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Late in November I had a bunch of vacation days to use.  But due to some unforeseen circumstances in the past few weeks, I’ve had to rearrange things and I won’t be having all sorts of days off after all.

I had big plans for those blocks of time off.  Baking cookies, doing cards, decorating, shopping and wrapping.  Unrushed and uninterrupted.  I was feeling all on top of the whole business and looking forward to an easy and unstressed holiday.  I had convinced myself that this would be the best Christmas ever, simply because I would be prepared.  And I hadn’t expected the Juju’s until after the New Year.  That changed and I was even more convinced that everything would be perfect.  Then I looked at my calendar and the scratched off days that had been labeled in big red letters, proclaiming OFF.  The panic started seeping in…

We have no tree up and no indoor decorations.  The living room remodeling is taking longer than planned, mostly because PD is having some rough days and because other things have come up.  And I’m working long hours. (Although this past week we got a short reprieve from the OT.)  So until we can at least put the furniture where it belongs, we shall remain treeless.

I realize this isn’t the least bit entertaining for you.  I apologize for that.  This post is mostly for me, to get some thoughts out of my head.  Which is why I started blogging in the first place.  So bear with me.

Anyway.  I took my mom shopping today and I accomplished so much on my list.  I feel way less stressed about it and I will probly sleep better tonight.

I like to get the frivolities out of the way so when the big day comes I can concentrate on the real reason for the celebration.  I feel like I have a shot at actually pulling that off.  *Sigh*

I should be concentrating on the fact that I got my mom home safely today.  On the way back from the mall, we decided to stop at a restaurant for “nourishment.”  She had cappuccino and peach pie.  I had coffee and a Belgian waffle with whipped creme, strawberries and ice cream.  When we came out, I pulled back out onto the road and it was pure ice.  Of the black variety that I’ve often heard of but never actually experienced.  It took a very long time to get home and there were vehicles all over pulled off to the sides of the road.  All the coaching that PD has been drumming into my head over the years seems to have paid off.  I was quite relieved when I pulled into my driveway.

Looking forward to a long winter’s nap tonight.  You betcha’.


So I come on here this morning and I had some mail to read.  There were a couple of weird things in my mail which turned out to be invitations to be friends with people from that nablopolamalooza thing that I attempted and failed at last month.  Firstly I thought, geez, people you’re a little late, that was last months news.  Anyway, I clicked on the invites and they were some of those weird people who claim to make tons of money on the internet doing weird things and I followed my usual impulse to click the delete button.  There was a bunch of negative people also leaving weird religious messages about tragic crap and of course they were followed by comments such as “get a life” and crap like that by people who piss me off by using the internet to spew their weird psychotic tendencies because they have nothing better to do with their life.  I realized that I’d wasted 5 minutes of my precious morning and just went on the nablopolamalooza site and spent 5 more precious minutes trying to find out how the hell to be an unmember of the whole stupid thing.  But I got out of there and deleted my badge which never showed up correctly on my sidebar anyway.  So don’t look for me to be signing up for any of that weird crap in the future.

So there.

Anyway… it’s a beautiful morning and I’m waiting for PD to wake up so that we can get on with our day.  We’ll most likely attend a huge annual Labor Day celebration at a park near our home which we usually attend.  There are rides for the kiddies, pretty good food which is bad for you, a giant flea market, music, sometimes a celebrity or two, a petting zoo, some artists displaying their work and some nifty port-a-potties with running water so you can actually wash your hands.  It’s all sponsored by assorted Labor Unions.  More often than not, we get sunburns and end up buying a bunch of stuff we don’t really need and seeing a few people that we haven’t talked to in ages and get some exercise walking the whole length of the park to search for wherever we left our car.  But it’s fun and it’s a tradition.  Oh yeah, they have all-day Bingo too, for those people who think that’s what celebrating Labor Day is all about.  Which I’ll never understand, but who am I to judge?  The sunburn thing makes more sense to me.  What’s a good holiday without a sunburn?

You enjoy your weekend and be safe.


So I had been feeling “not good” for a couple of weeks.  Didn’t want to make a big deal out of it mostly because it might start to appear to others that I’m turning into a drama queen hypochondriac.  Just having gotten over the broken foot and two UTIs (TMI) over the past couple of months and never-ending dental work, I’d just about OD’d on anything ever remotely associated with hospitals, doctors, dentists, drugs, ANYTHING health-related.  I’m not going to go into my symptoms b/c so many of them are “female” things and who in the hell wants to hear about that crap?  Not even me.

