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I was prompted by our friend, Michael, to put a post up in honor of the Christmas Holiday that most of us will be celebrating.  Of course I had planned to get this up sooner or later… Being that today is Christmas Eve, I would have gotten to it sometime today. But thanks, Michael.
I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to remind you of The Reason for the Season.  Let us remember that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I love to picture that Beautiful Little Baby nestled in the manger.


I thought they were called Suicide Bunnies but it seems I was mistaken.  They are Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley and they are hilarious.  It’s sick as heck when you really think about it but these bunnies are not only determined to cross over, they are total geniuses when it comes to finding a a gazillion different ways.

I came across some of the comics quite awhile ago and I may have mentioned them here.  It was hard to find anyone else who’d heard of them.  And yeah, they looked at me kind of funny when I would say how hilarious it is to watch innocent, cute little bunnies trying to off themselves.

So yesterday when I was Christmas shopping I saw that they have a calendar out.  I would have bought it for someone or myself but it seemed kind of pricey for only twelve scenarios.  (Yes, I am cheap, but you knew that already.)  Now if it had been a daily desk calendar, I’d have paid more for it and I’d be wrapping a few of them for the crazy people I know.  And I’d have to have one myself.  Here is one of my favorites:

Check them out if you haven’t.  Judging by the collective sense of humor of (most of) my readership, I feel safe in saying that you’ll laugh pretty good. I couldn’t find a link that wasn’t to someone’s  blog,  and this was the best one I found, so I must give credit to Mr. Jimmy Ruska for his compilation, here.


No, I’m not at all happy with the new look of my blog.  I know what I wanted it to look like and I thought it would look better than this.  But I don’t have time to put it back.   It’s kind of like when you’re on your way out the door and you look down and your socks don’t match.  In the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter anyway, now does it?


Late in November I had a bunch of vacation days to use.  But due to some unforeseen circumstances in the past few weeks, I’ve had to rearrange things and I won’t be having all sorts of days off after all.

I had big plans for those blocks of time off.  Baking cookies, doing cards, decorating, shopping and wrapping.  Unrushed and uninterrupted.  I was feeling all on top of the whole business and looking forward to an easy and unstressed holiday.  I had convinced myself that this would be the best Christmas ever, simply because I would be prepared.  And I hadn’t expected the Juju’s until after the New Year.  That changed and I was even more convinced that everything would be perfect.  Then I looked at my calendar and the scratched off days that had been labeled in big red letters, proclaiming OFF.  The panic started seeping in…

We have no tree up and no indoor decorations.  The living room remodeling is taking longer than planned, mostly because PD is having some rough days and because other things have come up.  And I’m working long hours. (Although this past week we got a short reprieve from the OT.)  So until we can at least put the furniture where it belongs, we shall remain treeless.

I realize this isn’t the least bit entertaining for you.  I apologize for that.  This post is mostly for me, to get some thoughts out of my head.  Which is why I started blogging in the first place.  So bear with me.

Anyway.  I took my mom shopping today and I accomplished so much on my list.  I feel way less stressed about it and I will probly sleep better tonight.

I like to get the frivolities out of the way so when the big day comes I can concentrate on the real reason for the celebration.  I feel like I have a shot at actually pulling that off.  *Sigh*

I should be concentrating on the fact that I got my mom home safely today.  On the way back from the mall, we decided to stop at a restaurant for “nourishment.”  She had cappuccino and peach pie.  I had coffee and a Belgian waffle with whipped creme, strawberries and ice cream.  When we came out, I pulled back out onto the road and it was pure ice.  Of the black variety that I’ve often heard of but never actually experienced.  It took a very long time to get home and there were vehicles all over pulled off to the sides of the road.  All the coaching that PD has been drumming into my head over the years seems to have paid off.  I was quite relieved when I pulled into my driveway.

Looking forward to a long winter’s nap tonight.  You betcha’.


Not that anyone was expecting me to post or anything but I actually did have plans to post the rest of the week.  You see, we got so far ahead at work (hard to believe, I know) that I am temporarily off overtime hours.  For the rest of the week, as it stands now.

And one of the first things I thought of doing with those two plus extra hours a day, was actually sitting down here and pretending it was like old times.

But then something came up and this will probly be all you’re gonna get.

My mom called me this afternoon to share the sad news that her sister, my aunt, had died this morning.  As accustomed as I have become the past several months to hearing bad news, I was not prepared at all for this.

My mom has two sisters and as they have aged, I’ve gotten in the habit of thinking of them as The Golden Girls.  While none of the three particularly resemble Rose or Blanche or Dorothy, their collective personalities are as entertaining and delightful.  I have not been in the same room with the three of them for years but the memories I have of them together are precious to me.   There was never a dull moment or a lapse in laughter when they were together.

One of these days I will post a picture of them and a story or two to go with it.

PD and I will be driving back to my hometown on Thursday to pay our respects and share some necessary Family love.  I need to put my time in at work tomorrow and then finish packing for Thursday.  See ya later, ‘gators.

Prayers appreciated for my uncle, my cousin, the grand daughters, my mom and my other aunt.  Thank you.