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You may have heard about PD’s little buddy, Broken Foot here or on my facebook page.

Early this past summer he called me outside to see a bunny in our backyard.  There I saw this little guy.  He had some trouble hopping and we decided that his right back paw had been broken at some time and never healed correctly. It’s not obvious in this photo but he also had part of his left ear missing.  Such a lot of turmoil he must have endured in his short little life.

Over the course of the summer, PD would throw carrots to him from a safe distance and we would watch him nibble them.  After a couple of weeks, he would show up several times during the day.  PD began keeping carrots in a plastic container just for the bunny and would shake them when he would go outside and after a time, the bunny would come close to the house for his daily treats.  PD started to call him Broken Foot.  As time went on, Broken Foot would come closer and closer until we could sit at our picnic table and he would merrily chomp down his treats a few feet away,  not afraid at all.

Neighborhood cats made us nervous a lot of the time.  There were two that we’d see now and then and were never sure if they were strays or if they belonged to someone.  A certain black one would show up at night and when we would see Broken Foot the next day we would feel relief, knowing that he had avoided a tangle with the cat.

Then one day another bunny showed up in our yard. Shortly after it became commonplace to see this bunny and Broken Foot playing together.  We decided it was a she and that she was BF’s girlfriend.  She was not as fearless and never came so close for carrots.

Nature being what it is,  a short time passed and PD called me out one day to show me a little nest covered with grass and bunny fur with five teeny tiny bunnies nestled inside.  PD had very nearly run over it with the lawn mower.  We were both excited for the Foot family and looked forward to watching them grow.  And we felt honored that they chose the relative safety of our yard to raise a family.

Sadly, the next day PD buried what was left of the babies after a cat had found the nest.  We grieved for Broken Foot and his Lady.

Time went on and Broken Foot grew to the size you see here.

Then late in October, Broken Foot didn’t show up and for two weeks, PD and I nervously watched along the road in front of our house expecting to see a little brown mound, figuring that he’d maybe run in front of a passing car.  We would see the Lady from time to time but she would be alone.

Then one cold snowy night, PD was looking out the back door and I was busy. I heard him rustling around and then I heard the door close.  I went to investigate and I found PD in the yard, with carrots welcoming Broken Foot back.  There was pure joy in his voice and I could tell how happy he was to see him.

BF took up residence first under the utility shed in the back yard.  PD would make sure the entrance to his hole was clear of snow and ice.  Lately with the cold, cold temperatures, he’s been living under our back porch.

Today when I came home from work, PD greeted me with the sad news that he’d found Broken Foot’s broken little body under our porch when he was putting a sled away that we’d decorated for Christmas with a wreath and bow.  He said it was obvious that he’d tangled with a cat, finally.  And lost.  He buried him in a special place.

You were a tough little bunny and you found a place in our hearts.  I hope there are no kitties where you are now.  XO




So here I sit, slightly dizzy and trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is July 31, 2010.  The Summer is roughly two-thirds behind us and that just boggles my mind.  I plodded and scraped and shivered through a taxing Winter with it firmly planted in my mind that if I could just survive it there would be a glorious Summer full of fun and sun waiting for me as my reward.

Summer finally arrived and it’s slipping through my fingers like mercury.

We’ve just (barely) survived a couple weeks of sweltering humidity on top of 80-90 degree temperatures that demanded, pretty much, staying inside taking advantage of the AC and constantly whirring fans which totally get on my last nerve. I detest them.  Now today, finally, it seems the humidity has left us and I was actually able to sit comfortably on my porch and enjoy my morning coffee with the birds and flowers.  That is one of my Life’s Favorite Pastimes.

So, God willing, here is how I’m hoping to spend what’s left of my precious Summer~

Next weekend I plan to travel back to my hometown to spend the weekend with my BFF Kate, who’s been my BFF since the first grade. The County Fair will be going on and we will OD ourselves on it as we have together, more years than not since we became BFFs.  Added bonus~ late-night catching up on what’s new with each other and reliving great memories.  Kate can make me laugh like nobody else and there are always tears and sore laugh muscles involved.  Yes, I am looking forward to that like crazy.

