No, this is not about the hot variety of flashes which I am all-too familiar with at this junction in my Almighty Menopausal Existence. Which is my current favorite euphemism for this Thing called Life.

In a post, JuJu linked to this post which I thought was a rilly good idea. Since it’s a free (well, you know…) country AND I’m giving credit where credit is due, I thought it would be okay to steal the idea. The idea being, in case you didn’t click on the links, is that we make a list of 25 Memories We Might Like to Have Flash Before Our Eyes Before We Kick It. Here is my list:

  1. Sitting with my Pap Pap watching Gunsmoke, enjoying his Old Spice.
  2. Friday night shopping trips with my mom. Hazel and I took turns every other week. This entailed a bath right after dinner and getting dressed up. I mean wearing a dress and good shoes.
  3. A Sunday afternoon ride in my dad’s white Jeep.
  4. Walking to grade school when the lilacs were in bloom.
  5. My first kiss.
  6. Slow-dancing to Can’t Get It Out of My Head.
  7. Seeing the sun rise over the ocean for the first time.
  8. Quiet moments in the middle of the night nursing each of my babies.
  9. First time I saw my dad on stage.
  10. Michael’s college graduation.
  11. Being there for Julian’s birth on Christmas morning, the doctor handing me the scissors to cut the cord.
  12. Seeing JuJu in her wedding gown all radiant.
  13. Watching PD holding each of our grandbabies for the first time.
  14. The night I met PD.
  15. Clubbing in Buffalo with Brother Bill and Cousin Fred after Gloria’s wedding.
  16. Seeing U2 in concert.
  17. Seeing Brother Joe awake and sitting up in the hospital bed after his kidney transplant.
  18. The morning JuJu came home from Arizona.
  19. Sharing beers (and Pepsi) with Denny and Beau at Mosquito Creek Sportsman’s Club.
  20. “Doing the Fair” with Kate.
  21. Watching The Golden Girls and Beavis and Butthead in bed with Ju.
  22. Dancing at NiCastro’s to Sweet Breeze playing Night Flight.
  23. The Christmas we all got sleds.
  24. Sitting on Pud’s porch eating licorice
  25. Champagne reception at Phipp’s Conservatory.

3 responses to “FLASHES

  1. Great list, and I hope you have more, because it’s really a list of 100! I need to get back to mine.

  2. These are great.

    You’ve inspired me.

  3. Hazel: I’ll be looking forward to reading Yours 🙂
    Juju: Thanks for reminding me that the list is not supposed to stop at 25.

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