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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul Westerberg

Soon I will post my 2010 Top 10 or 25 or 40 Favorite Songs of the Year.  But today I want to pay tribute to my Numero Uno, Paul Westerberg.

Paul’s birthday is today.  He was born in 1959. He is my idol, my hero and has influenced my musical taste more than any other musician. Ever.  His lyrics are amazing, the likes of which I have rarely found.  His musical talent puts me in awe.

That’s all I really have to say.  But on the off chance that he’s reading here,

Paul Westerberg, I wish you a Wonderful Birthday.

Your Oldest and Most Devoted Fan,

Me.  Named after your song,

One Wink at a Time  XXXOOO


I’m a little over halfway through a long-anticipated week’s vacation from work.  Some people would take this time and make it memorable by booking a flight to a far-off warm, sunny place to relax and soak up some rays.  Yeah, I would probly enjoy that more but I’m using this time to accomplish some goals.   I chose to stay and home and get my life in order.  I’m going to organize the hell out of the mess I’ve called home for quite some time.

You get to a point in your life when everything and everyone else takes the front seat and your poor home life sits in the back and quietly watches the scenery whiz by while sitting there, hands folded in lap, sighing now and then while the miles click off one by one on the speedometer.  The gas gauge slowly depletes itself, the tread on the tires wears and the battery drains a little with each passing mile.  And yet the road stretches on ahead as the engine hums…

You approach a crucial intersection… not sure which way to turn or whether to blow on through that yellow light.  You realize that if you make a wrong turn, you’ll lose time trying to get back on the right road.  You’ve been traveling without a GPS speeding along with no consideration as to where you may end up.  You just drive and drive, gathering dust along the way.

Of course this is all an analogy.  But neglecting important parts of your life and home will leave you along the edge of the road with a flat tire and no jack, feeling even more helpless when you realize your needle is nearing E.

This post is a runaway train. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say when I started and I got so far off track that I can’t even remember where I wanted to go.  And now I’m stuck in this ridiculous analogy and I can’t steer my way out of it.

I’m going to stop here and I’ll come back tomorrow and write something of substance.  In the mean time, I’ll refuel, kick the tires and get back in the driver’s seat tomorrow.  And don’t even think about changing the  station.