Later this month brings our Family Reunion. Not your normal reunion. I think you have to have a normal family in order to have a normal reunion… ; ) But we camp at our family park at my father’s homestead and it lasts for three days for some of us.  And we have such a hella good time that 3 days is usually not enough.  Yeah, I have some truly great relatives.  We have made some awesome memories over the years.  I cherish those times when so many of the people I love so very much are all in one place.

Next month my Godson is getting married. It promises to be a wonderful celebration with family and friends. The added bonus is that it will be something to look forward to instead of mourning the end of the Summer for me.

I found out yesterday that one of my favorite bands of all time, Yeasayer, will be in concert the end of September near me.  I will be able to check off an item on my Bucket List if I can go, and I intend to.

So, being that the first couple months of the Summer have flown by, filled up with a bunch of crap that I’m not even going to go into here, I’m hell-bent on spending what’s left with some fun stuff to make up for the other. Maybe somehow Time will magically slow down and this dizzy feeling will go away.


I did.  And more about that later.  But right now I’m in the mood to convert some fans.  “Oh no,” you’re saying, “Linda’s on one of her recruiting binges…”

Yeah, well, that’s my prerogative and if you don’t wanna play along, you don’t haf’ta. But when this guy (and band) gets all rich and famous one day, you’ll say, “Linda said he/they would.”  And I believe that he/they will.  Just like I told you about Airborne Toxic Event.  Well, they’re getting there.

You see, I forget what day Dave Parnell of Runaway Dorothy started his endeavor exactly but he’s given himself nine weeks to become a Rock Star.  You can read all about his aspirations here. I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t recall where I heard Runaway Dorothy for the first time.  That’s one of the downsides to listening to the volume of music that I’m accustomed to.   Just like Airborne Toxic Event.  I wish to hell I could remember the first time I heard Sometime Around Midnight. (Notice the  432,192 views of their vid!)

The really cool thing about Runaway Dorothy is that they are SO good that they made me listen to music that’s not even my style.  It doesn’t fit a category (in my opinion) and I tend toward that kind of music and make my own category but I’m having to dig deep to find one for these guys.  Dave Parnell, the future rock star that I have a huge, but manageable crush on (Surprise Dave!  I bet you couldn’t tell…) describes their sound best when he says they, and I quote, “Sound like a blend of coldplay, bob and jakob dylan.”  You can hear their music here. I especially love Abilene and Chases and Caulfield.

I am the lucky owner of their cd The Arc (which is autographed as you can see in the second photo) as well as an awesome Tshirt (ditto that.)  I can hardly wait for summer to come because I can’t think of a better way to spend a warm night sitting on my swing listening to their music and wearin’ mah shirt.


Now, as soon as Dave gets back to me with permission to post this, I’ll put it up.

And if he doesn’t, I’m gonna anyway cause he’s not my boss.  *wink wink* Unless of course I’ve talked him into letting me be a paid groupie roadie by now.


I came here with the intention of writing an angsty and over-due work rant but I figured, Crap. Why even get into it?  Nobody wants to hear me being cranky and going on about stupid shit that I can’t do anything about.  And yeah, it feels good to get it out but it doesn’t accomplish anything.  I’ll be positive instead.  I have no idea what I’ll write about but that never stopped me before.

Just one thing, today was my last day of working reduced hours (9-hour days) under a doctor’s supervision.  And the last day that I can (with a clear conscience) park in the reserved spaces in the parking lot at work.  So I’ll be partying like mad until 8pm when I should probly go to bed so that I can get up at… Oh wait, no ranting!

I am totally baffled at the fact that tomorrow puts us into September.  I’m trying to be positive and I love September but I miss June and July and August something fierce. But I love to smell the crisp fresh Fall air  and seeing the Autumn skies which take my breath away this time of year.

