1. I had my tonsils taken out in third grade. I was mad for a week.
  2. I am 5’7″ tall and weigh 125 pounds. Solid muscle. Not.
  3. I have been married twice. The first time for 15 years. This time for 9, so far. (Will be 10 years on June 17)
  4. I have 2 grown-up kids, Michael and Jennifer.
  5. I have worked for the same company for 14 years.
  6. I am a Pisces, and a true one at that.
  7. I tend to lose interest in things frighteningly easily.
  8. I have not been bored in years.
  9. I am not a regular television viewer. Nor irregular, actually. I do make exceptions for Jeopardy, FHV and SNL if the music guest is good.
  10. I tend to have a hard time comprehending things that do not interest me. (ie. sports, mathematics, politics)
  11. I have an Associate Degree in Visual Communications.
  12. Which is fairly worthless considering my line of work. And my income.
  13. I was raised Catholic. I am presently retired from that ordeal.
  14. My birthday is March 14, 19something.
  15. I have one sister and four brothers. All younger than me.
  16. I failed my driver’s test the first time for going too fast in a school zone.
  17. My lucky number is 17.
  18. I have been in love several times.
  19. Teal, on the green side, is my favorite color.
  20. I could not live without music.
  21. I have three grandchildren. Julian, Madeline and Andrew. They are amazing.
  22. I do not have any pets. I do, however, have a stuffed partridge which lives in a Victorian birdcage in my dining room.
  23. I have a collection of teddy bears.
  24. I collect too many things.
  25. I collect old compacts. Not cars, silly. The things that have powder in them.
  26. I collect postcards, hankies, marbles, and other assorted old stuff.
  27. I only have one tattoo. It’s near my right hip. It’s a chameleon. (Get it?)
  28. I have three piercings in my right ear, one in my left.
  29. My father died from cancer in 1998. I miss him.
  30. I once had a dog named Mooch and a cat named Mose.
  31. I drive a 2003 Pearl white Toyota Avalon.
  32. My best friend’s name is Kate.
  33. I don’t use sugar.
  34. I eat very little red meat.
  35. I do not like sushi. I tried numerous times.
  36. I wear glasses and contacts. But not at the same time. I’m blind without one or the other. I wear a close-up lens in my right eye and a far-away lens in my left eye. They work together like bi-focals. It’s called mono-vision or something.
  37. I love to cook.
  38. I detest baking.
  39. It’s hard for me to sit still.
  40. I own too many shoes, purses and coats.
  41. I played the clarinet for a year or so in elementary school.
  42. Bono is someone I greatly admire.
  43. My handwriting changes frequently.
  44. I must have my toilet tissue positioned so the end is under the roll.
  45. I cannot sleep in flannel pajamas.
  46. I drive with both feet. Brake, left. Gas, right.
  47. I love the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle.
  48. I’m not good at riddles. Maybe because I hate them.
  49. I have a terrible singing voice. My mother agrees.
  50. I don’t like numbers but especially not odd numbers.
  51. I am hopelessly addicted to cigarettes and blogging.
  52. Although at present time I am more addicted to cigarettes than blogging. That fluctuates according to my mood state of mind.
  53. I like to make up words and I do it oftenly.
  54. I usually am reading several books at one time. Which is why it takes me so long to finish a book.
  55. I pray alot. But I also offer thanks on a regular basis.
  56. I love to wrap presents. With real paper, real tape and real ribbon.
  57. When God was passing out common sense, I thought he said “incontinence.” I said “No, thanks.”
  58. I have a ridiculous number of cds. I need to count them one day.
  59. I also have a high number of songs in my iTunes. Why don’t they count them for me?
  60. Coffee is my favorite flavor of ice cream and yogurt.
  61. I could eat seafood all day, every day.
  62. Coors Light gives me a wicked headache.
  63. I have lived in only two states. Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
  64. I have very vivid memories of living in WV. I was only 3 or 4 years old.
  65. I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night.
  66. My intentions are good 99.9% of the time. Despite how it may seem.
  67. I think a receding hairline on a man is sexy. And a manicure as well.
  68. I don’t dye my hair.
  69. < That is the sign for Pisces.
  70. My favorite cake flavor is chocolate. With peanut butter icing.
  71. Cherry may be my favorite kind of pie. But I also like pecan.
  72. I love Brussell sprouts and turtle soup. And sardines.
  73. I do not care for salmon cakes, anchovies or peaches from a can.
  74. You could not pay me to eat limburger cheese. Spellcheck says I’m spelling that wrong but I hate it so much, I don’t care.
  75. I sleep with way too many pillows.
  76. I can recite most of the dialogue from The Breakfast Club.
  77. I am a chronic list-maker. They are usually not this lengthy.
  78. I love to entertain. Guests. In my home.
  79. I have never watched Lost, American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. I will survive.
  80. While I am happy to be female, I would love to see what it feels like to be a man for awhile.
  81. Barbie was my favorite toy as a child.
  82. I lost interest in this list quite awhile ago.
  83. Unfinished projects leave me feeling anxious and unfulfilled.
  84. Self-control is something I severely lack.
  85. I once won a dance contest.
  86. I’m terrified of Karaoke.
  87. I would like to publish a novel one day. Or write a book. That’s what I meant.
  88. I can write backwards and upside down (simultaneously) in cursive.
  89. I can cross one eye. Either eye.
  90. But I can’t do a cartwheel.
  91. My sarcasm has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion.
  92. I have a hard time learning from my mistakes.
  93. I am a morning person and a night person. The earlier the better and the later, the better. Sometimes they are the same thing.
  94. Sometimes I am torn between having a good time and acting like a lady.
  95. I love to fall asleep listening to rain on the roof.
  96. I spend too much time contemplating “what might have been.”
  97. Given the chance to live my life over (knowing what I know now) I would kick some serious ass.
  98. I want to visit Paris one day. I would like to learn French first.
  99. I like hiccups. Unless I’m trying to eat.
  100. I don’t believe you read all these things.

