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Catch Up

This is gonna be quick. If I don’t post right this minute, I don’t know when I’ll ever get the time so here goes.

This has been a wild and crazy summer so far. Back to back things going on and not a lot of time to breathe in between.  But here’s the best part. Forgive me if you already know all this because I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops posting bits and pieces of my good fortune all over the internet the past month or so.

At the end of the month I’m going to be able to cross three items off my Bucket List.  One item in particular was a complete and utter fantasy because I didn’t think it was possible, that being SEEING THE REPLACEMENTS.  Since they sort of split up (parted ways and have not performed together since) in 1991, fans of the band only dared to dream that they would ever reunite.  As fate would have it, they are doing the Riot Fest tour this summer in Denver, Chicago and Toronto.

Long story short (my bedtime, I HATE Sunday nights) I’m going on a road trip with my daughter to Toronto to see The Replacements perform ALIVE AND IN PERSON.  And those three things are all on my Bucket List.

Now, if my passport only arrives in time, I’ll be all set.  Another story for another time.


So here I sit, slightly dizzy and trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is July 31, 2010.  The Summer is roughly two-thirds behind us and that just boggles my mind.  I plodded and scraped and shivered through a taxing Winter with it firmly planted in my mind that if I could just survive it there would be a glorious Summer full of fun and sun waiting for me as my reward.

Summer finally arrived and it’s slipping through my fingers like mercury.

We’ve just (barely) survived a couple weeks of sweltering humidity on top of 80-90 degree temperatures that demanded, pretty much, staying inside taking advantage of the AC and constantly whirring fans which totally get on my last nerve. I detest them.  Now today, finally, it seems the humidity has left us and I was actually able to sit comfortably on my porch and enjoy my morning coffee with the birds and flowers.  That is one of my Life’s Favorite Pastimes.

So, God willing, here is how I’m hoping to spend what’s left of my precious Summer~

Next weekend I plan to travel back to my hometown to spend the weekend with my BFF Kate, who’s been my BFF since the first grade. The County Fair will be going on and we will OD ourselves on it as we have together, more years than not since we became BFFs.  Added bonus~ late-night catching up on what’s new with each other and reliving great memories.  Kate can make me laugh like nobody else and there are always tears and sore laugh muscles involved.  Yes, I am looking forward to that like crazy.

Later this month brings our Family Reunion. Not your normal reunion. I think you have to have a normal family in order to have a normal reunion… ; ) But we camp at our family park at my father’s homestead and it lasts for three days for some of us.  And we have such a hella good time that 3 days is usually not enough.  Yeah, I have some truly great relatives.  We have made some awesome memories over the years.  I cherish those times when so many of the people I love so very much are all in one place.

Next month my Godson is getting married. It promises to be a wonderful celebration with family and friends. The added bonus is that it will be something to look forward to instead of mourning the end of the Summer for me.

I found out yesterday that one of my favorite bands of all time, Yeasayer, will be in concert the end of September near me.  I will be able to check off an item on my Bucket List if I can go, and I intend to.

So, being that the first couple months of the Summer have flown by, filled up with a bunch of crap that I’m not even going to go into here, I’m hell-bent on spending what’s left with some fun stuff to make up for the other. Maybe somehow Time will magically slow down and this dizzy feeling will go away.


So I got up this morning (didn’t wanna) and got ready for work, intermittently watching the bottom of the TV screen, taking stock of school closings, etc. to try and determine the condition of the roads for the trip to work. It didn’t seem too awful bad.  Got the car out of the garage and headed first to the post office to mail something.  The hill from our house to “town” was a little slick and slushy.  It was snowing still.  As I was leaving the post office, I took these things into consideration and thought of the possibility that, with the additional snow and the low temperature, things would more likely get worse than better.  I promptly turned toward home and went there.  Came here, whatever. I called off work and am now truly enjoying my morning coffee instead of guzzling it.

And I’m actually posting.  Imagine that.  It’s Friday and cold and snowing and I’m staying home and happy about it.

Incidentally, if you haven’t read my previous post and clicked on the Runaway Dorothy links, please do.  Dave has enlisted my assistance in getting some PR underway for the band.  I vowed to do what I could. The rest is up to you.

PD and I had a wonderful Holiday.  Lots of family around to make merry with, tons of great food and yummy junk, lovely gifts, vacation from work.  All around great times.  May post some pictures soon if I find the time.