I always get thoughtful and introspective this time of year, too.  I’ll think back over times past and look forward to slowing down a bit- that is until the holiday rush starts and then there are other things to look forward to.  But Fall is special.  Sometimes it feels good to put warm, fuzzy socks on and a sweatshirt and jeans.  To quit worrying about your tan fading.  I will find myself more than once curled up on my porch swing with a blanket and a cup of hot coffee.  It’s nice to actually sit in the house at night with the lights on, too,  something that we rarely do all Summer.

I’m consciously blocking out a lot of things like having to crawl out of a nice warm bed, to have to warm the car up in the morning, to pay high gas bills, to step out of the shower and dry off your goosebumps and even worse… to scrape ice off your windshield, to have to wear hats that flatten your hair…  Oh wait, I didn’t just write all that.

Fall food is good too.  Pumpkin.  Chili.  Homemade vegetable soup.  All that good hot stuff that you didn’t cook all Summer to keep from overheating the kitchen.

Ok.  This is all the positive you’re going to get from me today.   I’m all happied out.  It’s Monday, what did you expect?

Have a good one.


As you know, I’ve been trying to get a decent picture of my little furry friend in the backyard.  PD would argue that the little guy is HIS friend, being that he’s been teaching him tricks, giving him treats and potty-training him while I’m at work.  Isn’t he cute?




I must say and I’m even going to brag that I’m getting way better at posting photos.  Huh, Mark?  I mean, Baron. 😉

PD says the bunny is getting too tame.  He sat for about 15 photos and didn’t seem bothered by me at all.  I hope no kitty cats in the neighborhood get any ideas.

I was very happy to find myself taking pictures of a bunny instead of cowering in the basement, it seemed for awhile that we were in for a heckuva storm.  I saw a streak of lightning on my way home from work that would rival anything Spielberg coulda’ cranked out.  And besides, I’m home alone.  Because…

PD and Michael, the son, went to meet JuJu to kidnap the grandson, Julian!!! Yippee!  I’m going to ask him (Julian) if he’d like to guest post while he’s staying with us.  No, I’m not trying to cheat NaBloPoMo, I just think it would be fun.  I can’t wait to spoil see him 🙂

Ok, I’m going to go take a nap until the boyz get here.  PD wouldn’t let me go with them because I need my beauty rest. to get some sleep so I can get up for work in the morning.  If you read my rant, it will all make sense.


What would you say exactly to a person in your neighborhood who insists on burning garbage about twice a week in the evenings when it’s nice to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air?

Plastic is meant to be recycled.  I do not enjoy smelling it being burned.   I don’t know how someone can not care about smelling up an entire neighborhood.  I’m guessing that it stinks pretty bad in their own yard.  Can’t they understand that air moves around?  Wood smells good burning.  Paper doesn’t bother me.  But that sickening smell of plastic and whatever else is just plain inconsiderate.

It was 8:30 last night and  I was looking forward to going to bed and sleeping by my open window and smelling the sweet night air and awakening to the sound of birds this morning.  I didn’t want my whole house to reek so I had to go around to every single window in my house;  in the basement, on the first floor and then upstairs and close each one.  Sure, a couple of hours later the smell would be gone, but I’m not about to get out of bed at night and go around and open all the windows just because someone in my hood is a jerk.  So instead I slept in a stuffy room and wished I lived out in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  How do YOU deal with people like this?  I’m thinking if they’re that inconsiderate in the first place, there probly is no reasoning with them.


Finding myself with some wonderful free time this morning, I decided a pedicure might be in order.  I’m seeing the doctor about my foot later in the week and would like to have presentable toes this time.  If you recall, last time I only had polish on one foot.  Yeah, classy, huh.  Anyway, I happened to notice on my bottle of nail polish remover, a little red logo proclaiming “Contains Bitrex” and underneath it says “Ingestion Deterrent.”  Well, I’m thinking a coupla’ things, not the least of which is why in the HELL would you need to ADD anything to a bottle of acetone-based  pungent chemicals that are strong enough to dissolve hardened lacquer to keep someone from drinking the stuff??? And the other thing I’m  thinking is how damn bad must Bitrex taste to make nail polish remover taste even WORSE???

