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Looky what I found…
Russell Crowe singing One Good Year at the 2006 CMAA Awards. I’d heard he could sing and had a band (The Ordinary Fear of God.) I was pleasantly surprised. It’s from the movie One Good Year, which I have not seen.

Incidentally, You Tube loves me again.  This import took less than 5 minutes.


If you are a friend of the Earth, go here.  Do your part 🙂

On an unrelated note, I’ve been thinking about this lately… If you had to categorize people into two groups, how would you do it?  I think our answers will tell us a lot about how we view the world.  I’m not giving my answer yet and I’ll ask you to try not to read the other comments so that you’re not influenced by other people’s answers.  I’ll wait until “the Regulars” have responded and maybe we can get an interesting discussion going.  If you’re a lurker, I’m interested in what you have to say too.

Have a good weekend.  We have sunshine today 🙂


stereophonics – dakota

So this morning I come on and there’s two of these here… I think You Tube is trying to make up with me after that no-show.


Well, isn’t this just a fine How-dee-doo. I guess you are going to have to exercise your index fingers and go here to watch the video for my favorite song of the week. It seems You Tube is now part of the conspiracy to drive me nutz. Let me know how you like the song. The vid is just ok and the sound quality sucks but it’s a great song. I cranked it today on the way home from work with the sun roof open and the sun shining in. Good time.

I had a truly great Easter weekend with the JuJu Fambly. They came Thursday evening. The kids have grown like crazy since Christmas. Yes, we kept them up too late, what did you think? 😉 At one point during the weekend, Maddie, aged two, confessed that she didn’t “yike ham anymore.” Julian (8 years) kept himself busy “riding” the new swivel chair and creating a cold draft in the livingroom. Drew (16 mos.) is just plain too cute and loves to dance with me. Ju gave me a great skincare consultation and Mr. Ju and I regularly fell asleep each time we found ourselves on the new cushy comfy couch.

Our new furniture arrived bright and early Friday morning at 8am. Of course we hadn’t gotten the old furniture moved out yet (who expects furniture movers to be so punctual?) so it was wall to wall furniture; the equivalent of three couches and two large chairs. The new couch has 13 big cushions and 4 pillows. The chair came with 2 big cushions and one smaller one. So the kids had a ball diving and rolling all over the place.

This weekend a friend from high school will be in town so a bunch of us are getting together at a local establishment (read: watering hole) and I’m looking forward to that. There are about 25 of us from my graduating class who get together once or twice a year in between class reunions and we have a really good time. I promise to have at least one funny story to share after. Chances are it will involve a guy named Brad who’s (also) nutz.

Gotta run. Sorry about the video. Blame You Tube…


I “ordered” a video from YouTube about a half an hour ago and it’s not here yet so you’re not watching it.  In case it shows up, as it eventually will, before I get back here, its a band called Stereophonics.  The song is Dakota and it’s This Week’s New  Favorite Song for me.  Enjoy it if its here and no cracks about the dudes sunglasses.  I’ll merge this post with it later.

I have about three posts in my head (M+, are you laughing?) and lots to tell so come back soon.


This is a quick one, being that I need to go back to work today after a great 3-day weekend.

So that phone call to the insurance company? Was a breeze! Amazing huh? No menu to wait through, just a minute-long “wait for the next available representative” and then “Mark” came on (I’m going to marry him, Piglet! *wink*) and in less than five minutes and a cartwheel which I didn’t even have to remove my shirt for and I was all taken care of. The guy even had a sense of humor. He asked for my cell number which I don’t know except by letters because I can’t remember the numbers and he laughed when I spelled it out. Looking back now I have no clue why he would need my cell number… but the fact that he actually laughed was an added bonus.

As for the other phone call, from my Dr., George… Now this is where it gets interesting, so sit tight. My biopsy results (which neither of us expected to be good) were not only good but there was an improvement. Now let me tell you. The only explanation for that, the only thing that can account for the improvement is that I’ve been praying like crazy.

K, sorry but I gotta run. We’ll talk later. Have a good one.


