Hi Kids.  Haven’t been on here much, am having some aggravating computer issues.  I come on and within 5 minutes I’m fed up.  I’m not one to seek out a nervous breakdown.  It will happens when it happens, I’m not going to invite one.

Hey, have you been over to see JuJubee?  Her blog was mentioned in their newspaper in Buffalo.  That’s pretty cool if you ask me.  Little Ju went with Mr. JuJu recently to see the Stanley Cup on display in the custody of Mr. Ju’s cousin who plays for the Anaheim Ducks.  That’s cool too, even if you don’t follow hockey.  PD is anxious to receive his autographed photo.  I decided I want this job.  How cool would that be???

I had a mind-blower surprise last Sunday.  One of my best friends of all time was on his way from Eastern PA to Denver and stopped to see if I was still alive.  His name is Matthew and he’s one of the coolest people I know.  I’ve known him since he was about 12 years old.  He lived nearby and was our newspaper delivery person.  Paper boy, they were called back then.  I haven’t seen him for just about 10 years and that was way too long.  He has lived all over the place and makes his living as an actor who teaches acting also at a college  in the eastern part of the state.  I was planning to share his portfolio pic complete with personalized message and autograph.  Where is it you say?  And my standard answer, as you well know, Hell If I Know.  But when I find it, I’ll be sure to share.  He’s got one of those great faces.  And handsome as heck.

Anyway, we spent a few hours catching up on each other’s news and discussing people and issues.  He’s a great conversationalist.  As always, we picked up right where we left off.  That’s one of the sweet things in life, ain’t it?  I wish he could have spent a couple of days but we were leaving for Buffalo and he had a flight to catch.  Hopefully, he’ll read here and comment and you can meet him. 

Welcome back, Kate.  Missed you.  Talk soon. 🙂  Incidentally, Kate and I are going to see this guy next month.  Should be fun!

18 responses to “AWEDS & ENZ

  1. Meatloaf…

    F. Enough said.

  2. It’s not actually our newspaper…it’s more of a cultural guide that comes out bi-monthly and I’m only mentioned because a fellow writer at The Peevery is a contributor. Kinda different than getting a mention in our newspaper, but still fun.

  3. BD, as usual, I’m left struggling to decipher your crypticism…
    It’s obvious that your simple sentiment is the F-word. But should I interpret it as:
    a) F—ing Hey, b) F—, that’s lame, c) F—, you’re jealous, or d) Something else entirely?
    Thank you for a much-needed dose of morning brain exercise. 😉

    Ju, thanks for the clarification. I remember you telling me this now. Apologies AND kudos. xo

  4. Make sure to wear something waterproof if you are up front. Man that dude can sweat!

  5. Jeff, I wasn’t exactly planning to look at him. But thanks for the advice.

  6. …I wasn’t exactly planning to look at him. But thanks for the advice.

    That was funny.

    F. as in I am not a fan of the Meat Loaf.

  7. BD, I sense some sort of a break-through here in our communications. I’m not being smart, I’m thrilled.

  8. if you get that job, be sure and tell them you need an assistant b/c i could totally do that job too 🙂

    i lurve seeing people from the past that i liked. i have ducked some people though out of embarrassment on my part. hee.

  9. p.s. meatloaf is cool. i can sing almost all his songs by heart. and, you know he was in the “rocky horror picture show” don’t you? of course you do, you are cool like that.

  10. Piglet, I have a feeling that you and I could take “viewing the cup” to a whole new level of interesting. lol
    And Meatloaf, I’ve always loved his music but not cared much for his persona. I did know about RHPS. Did you know that he was classically trained? Sure you did.

  11. Trained by monkeys? Everyone knows that whenever he sings a duet…

  12. BD, when are you gonna tell me what that gadget is?

  13. Do I know this Matthew that you speak of?

  14. Hazel, yes, you do. It’s Karl. He goes by his middle name now and his original family surname. I wish I could have gotten his picture up so you can see him now.

  15. Hazel, I’ll put a pic up soon…

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