I’ll let you ponder that for a moment while I’m enjoying listening to PD bust a gut, laughing at a bird…

Last night after the Penguins game, (which I kind of watched actually even- mostly because I didn’t want to feel left out and because my beloved neighbor, Crazy Harold went to all the trouble to carry his TV out onto his patio because it was a beautiful evening and all the neighbors were all hyped up for the game.) we had a fire and cooked out and sat around and laughed until the wee hours of the morning.  When we do this, more often than not, the embers from the fire are still quite hot the following morning, which would be today.  Just now, as PD and I were enjoying our coffees on the porch and I was over at Mark’s reading and commenting, PD started howling and sputtering coffee all over creation.  When he calmed down enough to speak intelligibly, he said that a bird had evidently had his eye on a tasty-looking morsel and had lit on the white ash pile, only to immediately do a sprawling back flip, not once but twice, and high-tail it out of there in a major rush. (Okay, those were my words, not his, but that’s what he meant to say…) It must have looked like a scene out of a cartoon, only the bird wasn’t screaming and his eyes weren’t bugging out amidst a cloud of feathers and smoke.  But it was worth a good laugh, mostly for PD but his laugh was contagious so I got a good second-hand laugh myself.

I’m sure it was funnier yet to him in light of the fact that he was totally irritated on a quiet Sunday morning, (earlier today) having to dismantle our downspouting on the back corner of the house to free a trapped starling that’s been terrorizing him all week.  (You remember awhile back when PD had that vendetta against the squirrel who took up residence in the walls of our house?  For weeks he was a madman, hellbent and bleary-eyed on capturing that varmint who woke him up all hours of the night, scratching and scrambling and gawd-knows-what-else inside the bedroom wall, a few feet from PD’s sleeping head. I still have images of him, in true Elmer Fudd-form, crouched with a BB gun, waiting for the squirrel to emerge from his mystery entrance/exit in and out of our attic…) The damn starlings had built a nest in the eaves above the bedroom window and once again, PD has had to endure chirping and rustling noises interrupting his slumber.  I’m sure it seems to him that the forces of nature are (once again) conspiring against him and his need for shut-eye.  Last night when we discovered the bird in the spouting, he hauled out the garden hose and was trying to drown flush out the bird by aiming the hose at the top of the gutter, hoping it would encourage the bird to I-don’t-know-what, I was kind of busy trying to enjoy myself.

I’m not sure if I’ve completed the story or not, this post has gotten ahead of me.  Let me know if I’ve left out any important details needed to make this all make sense.

May you all have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and be sure to take some time to remember all those who have given the ultimate gift so that you and I can enjoy our freedom.

(Note: Certain aspects of this post have been “embellished” for effect.  My husband is neither psychotic nor homicidal.  Nor does he wish to have animal/fowl activists protesting and camped out on our front lawn.)

LITTLE MR. BUNNY (and the rainbows)


This little guy has taken up residence under our back porch.  Twice now I’ve attempted to photograph him nibbling on the blossoms on my Bleeding Heart bush.  Both times he’s gotten spooked and took refuge under the porch.  I’ll keep trying because it’s so cute… the way he sits up on his hind feet and latches on to a blossom and yanks his head back and forth until he pulls it free from the bush.  I hope it’s ok for him to eat them.

This morning I woke up to Mr. Moon blatantly glaring through the window into my bedroom.  It was so bright, at first I thought it was the sun and I’d overslept.  Was kinda nice waking up bathed in moonlight like that.

It’s a beautiful day here.  A little cool but the sun is shining bright and the sky is blue dotted with fluffy white clouds.

I hung a couple of crystals on a plant hanger on my back porch.  This time of day the sun is behind the house and shines on the crystals.  Sometimes they shine through the windows and there are miniature rainbows dancing on my dining room walls.  It’s so cool, I wish you could see it.  Oh wait, you can.  One of them, anyway.  It’s the only one I could catch that wasn’t moving.  The picture doesn’t do the colors justice, they are very vivid and bright.  So use your imagination.