A few months ago I came across a place to get my old blog published.  I deeply loved that old blog while I just have a passing fondness for this one.  My writing here is for crap and my posting is sporadic at best.  But I have a deep fear of the internet disappearing one day and losing all that I’d written on Old One Wink at a Time so I decided to get it printed.  It finally came in the mail day before yesterday and I was thrilled.  Like a dear old friend came to visit.

Let me tell you about Blog2Print, a division of  SharedBook Inc.  The actual process of putting the book together was fairly easy.  You’re able to design your cover and choose if you’d rather have hard back or a soft cover.  If I remember correctly there is a set price for each and if you have more pages than they specify, you are charged a set price per additional page.  At the time I placed my order, they were offering free shipping and that was a welcome discount.  If you love your blog as much as I do, I highly recommend looking into getting it printed.  If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer. I have lots more to say about it but that would take at least an entire post and I have some mail to answer and some time off to enjoy.  And I could do some shoveling, but hey.

PS I just noticed that Blog2Print always offers free shipping… yay!


Late in November I had a bunch of vacation days to use.  But due to some unforeseen circumstances in the past few weeks, I’ve had to rearrange things and I won’t be having all sorts of days off after all.

I had big plans for those blocks of time off.  Baking cookies, doing cards, decorating, shopping and wrapping.  Unrushed and uninterrupted.  I was feeling all on top of the whole business and looking forward to an easy and unstressed holiday.  I had convinced myself that this would be the best Christmas ever, simply because I would be prepared.  And I hadn’t expected the Juju’s until after the New Year.  That changed and I was even more convinced that everything would be perfect.  Then I looked at my calendar and the scratched off days that had been labeled in big red letters, proclaiming OFF.  The panic started seeping in…

We have no tree up and no indoor decorations.  The living room remodeling is taking longer than planned, mostly because PD is having some rough days and because other things have come up.  And I’m working long hours. (Although this past week we got a short reprieve from the OT.)  So until we can at least put the furniture where it belongs, we shall remain treeless.

I realize this isn’t the least bit entertaining for you.  I apologize for that.  This post is mostly for me, to get some thoughts out of my head.  Which is why I started blogging in the first place.  So bear with me.

Anyway.  I took my mom shopping today and I accomplished so much on my list.  I feel way less stressed about it and I will probly sleep better tonight.

I like to get the frivolities out of the way so when the big day comes I can concentrate on the real reason for the celebration.  I feel like I have a shot at actually pulling that off.  *Sigh*

I should be concentrating on the fact that I got my mom home safely today.  On the way back from the mall, we decided to stop at a restaurant for “nourishment.”  She had cappuccino and peach pie.  I had coffee and a Belgian waffle with whipped creme, strawberries and ice cream.  When we came out, I pulled back out onto the road and it was pure ice.  Of the black variety that I’ve often heard of but never actually experienced.  It took a very long time to get home and there were vehicles all over pulled off to the sides of the road.  All the coaching that PD has been drumming into my head over the years seems to have paid off.  I was quite relieved when I pulled into my driveway.

Looking forward to a long winter’s nap tonight.  You betcha’.


Not that anyone was expecting me to post or anything but I actually did have plans to post the rest of the week.  You see, we got so far ahead at work (hard to believe, I know) that I am temporarily off overtime hours.  For the rest of the week, as it stands now.

And one of the first things I thought of doing with those two plus extra hours a day, was actually sitting down here and pretending it was like old times.

But then something came up and this will probly be all you’re gonna get.

My mom called me this afternoon to share the sad news that her sister, my aunt, had died this morning.  As accustomed as I have become the past several months to hearing bad news, I was not prepared at all for this.

My mom has two sisters and as they have aged, I’ve gotten in the habit of thinking of them as The Golden Girls.  While none of the three particularly resemble Rose or Blanche or Dorothy, their collective personalities are as entertaining and delightful.  I have not been in the same room with the three of them for years but the memories I have of them together are precious to me.   There was never a dull moment or a lapse in laughter when they were together.

One of these days I will post a picture of them and a story or two to go with it.

PD and I will be driving back to my hometown on Thursday to pay our respects and share some necessary Family love.  I need to put my time in at work tomorrow and then finish packing for Thursday.  See ya later, ‘gators.

Prayers appreciated for my uncle, my cousin, the grand daughters, my mom and my other aunt.  Thank you.


