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Battles – Atlas

Clear off a space on your desk in front of you, send the family out for icecream, turn the speakers up and do what I’ve been doing for the past half hour. 🙂


Not much going on around here.  Rather depressing but it seems the temperatures are expected to rise and we did have some much-appreciated sunshine today.

I swore my blogging efforts would never fall to the point where I would discuss the weather.  That was before I became a zombie.

I went to the drugstore today and grabbed up some discounted Valentine candy.  Sheesh, my quality of life is plummeting.  I buy my clothes at the thrift store,  my snacks on the clearance table.  Next I’ll be… what do they call that?  Dumpster diving?

PD is rewiring the electrical outlets in the downstairs.  I have no idea why.  They seemed perfectly fine before.  I think he was really excited that the price of 12-2 wiring finally came down and he bought a bunch.  You should see my downstairs, furniture (and plaster) all over the place.  Not that that’s such an unusual occurrence… 😉  I really should take the time and get the Christmas tree down.  No, you didn’t really just read that.

We got a little reprieve at work this week.  8 mandatory hours of over time instead of the usual 10.  They thought we’d appreciate the break.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Except that, yeah,  I appreciate those 2 hours.  I’ve already used them up cleaning snow off my car.  That’s not counting the time PD was kind enough to spend doing it too.  Love that man.

I have a little time before bed.  I’m going to go play around with some photo editing.  No, I don’t have PhotoShop but I’m going to pretend.  If I come up with anything interesting, you’ll be sure to know.


…anyone is curious about the song/artist I posted about the other day, Jeff promptly answered correctly and will soon be the new owner of the Veruca Salt cd that I don’t particularly care to own. *wild applause for Jeff*

For some piss-me-off reason, WordPress is no longer an option on YouTube for sending videos.  I have to go raise some hell about that.  In the mean time, you can click here to see the answer.

(Scratch the raising hell thing.  I see that there is a feature here on my dashboard that should enable me to post video…     I hear you snickering!)

PS  Yes, I looked like the chick in the video on our first date.  Stop snickering.


The night PD and I went on our first date, I wore a royal blue sweater which I found out later was his favorite color on me.  The sweater is long since gone but I always wear something that shade of blue for our date.  And I did that last night.  Amazingly, due to having left work an hour early (I know!) I was showered and primped and shiny and scented and waiting when PD announced that it was time to go.  The weird part about dating your husband is that you miss all that fun stuff like one-last-look-in-the-mirror-before-answering-the-door and the anticipatory nerves.  You pretty much know what to expect at this point.

What you don’t expect is arriving 5 minutes before your reservation to find a sign on the door of the restaurant reporting that the establishment is closed to to the cleaning of smoke damage by the restoration company whose truck and van were suspiciously the only other vehicles in the parking lot.  This, after a romantic drive,  sharing memories of that first evening spent together and laughing about the first time one of us (guess who) professed our love for the other.  With some of our favorite songs playing in the background.

This news brought about a mix of emotions.  First PD was  po’d that they  had our reservation and should have called and cancelled.  Then I was worried for the new owner’s bad luck.  Then we were both overcome with hunger and realizing that to go back home and start cooking would move dinner to a pretty late time slot.  So we decided to go somewhere else and had some over-priced mediocre crab-stuffed flounder and shared a pecan ball (vanilla ice cream ball covered in pecans drizzled with chocolate syrup and covered in whipped cream.)  We were properly stuffed but not quite satisfied when we left.  The ambience and sentimental quality were definitely lacking.

So we came home and did what we always do after our first date anniversary dinner.   We slow danced to Unchained Melody.  And we laughed through most of it because we couldn’t find a spot in the living room where the floor boards didn’t creak.  A certain poeticism in that, you could say.  If indeed poeticism is a word.


Working on gettting pretty for my PD.  We have 6pm reservations at the restaurant where we went on our first date.   We do that every year on February 17th… Except this year because the restaurant wasn’t open yesterday. .. And a couple of other years when it wasn’t open at all.  Luckily, under new ownership, it’s back in business.  And I’m excited because 18 years is a long time to celebrate a first date 🙂

I made up a playlist of the collection of “our songs” that we’ve accumulated through the years.  But the biggie is the song that played that night.  Try to guess what it is.  I’ll give you a couple of hints.

1)  The name of the band has fruit in it, but I think maybe one of the band members went solo to record the song. Yeah, I’m pretty sure of that.

2)  The name of the song has a body part in it.

Laters 🙂


I think I must have reached some sort of milestone yesterday. Any one who uses iTunes will understand, anyone who does not, won’t…  You know how your Purchased folder lists the songs you’ve purchased in the order that you’ve purchased, latest, first? Well I go on there this morning and now they’re in alphabetical order by artist. I didn’t change anything… It’s a little inconvenient, being that I was used to the other listing. Wish I had put some things in folders before now, it will be difficult. I guess I’ll have to play around with it. Maybe I can opt to have it list by date added or something. Who has time to mess around like this? I have a very strong feeling that someone (LY) will comment with some incredibly obvious detail that I’m overlooking and I’ll have a major internet DUH moment for everyone to witness.
My goal for today is to get a web cam hooked up because I’m missing my kiddos something fierce. My work schedule, JuJu’s, and the uncertainty of the weather for traveling has kept us from visiting since early in January and there is no visit planned in the near future.