Enjoying my Sunday morning with coffee and myself. Waiting for the sun to come out because dammit, I need sunshine.

Last night I was attempting to go on my Healthcare site and regrettably, was too freakin lazy stubborn to look up my username/password which I couldn’t remember because I so frequently (not) visit my Healthcare site. So I go on and click the Forgot That Important Shit button. They ask you your security question and I typed in my favorite (whatever.) Well, I got it wrong three or five times so they suspended me or my account or some damn thing. Of course I understand this is a safeguard to discourage anyone from trying to access my terribly private member status crap. So now I have to call their help desk tomorrow and find out what to do. I’m guessing it will involve jumping through some hoops and a coupl’a intricate double backward one-handed naked cartwheels and hopefully no bribage. Something I can easily pull off on a 15-minute break at work. Riiiiight. Because no way am I sacrificing my precious lunch half hour on the phone with someone whom I most likely will not be able to understand who will transfer my call to 3 other people, 2 of which I won’t be able to understand. Not to mention a couple of hundred complicated menu options to sit through before I actually do get hooked up with a real voice.

This wouldn’t be a big deal except that I have a procedure (the second follow-up from that one, necessitated by the fact that the meds did not do their magic the last two times) scheduled for after work tomorrow and it would be a pisser to find out that I canceled my own medical insurance and have to end up paying gazillions hundreds of dollars out of my inheritance. pocket. For a procedure that I already know the outcome will not be what I’m hoping for. And more testing and crap will be facilitated and won’t be covered because I’m such a retard I was too lazy to look up my username/password.  Aaaargh.

Please, just let this phone call come off like this: “Oh, jes, Meezez (insert my neem here,) zeese eez eezilee feexed. I feex eet for yoo. No worreez. Ju haff a goot day.”

It’s so fun to be me.


The Replacements – When It Began

Earlier in the week we were talking about cartoons. I mentioned that a cartoon about the real Replacements would be pretty cool. I went through my video collection and thought this one would serve to give you an idea of just how cool.

The guy on the banjo, Paul Westerberg is my boyfriend. He still gives me goosebumps after all these years. Now that is true love.

Paul, I’ll be ready tonight @ 9. Don’t be late.

Paul: if you’re reading this, just for the record, it’s all in my head.

PD: ditto.


I’ve been all over the place the past few days and my little “Home Away From Home” here was feeling neglected. I was on and off but that jumping thing had me logging out more often than usual. That and Life. And today it was Beautiful Sunshine and warmer temperatures that kept me elsewhere. But I put a new battery in the mouse and it seems to have solved the problem. I can’t read Raggy‘s comment now, but I read it before… good one, Ragman 🙂

Tuesday in the mail I received 4 birthday cards, an AARP Newsletter and an invitation from a local funeral home to come in and make my burial arrangements (Learn Essential Planning Tips Before it’s too Late!) For anyone not familiar with AARP, that stands for Area Agency for Retired Persons or something. In other words, it’s for Old People.  I do not need to know exactly what that stands for, so don’t even tell me.  I don’t care.

Henceforth, I was unsure whether or not I wished to celebrate my birthday (tomorrow) this year. I’m leaning toward No after that batch of mail. I’m starting to relate to those people who proclaim (gruffly, usually) that it’s “Just Another Day.”

Nah, I’m kidding. I like birthdays. It’s the only day during the year that you can get away with just about anything feel special simply because it is just your day. Today, as a matter of fact, is Melinda’s birthday. Go over there and make her feel special. Melinda, have fun getting away with just about anything 😉

Not sure if I’ll ever get caught up with comments but I’ll try.


I came here to write an absolutely amazing post.  Maybe my best ever.  But my laptop screen is doing this crazy, freakish jumping thing.  Like my scrollbar developed some kind of seizure disorder or something.  At first, it would stop when I touched the touch pad.  Then after a little while that stopped working.  Hmmm.  Maybe it’s the wireless mouse?  I dunno.  Tell me if you ever had this problem.  Otherwise I’ll have to call the Son and leave voicemail and wait a week for a reply.

I was kidding about the amazing post.  It was just mediocre.  At best.