18 responses to “100 THINGS

  1. I did read all of these. The first 52 yesterday and today I noticed you added, so I finished! Believe it sister!

  2. I drive with two feet also. But I brake with my right and accelerate with my left.

  3. Natalie: That’s a hoot, because… I had the 52 up for a little while and decided, wth, might as well make it an even 100. I think that’s the second or third time now that you’ve “caught” me in the act of changing something or other on my blog. You’re amazing.

    Hazel: LMAO ~ You made me pee my pants just a little. Which was no small “feet,” with my ass laughed off and all… (pun intended)

  4. Not so amazing…..I just have nothing better to do than blog patrol!! LOL!

  5. I read the entire list. I like things like this. In fact, I like lists like this so much that I actually have two of them on my blog. Not to mention several smaller lists of other little known facts about me.
    I like the bit about being able to cross one eye. I can make one of mine roll back into my head. It’s really freaky.

  6. M+: I’ve read yours, they’re very interesting. You’re kidding about the eye, right? Freaky fer shure!
    Can we call you One Roll at a Time??? (no, I didn’t really say that…)

  7. This is a great list and I’m glad you finished it. However, I’m saddened that you don’t like sushi/sashimi! What about Wine?

    I can match you on “The Breakfast Club” πŸ™‚

  8. Hey, K: I’m thrilled that you came over! I really tried to like the sushi and was surprised and disappointed when I didn’t. I like most things that most people don’t; snails, turtle, snake, shark, a zillion things- including brussel sprouts and liver. In fact I kept forcing myself, trying different kinds. Still, no. But wine? I loves me lots and lots of wine πŸ™‚

    Breakfast Club… what a delightful thing to have in common. What’s your favorite part?
    I’m almost as good on Benny and Joon…

  9. How can you not like the part where each of the kids defines the stereotypes of a generation? I also like the part where Bender is under Molly Ringwalds desk πŸ™‚

    No brussel sprouts or liver for this guy. Even though I’m currently hooked on Anthony Bourdains “No Reservations”, I’ve yet to develop a likeing for non-muscular related organs.

  10. It’s hard to think of 100 Things, I tried for my blog when I first started it and gave up. So I just did a “About Me, useless information” page. I am in the process of completing my 100 Things. I keep re-reading the list and will probably never publish it, since 75% are food related. The 3 people that read my blog will think I’m a 400 pound woman, confined to her bed, who has hired a “helper” to wash her ass and bring her french fries and chocolate cake, oh, and wings and a cold beer, and some chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie, oh and…

  11. Bailey: I just read your About Me. We are more alike than you thought, even! Please keep working on your 100 Things, I’d like to read it. I could easily have written more about food… Food is in my Top 5 Favorite Things in Life! Speaking from my own personal experience, you might want to get over that before you get to be my age, it catches up to you!

  12. I read those all, my head hurts. I feel ya on the sarcasm.

  13. Bu: What possessed you? Are you bored or something? I saw Brock today, I think he got a haircut. I heard someone saying he needed to pass out cigars. Did he get a puppy or something?

  14. Did we never say, white cars are… hideous.

    Anyways, although I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a while – my miraculous return has prompted me to drop by. Hope all is well, and the physical things are still perking up. Since you know more people than me, tell them about my site and let them know that they can also buy some cheap tat over on – http://www.cafepress.com/logicyellow

    I’ve forgotten those other nicknames you dawned on me, but Simba stuck.


  15. LY: Sorry, but my white car, while it may have not been my choice of color, was a gift from someone near and very dear to me. Besides, it’s Pearl.
    While normally I would gladly pimp your site, do you not think I learned a hard lesson the last time I chose to do that? If I recall I even made the 2007 Bad Surprises List on AMS…Top Ten, no less.
    I checked out your site and it is awesome and easy to see that you put so much of your talent and hard work into it. I will visit frequently. Please understand if I don’t comment. I will add you to my blogroll if you’d like…
    Was great to hear from you, Simba. I missed you somethin’ fierce. Feel free to mail or IM me.

  16. Wow, this list was actually pretty fun to read. I never thought I would make it through it, but was intrigued enough to keep reading them one after the next. I too don’t watch TV often, but like a few shows. I thought it was funny how you said You like to cook but detest baking. LOL.

  17. Adam: Hi! Nice to see you here. There really is a difference…

  18. Interesting. I’m with you on cherry & pecan pies. Also the cooking and baking dichotomy. I couldn’t make a list of more than five things about me, and I’m already bored thinking about me.

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