So Friday aftenoon when I felt an excrutiating band of pain around my midsection, I started thinking that maybe I was going to die I should take how I was feeling a bit more seriously.  Up until that point I was able to attribute all my uncomfortableness to the sorts of things “women my age” experience with the big M. (Menopause)

About an hour later the pain was gone but I was still on alert, lest it return.

Saturday afternoon PD and I spent hours and hours searching umpteen stores for the perfect window coverings for the windows in our new closed-in front porch.  I wasn’t feeling great and couldn’t wait to get home and relax.

By 7pm I could hear the Emergency Room calling my name and explained to PD that a trip was in order.

By the time the triage nurse called  me to get my information I couldn’t even sit down.  I found myself pacing in little circles trying to find a comfort zone.  There was none.  I was fighting tears by that point and getting scared, wondering what was wrong with me.

A CT scan and a urinalysis resulted in the report that I was in the process of passing a 5mm kidney stone, which then resulted in an IV full of anti-nausea drugs, Toradol and Dilaudid.  I actually turned down the Dilaudid at first and PD talked me into having it before we left.

A little after 10pm I was released and PD went to retrieve the car.  It was then that I found myself sitting on the curb outside the ER enjoying the hell out of the fireworks across the way.  You ain’t never seen fireworks until you watch them in a Dilaudid-induced stupor.  I wish you could have seen PD insisting that I “Stay put!” as he walked toward the parking garage.  I wonder where he thought I was going to wander off to.  The sidewalk wouldn’t even stay in one place.

Thrilled to be pain-free, I thoroughly enjoyed about half of the ride home.  It was a beautiful night, the car windows open, good music, pretty lights.   I could probly tell you the exact second the anti-nausea wore off and how grateful I was for the pretty cornflower blue barf bag they’d given me.  I only had to use it twice.

So today I felt pretty good for most of the day.  The past couple of hours, not so good.   Time will tell.  PD is BBQ-ing pork that’s been marinating in JD BBQ sauce and baking potatoes for what promises to be a yummy dinner.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I’ll be able to enjoy it.

UPDATE:  I guess I should have clarified… I have not yet passed the stone, it’s still in there moving around and wreaking havoc.


Today I’m going to scrub down my back porch and outdoor furniture.  I can’t wait to enjoy weekend morning coffee out there and an occasional evening before bed.  Although I saw that the extended weather forecast for the coming week includes the possibility for snow on three consecutive days, in the event that next weekend should be nice also, I want to be ready.

Next weekend we have plans to visit the Juju Clan to celebrate Juju’s birthday and Maddie’s as well.  Little Maddie will be four years old and I’m still pinching myself in an effort to accept that as reality.  She was just born a couple weeks ago, it seems.  I’ll post pictures of our visit/celebration.

I’m thinking of joining the Twitter brigade.  (No, Ashton had nothing to do with it.)  I’m always late to the table, that’s no big newsflash.  But being that I seem to struggle to find time for posting these days, I think it might be a more reasonable way for me to stay connected.  At least to those of you who tweet.  Later today I will get signed on and I see on my WordPress page that you can put your Twitter on your blog.  So maybe it will show up in my sidebar in the next day or so and I can commence to recruit some sort of following.

Anything interesting happen this past week?  Not really.  Had some family health drama that turned out less serious than originally thought, so I’m grateful for that.  PD has started work on enclosing our front porch.  His “help” is here now and I’m enjoying the sounds of the bandsaw and all that.  Going shawpin’ tomorrow for the Birthday Girls with my mom in the rain, most likely.  Other than that, nada.

I’ve been listening to this and loving it:

K, I’m outta here.  Have a terrific weekend 🙂


Not much going on around here.  Rather depressing but it seems the temperatures are expected to rise and we did have some much-appreciated sunshine today.

I swore my blogging efforts would never fall to the point where I would discuss the weather.  That was before I became a zombie.

I went to the drugstore today and grabbed up some discounted Valentine candy.  Sheesh, my quality of life is plummeting.  I buy my clothes at the thrift store,  my snacks on the clearance table.  Next I’ll be… what do they call that?  Dumpster diving?

PD is rewiring the electrical outlets in the downstairs.  I have no idea why.  They seemed perfectly fine before.  I think he was really excited that the price of 12-2 wiring finally came down and he bought a bunch.  You should see my downstairs, furniture (and plaster) all over the place.  Not that that’s such an unusual occurrence… 😉  I really should take the time and get the Christmas tree down.  No, you didn’t really just read that.