PD and I spent last weekend with the Juju Clan  (not linking to Juju’s blog, it seems to be in a state of repose…). It was great.  The littlest Juju boy turned 3 years old.  We sang Happy Birthday (quietly while he covered his ears and closed his eyes- doesn’t like being the center of attention, obviously) and ate cake and ice cream and he opened presents in the traditional way that we  celebrate birthdays.  It was great spending time with them on a happy occasion.  I just happen to have the most awesome grandkids in the world.

There always seem to be some interesting sights and occurences on our way to and from NY.  This time was no exception.  The only thing missing was the usual gorgeous sun and clouds that always seem to be present over Interstate 79.  This time was just gray gloom.  Oh well.

I am not one to buy much into stereotypes such as the ones that you may or may not associate with truck drivers.  But I don’t believe that I’ve ever noticed a truck driver who was of the Oriental persuasion.  Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.  Kind of like a blog I used to read, “Black Men Don’t Ride Bikes.”

Coming down 79 between mile markers 161 and 162, there is a small stuffed gnome strapped to a pole.  That was pretty cool.  Hope he’s keeping warm at night. And not missing his family too much.

There was only ONE BOAT on the lake at Moraine State park.  It wasn’t terribly sunny but it wasn’t cold, so I was surprised.

Saw a license plate on a fancy car (maybe a Lexus?) that read: PRAYD4IT.  Thought that was kind of sad, myself.

A conversation between PD and me on the way~

PD: There’s an unmarked State Police car.

Me:  Question: What’s the sense of an unmarked car if people like you can tell it’s a police vehicle?

PD: (no answer)

Me: How did you know it’s a police car?

PD: It said on the side.

Me: (wth?) Then it wasn’t unmarked, now was it?

PD: Well, there were no lights on top.

It’s just these sorts of exchanges that make me wonder how we get along so well.

Then there was this~

We’d come out of a rest stop.  PD had been waiting for me, reading the front page of USA Today.  There was an article about a bomb-sniffing dog that had been lost in the Afghan desert for a year and he read me the the headline.  I had been thinking about something and what he’d said only half-registered in my busy brain. He told me that when they found the dog they honored him with a regular hero’s welcome. It suddenly occurred to me that it seemed highly weird that they would train an Afghan Hound to sniff bombs.  And how in the heck would one survive for a year in the desert?  Yeah, this is how my brain works.  And why PD deserves your prayers.  And more of my undivided attention.




I just spent about 20 minutes writing a newsy, introspective, albeit ranty post full of all the juicy categories you see up there.  I had just finished when the phone rang.  It was Juju and I was excited to talk to her, being that she and Mr. Juju were in Toronto last night to see U2 (and Snow Patrol.)  As we started our conversation I’d realized that I’d not published my post.  I clicked something- which I thought was Publish and sat back to enjoy the conversation.

Now I see that I did not click Publish.  Dagnabbit anyhow.  It’s G.O.N.E., GONE.  And of course the title makes no sense whatso EVER.

Excuse me while I go find a pigeon to kick.


I noticed last weekend on our trip back from New York that there were about a gazillion silver SUVs on the road.  And there were so many Toyotas. (I notice that because I drive one.)  At one point PD noticed that there were three ahead of us and one behind us.

We noticed that Exit 58 on I90W would take you to Silver Creek near Irving, NY.  Judging by the billboards there seemed to be a lot of cool stuff there.  We decided that maybe sometime we would check that out on our way home.  But that is doubtful since we are usually in a hurry to get home because it’s so hard to leave when we’re visiting the JuJu’s.

I saw a cool license plate too.  It said NO FOAM.

Ok, that’s all I have time for.  Carry on with your Friday and make it a good one.

I have to work tomorrow so it doesn’t hold it’s usual allure for me. 😦

One more thing.  The Moon has been particularly awesome lately.


Having had very very little sleep for the last 48 hours, I’m going to bed now and hoping to sleep for the next 11 hours straight.  I’ll be back when I can.

It’s all good.


… and it’s 3:15 am and I’ve spent the last ten minutes circling the dining room table trying to walk off a Charlie Horse.  I have to get up in an hour and 15 minutes and I just remembered I didn’t have a post written.  {insert expletive here}

Today when I get home from work I’ll be finishing packing for our annual camping trip/family reunion.  You should see my house.  Wait, no.  You shouldn’t.

Ok, I need to get some sleep.  There probly won’t be much of that going on for the next couple of nights.  I was just thinking how awful it would be to wake up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp in a tent full of three air beds in the middle of nowhere.

Also just realized that I have NO time to write posts to schedule for the weekend.  And remote posting is not an option.  There isn’t even cell phone reception where we’re going.  NaBloPoMo, you got the best of me.