Anybody know the band, Veruca Salt? I bought a cd, American Thighs, yesterday at the thrift store. I’d heard of the band and the cd art looked interesting. I haven’t opened it yet, haven’t had time. If they’re not good, tell me now. If it turns out I don’t like it and you do, it’s yours.
I also bought a kitchen trivet there that says “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.” It reminded me of my grandmother who had a wrought iron napkin holder when I was little that said the same thing. It’s the first thing I’d ever memorized and it was before I could read. Good memories…

Holy crap. I just realized that it’s been 2 whole years since I came over to WordPress from Blogger.  Where the hell did that time go?

Yes, of course I’ve noticed that I’m posting more now since I announced that I’d be posting less.  Just goes to show you that I’m a big fat liar my plans are never set in stone and that I’m totally clueless about my life and my intentions.

And in case anyone is wondering, I’m down to 9 cigarettes per day and have been stuck there for what seems like an eternity.  I have not gained a pound and that’s causing me some concern.  My appetite hasn’t increased at all.  If anything, I’m eating less.  Can’t figure that out.

The sweet, romantic movie that PD and I chose to watch in the spirit of Valentines Day last night?  Fight Club.  (Yeah, I know…)  It was as great as it was every other time I’ve watched it.  That has to be in my favorite Top Ten movies of all time.

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”   ~Tyler Durden


I was too tired last night to do much of anything so I snuggled up in bed and turned on the TV when I couldn’t fall asleep.  I started to watch 20/20 and was lying there in tears watching.  It was all about really poor people in the Appalachians who spent what little money they had on drugs to get them through.  It was appalling. Most of their kids were raised on Mountain Dew and their teeth had rotted by the time they were teenagers.

Before I got through the whole show, I had a toothache that had me on the verge of tears, itself, and I was convinced that the reason so many of the people in Appalachia were addicted to Oxycontin was because of the pain they must have endured with toothaches most of their lives.  I think I would have spent my last $120 on some last night…

At any rate, I didn’t get much sleep.  And I have some advice for y’all.  If you ever resort to treating a toothache with Ora gel, keep in mind as you’re slathering it on your tooth and gums, that if you happen to swallow any of it, it numbs your throat and then you can’t go to sleep because you’re afraid you’ll choke to death in your sleep.

So I spent the better part of the morning today at the dentist’s office having some temporary shit dental work done.  Then I spent a couple of hours thrift store shopping just because I could.  Then I came home and ate a sandwich and have spent the entire rest of the day on YouTube and buying music on iTunes.

Now it’s almost 6pm and I have nothing to show for my day.  I think we’ll order pizza for dinner and watch a movie tonight.  Something sweet and romantic in honor of St. Valentine.

Speaking of,  we got some wonderful homemade Valentines  today in the mail from the grandkids.  What a way to put a smile on your face on a dreary February snoozy day. 😀


The Stills –

A very good friend, Mike saw this band in Toronto last week, told me they were pretty good. I agree 100%



I’ve been collecting old family photos and my Aunt Beth was kind enough to bestow this gem (up there) upon me.  I don’t have a date for it but the woman who is “winking” is my Great Aunt Dot.  She was my mom’s dad’s sister.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I touched her up a bit…  She died when I was small but I remember being at her house once.  She was married to a man named William who holds his place in the Family History Archives as The Man Who Struck Out Babe Ruth in his younger years playing in one of those not-quite-professional traveling baseball leagues as a pitcher.    After a little research I’m thinking it was before Babe got discovered, possibly when he was playing for  St. Mary’s Industrial School (circa 1911) in Maryland and before his playing for  the Philadelphia Athletics starting in 1914.  I believe a cousin (Aunt Beth’s son) has custody of “the baseball” involved in the event.

Just thought I’d share that with ya.


We all have to make choices now and then. I’ve decided that since I don’t have a life anymore that I can share with y’all, I can do one of two things. I can abandon my blog (there’s nothing interesting to write!) or I can keep it up and run the risk of either running you all off or putting you all to sleep.
I’ve opted for the second choice and have two things to say to you:
1) Bear with me, reading about the loss of my life is nothing compared to actually having lost it.
2) You’ve been warned so don’t get all droopy-eyed and fall asleep and drool all over my blog.

When I’m done posting this I’m going to dig through my pictures and maybe put up a new banner. Hopefully something bright and cheery to keep you awake.  It’s me and our dog, Shep, when I was about 4 years old.  I still need to make a banner that identifies me as One Wink at a Time.  I’ll do it in my spare time.  Update:  That photo is gone now. I found time to put up another.

Here is what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks (since the episode with my mom, anyway) : I get up every morning at 4:30. I never always hit the snooze. I get up promptly at 4:30 4:45 every single morning. more often than not.  I leave the house at 5:30 after having a cup of coffee and something small and quick to eat, checking mail (usually) and washingfacebrushingteethgettingdressed and all that.  I start work at 6 am and finish at 4:30 pm.  I drive home.  I check mail and have dinner and before I know it, it’s shower time and I try to be in bed by 9 pm.  Sucks.  Weekends are spent cramming in everything that didn’t get done during the week due to time constraints and/or tiredness.  I not only sound like a broken record, I feel like I’m living one.

And to make matters worse, I’m afraid I already told you all this.

Anyway, I went to bed last night before 9:30.  Unheard of on a Friday night.  I don’t think I’ve been in bed at that time on a Friday since I was, like, 9  for crying out loud.

Right now it’s still relatively warm out and I’m going to go for a little walk, check out the stars and maybe find my way to the garage and see what kind of trouble PD is getting into out there.

Don’t you wish you could get back that last five minutes of your life???

Oh yeah, the choice you have to make- Do you want to keep coming here wasting 5 minutes of your life over and over again?