We got a little reprieve at work this week.  8 mandatory hours of over time instead of the usual 10.  They thought we’d appreciate the break.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Except that, yeah,  I appreciate those 2 hours.  I’ve already used them up cleaning snow off my car.  That’s not counting the time PD was kind enough to spend doing it too.  Love that man.

I have a little time before bed.  I’m going to go play around with some photo editing.  No, I don’t have PhotoShop but I’m going to pretend.  If I come up with anything interesting, you’ll be sure to know.


I think I must have reached some sort of milestone yesterday. Any one who uses iTunes will understand, anyone who does not, won’t…  You know how your Purchased folder lists the songs you’ve purchased in the order that you’ve purchased, latest, first? Well I go on there this morning and now they’re in alphabetical order by artist. I didn’t change anything… It’s a little inconvenient, being that I was used to the other listing. Wish I had put some things in folders before now, it will be difficult. I guess I’ll have to play around with it. Maybe I can opt to have it list by date added or something. Who has time to mess around like this? I have a very strong feeling that someone (LY) will comment with some incredibly obvious detail that I’m overlooking and I’ll have a major internet DUH moment for everyone to witness.
My goal for today is to get a web cam hooked up because I’m missing my kiddos something fierce. My work schedule, JuJu’s, and the uncertainty of the weather for traveling has kept us from visiting since early in January and there is no visit planned in the near future.

Anybody know the band, Veruca Salt? I bought a cd, American Thighs, yesterday at the thrift store. I’d heard of the band and the cd art looked interesting. I haven’t opened it yet, haven’t had time. If they’re not good, tell me now. If it turns out I don’t like it and you do, it’s yours.
I also bought a kitchen trivet there that says “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.” It reminded me of my grandmother who had a wrought iron napkin holder when I was little that said the same thing. It’s the first thing I’d ever memorized and it was before I could read. Good memories…

Holy crap. I just realized that it’s been 2 whole years since I came over to WordPress from Blogger.  Where the hell did that time go?

Yes, of course I’ve noticed that I’m posting more now since I announced that I’d be posting less.  Just goes to show you that I’m a big fat liar my plans are never set in stone and that I’m totally clueless about my life and my intentions.

And in case anyone is wondering, I’m down to 9 cigarettes per day and have been stuck there for what seems like an eternity.  I have not gained a pound and that’s causing me some concern.  My appetite hasn’t increased at all.  If anything, I’m eating less.  Can’t figure that out.

The sweet, romantic movie that PD and I chose to watch in the spirit of Valentines Day last night?  Fight Club.  (Yeah, I know…)  It was as great as it was every other time I’ve watched it.  That has to be in my favorite Top Ten movies of all time.

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”   ~Tyler Durden


I was too tired last night to do much of anything so I snuggled up in bed and turned on the TV when I couldn’t fall asleep.  I started to watch 20/20 and was lying there in tears watching.  It was all about really poor people in the Appalachians who spent what little money they had on drugs to get them through.  It was appalling. Most of their kids were raised on Mountain Dew and their teeth had rotted by the time they were teenagers.

Before I got through the whole show, I had a toothache that had me on the verge of tears, itself, and I was convinced that the reason so many of the people in Appalachia were addicted to Oxycontin was because of the pain they must have endured with toothaches most of their lives.  I think I would have spent my last $120 on some last night…

At any rate, I didn’t get much sleep.  And I have some advice for y’all.  If you ever resort to treating a toothache with Ora gel, keep in mind as you’re slathering it on your tooth and gums, that if you happen to swallow any of it, it numbs your throat and then you can’t go to sleep because you’re afraid you’ll choke to death in your sleep.

So I spent the better part of the morning today at the dentist’s office having some temporary shit dental work done.  Then I spent a couple of hours thrift store shopping just because I could.  Then I came home and ate a sandwich and have spent the entire rest of the day on YouTube and buying music on iTunes.

Now it’s almost 6pm and I have nothing to show for my day.  I think we’ll order pizza for dinner and watch a movie tonight.  Something sweet and romantic in honor of St. Valentine.

