibbard!”  He looked instantly embarrassed, just a little and then broke out in a smile and confessed “that tons of people tell me that all the time.” When I looked back to tell the cashier what I’d been looking for, he was standing there, gaping, and said (obviously, dumbfounded, having most likely assessed me as old and decrepit…) that he was impressed that I knew of Death Cab.  *Sigh*  Not quite as gratifying as getting carded, but it kind of tweaked my sense of maybe I won’t be whisked off to the home as soon as I thought, and actually did bring a smile.  Thank you, Boy, for not saying ” … for an old chick.”  I know you were thinking it.

Going to go celebrate the anniversary of my country’s independence by doing absolutely. nothing.  Oooh.  Ahhh.  A safe and happy holiday to you all.

LONG WEEKEND + 3 = :-)

Day Three into my respite from work and looking forward to Three More.  Wow, this feels good.

Had friends over Friday night for Mudslide SnoCones.  Was nice and relaxing.  Good conversation and laughing at regular intervals.  Minimal hangover on Saturday…

Last night was Little JuJu’s last night here with us.  We called Mama before bed and there was a lot of “I can’t wait to see you“s going on.  Then before tucking in, he and I read some selections from A Light in the Attic and giggled non-stop for an hour or so.  Shel Silverstein sure knew how to entertain seven-year-old boys and fifty one year old women my age.  The Kid must have been tired.  I left the room to ask PD a question and he was sound asleep two minutes later when I returned.

We’re leaving this afternoon for New York and hoping for minimal reasonable Holiday traffic.  The route we take, although an interstate, has some really pretty sites along the way including Moraine State Park.  The skies, for some reason, always seem to be gorgeous around those parts.

Y’all have a good weekend and a Happy July 4th.  Be safe.  K?  Bye.