Monthly Archives: November 2010


I like this only slightly more than my last attempt at finding a new look for my blog.  It’s becoming clear to me that trying to customize someone else’s idea of how a blog should look isn’t working for me.  I truly wish I had the tools (read: smarts) to design and present you with the Real Me blog.  There’s one more item to add to my Bucket List : )

On another note and in the same creative vein, PD and I are hard at work trying to get our living room redone in time for the holidays.  I must say, it’s looking pretty good.  The living room, I mean… not necessarily meeting the deadline.  It’s becoming clear to me that some other holiday preps are going to suffer due to the time it’s taking… things like gifts and wrapping and baking and things.  The carpet is due to be installed on December 2nd so that doesn’t leave much time for putting up the tree and decorations.  BUT this pretty much happens to me every year, one thing or another puts a crimp in my time frame.  And just like every year, it will all get done and the Holiday WILL happen and we will be grateful for times spent with the family and all the joy that entails.

In the mean time, if any of you have any free time laying around, you’re more than welcome to deposit it into my bank.  Every single second will be greatly appreciated.  Remember, the real Joy is in the Giving : )  Kthxbai.


Got homesick for the old blog.  Came over and started playing around with some new themes, thinking that maybe in the process I would be inspired to actually write something of substance.

I was wrong.  And now here I am with this ghastly-looking purple monstrosity.

Oh well.  It still reads the same.  Old news.  Same old news.

One tidbit, though, that I do have to share.  PD and I have been hard at work giving our living room a face lift.  It’s a slow process, indeed… Considering that I am tired when I get home from work during the week and our weekends are usually crammed full of other responsibilities.  What we have accomplished so far is making us both happy at least, so hopefully by the time the holidays roll around we will have a nice shiny new place for entertaining.