Speaking of,  we got some wonderful homemade Valentines  today in the mail from the grandkids.  What a way to put a smile on your face on a dreary February snoozy day. 😀


I honestly thought that I would be finding more time to spend on my blog when I got used to these long work hours.  It just ain’t happening.  I tried to find a way to get health insurance and an income from this blog that would enable me to live in the manner in which I’ve become accustomed and it just isn’t there.  Ok, I didn’t really but the thought crossed my mind.

I don’t have anything to share because nothing is happening in my life except work and weather.  Sunshine and 40 degrees today have me smilin’ from ear to ear.

I have been relying on my music pretty heavily lately, so I will share a few songs that have been in my rotation since we talked last.  Don’t ask for anything more from me.  You can’t get blood from a stoner.  Did I say stoner???  Feels like that some days…

Passion is Accurate ~ The Kills

Sour Cherry ~ The Kills

Your Heart ~ Donavon Frankenreiter

Harmonium ~ Rogue Wave

Very Loud ~ Shout Outlouds

Have a Little Faith in Me ~ Michael Franti and Spearhead

Our Swords ~ Band of Horses

Ain’t No Easy Way ~ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Unsung ~ Plus/Minus (did I post this before?  sorry if I did)

K. Y’all go and have yourself a good week.  And if you’re one of them Stiller fans, enjoy the game.  I hear them Stillers and them Cardinals are openin’ for Springsteen.  I’ll most likely be shawpin’.  And hopin that infernal Groundhog does us a favor tomorrow.


If you recall, on a previous occasion, YouTube and I were on the “outs,” when it/they took its/their good old time sending a video here for me to post about. Seems that tonight is another one of those occasions. I’m waiting and getting sleepier by the minute. I jus’ wanted to share a video with you and also tell you that I’m excited that Kate, the BFF since first grade, and I are getting together tomorrow to spend some much-needed time together. I plan to blow a wad of money 🙂 That is a rare and beautiful occasion, let me tell you… Much like our get-togethers. But always an event. I already told her that lunch will be my treat and there will be no arguments. I’m thinking of getting a new do (hair) but mostly I’m just anticipating laughing a lot. There is a long list of subjects we need to catch up on. It will be our first trip to Pittsburgh Mills Mall together.

So I’m going to get a good night’s sleep. If the vid shows up between now and the time I get to edit things, plz refrain from commenting until it’s my version of “ready.” Thx.

Good Night 🙂


I found a guy. I’m going just a little crazy over him. I’m not sure how I found him, maybe by the end of this post I’ll remember.

He’s a musician, and as I tend to do, I’m becoming obsessed with him. Or his music, rather, (although he is “my type.”) I don’t know a lot about him except that he worked with Peter Gabriel on his Big Blue Ball Project. Dammit, if I could remember where I read that I’d be able to tell you how I came across him. I’m probly going to spend the remainder of the weekend reading everything I can possibly get my hands on to find out more about him. Which is going to be difficult, you see, I’ve opened my last pack of cigarettes. You read that right, MY LAST PACK OF CIGARETTES. And when I’m obsessing and reading and excited about something, that’s when I tend to do my best smoking. Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll be going just a little crazy.

Didn’t mean to get off the subject… Anyway, this guy reminds me just a little of Paul Westerberg, my most favoritest singer/songwriter, ever. He dresses just a little crazy like Paul. His words and melodies kinda have the same effect on me. Whether or not he’s a musical genius like Paul, well, that remains to be seen.

Joseph Arthur is the guy. Have you heard of him? I predict, Piglet, that he is going to be rilly famous. Of course, he could already be and I’m just a little behind. I’ve told you before that I don’t listen to “mainstream” so I don’t know what’s being played on the regular radio. (This happened to me when I found Blue October. I was flipping out and later found out that they’d been enjoying radio air time for quite some time and everyone had heard of them but me.)

My favorite song of his is called Can’t Exist. So far, anyway. PD has been watching eBay for me and today I got one cd (Our Shadows Will Remain.) Tow others (Redemption’s Son and Come to Where I’m From) are on their way 🙂 I got just a little crazy waiting so I downloaded a couple songs from iTunes already. Yeah, well. And I’m excited to find out that he’s got a new cd coming out next week.

So this awesome eBay seller sends a couple of little bonuses along with my order. One was a promotional cd (not for sale) that is so cool I’m going to do a whole post about it soon. In the mean time, brush up on your Magnetic Fields, so you’ll know what I’m tawkin’ about. (If you’re a Lemony Snickett fan, Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields did the tunes.)

Excuse me now, I got stuff to do. Oh yeah, HAPPY CRACKER JACK DAY!