Today I’m going to scrub down my back porch and outdoor furniture.  I can’t wait to enjoy weekend morning coffee out there and an occasional evening before bed.  Although I saw that the extended weather forecast for the coming week includes the possibility for snow on three consecutive days, in the event that next weekend should be nice also, I want to be ready.

Next weekend we have plans to visit the Juju Clan to celebrate Juju’s birthday and Maddie’s as well.  Little Maddie will be four years old and I’m still pinching myself in an effort to accept that as reality.  She was just born a couple weeks ago, it seems.  I’ll post pictures of our visit/celebration.

I’m thinking of joining the Twitter brigade.  (No, Ashton had nothing to do with it.)  I’m always late to the table, that’s no big newsflash.  But being that I seem to struggle to find time for posting these days, I think it might be a more reasonable way for me to stay connected.  At least to those of you who tweet.  Later today I will get signed on and I see on my WordPress page that you can put your Twitter on your blog.  So maybe it will show up in my sidebar in the next day or so and I can commence to recruit some sort of following.

Anything interesting happen this past week?  Not really.  Had some family health drama that turned out less serious than originally thought, so I’m grateful for that.  PD has started work on enclosing our front porch.  His “help” is here now and I’m enjoying the sounds of the bandsaw and all that.  Going shawpin’ tomorrow for the Birthday Girls with my mom in the rain, most likely.  Other than that, nada.

I’ve been listening to this and loving it:

K, I’m outta here.  Have a terrific weekend 🙂


This is the weekend that I’m trying to finish my Spring cleaning.  Yesterday I got all my summer clothes packed up to go to the attic.  Forget that about half of what I packed, I never even wore this summer.  I should have taken the time to try things on and make a “get rid of” box, but who has time for that.  I’ll do it next year…  I have so many things on that list that I’ll never get through the year.

I’m slowly replacing all my wire coat hangers with the plastic tubular ones.  The wire ones are in a huge pile in the garage, being given to a friend’s father who’s retired and supplements his income by selling metal to scrap yards.  We’re amassing a nice collection for the dude…

I don’t often watch the news, usually only what is necessary to sit through in order to see the weather report before work in the morning.  But I have to tell you, it’s getting harder and harder to stomach what’s on there.  I think of all the people who watch morning and night and read the newspapers and I’m not surprised at the high rate of depression in people these days.  It’s hard to replace all that negativity with positive thoughts.

My grandson, Julian, who’s 8 years old has started a blog.  It’s so awesome!  I can’t share it with you because for obvious reasons, it’s password protected, but I just wanted to share that with you.  And according to JuJu, he’s just as addicted to blogging as all of us are.  (I wonder if he’ll get kid-oriented spam, like from toy companies and junk food stuff.)

Have you seen the new format of Rolling Stone magazine?  No more of those over-sized issues that never fit in my tote bag.  I like the new size.  Now if I could only find the time to read an entire issue…  The new issue has an article about TV on the Radio that I’m anxious to read.

I think we had our last warm day of the year yesterday.  It was nice and balmy here, although a little gloomy with not much sun.  But there are still brightly-colored leaves on some of our trees, so it didn’t seem so dismal.  I will miss them when they’re gone.  I already miss my backporch time.

I’m down to 9 cigarettes a day.  I should have been on 8 this week but I had a really hard time with that, so PD granted me a little reprieve.  Tomorrow my “ration” will go back down to 8 and I’m hoping I’ll do better this time.  I still haven’t put any extra weight on and am hoping that doesn’t change.

Speaking of, go over to Hazel’s and read her good news.

I’ve noticed lately that there are two words that I absolutely cannot type correctly the first time.  One is “hotmail” and the other is “because.”  Invariably, I type “hotamil” and “becuase.”  Over and over and over agian.  It drives me nuts.  Uh oh, there is another one!   What is happening to my brain?  My eye-hand coordination seems to be deteriorating!  Do any of you have this problem?

Okay, I have a list to tackle again today.  Maybe one of these days I’ll find some downtime.  Till then, Ta Ta.