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I’m all happy with the sunny days we’ve been having.  Of course there is rain in the forecast for later today when I need to be looking all pulled together without frizzy hair…

I’m elated to find that a favorite band of mine, The Kings of Leon, are featured in the April issue of Esquire, one of my favorite magazines.  Lots of good music in there too.  Pick it up.

Started watching In Pursuit of Happyness last night.  Excellent so far.  Fell asleep aboot halfway thru and was pissed.  This was after a late dinner of Portobella Mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat with a side of Fettucine Alfredo.  Nice evening in all except for the falling asleep part.

Yesterday I received a copy of Arcade Fire‘s newest release, Neon Bible in the mail as a belated birthday gift from one of my best friends, Mike.  It’s awesome. You need to hear it.  Click on the Neon Bible link to hear tracks.

JuJu’s move went quite smoothly. I would say it was pretty much worth the exorbitant cost of hiring movers.  I can’t imagine that we would have been able to cram that much stuff into a vehicle and sucessfully maneuver from point A to point B. The house is awesome and quite perfect for the JuJu Fambly.  I will elaborate on the weekend later.  I got stuff to do.

JuJu fans: she got her internet hooked up this am, so you can look forward to her posting soon.

Have a great weekend.


I got all kinda stuff to tell ya but first things first. I got an important event coming up Saturday night and I kinda wanna look okay. I will receive an award for having been employed for 10 years by the company I work for. After scrounging through tons of clothes in search of something that would span these newly-acquired 10 pounds (for you Canucks, that’s aboot a ton in metrics) I narrowed it down to these two dresses. Please give (free) honest opinions. I still have 2 1/2 days to find something else if y’all think these both look bad. I took the pics with two different shoes, you need to tell me which looks better. The ankle strap ones are not as comfortable if you need a tie-breaker. Picture both with jewelry, stockings, purse, etc. I don’t have time for that shit, those are all last-minute details. I do, however, promise to comb my hair and put some make-up on. Now, if I can’t load three pictures, I’m screwed and wasted a quarter of an hour on this post.

Update: Ok, none of that worked and I did indeed waste what now totals over an hour of pissing around.  Dammit, just go here.  No, there’s no back view of Dress #2, the best part. :-Þ

I’m seriously considering packing this all up and going back to Blogger. The New Blogger, that is.


Hamster Dance (w/still pics)

Mostly just because I love this song. I can’t hear it without smiling.
Can you?


Sleepy Baby Monkey

This will tug at your heartstrings.


Monster Road (Documentary) Trailer

Thought this was quirky, but interesting. Not for the Kiddies.


The Shins – Turn On Me

Letterman performance Jan 23, 2007. This song is from their newest cd entitled “Wincing the Night Away.” Dave is being himself there at the end…


James Bond Claymation Joke 

Something a little silly for all you fans of that womanizing Bond, James Bond.


Quick post to report the goings-on here at JuJuRama.

My daughter is amazing. When we arrived here Wednesday before noon, I could hardly believe how much packing she’d had done. Then after a day and a half of helping her as much as I could and trying to keep three busy children clean, fed and happy, I’m utterly amazed that she’s been able to do anything besides.

A couple of times today we reached those inevitable points when you just stop and look around and there seems there is nothing else to do but stand around and look and realize there is nothing else you can do. Yeah, you know those times.

I’m having a ball with these kids. I’ve said it before, I know. I have the cutest and coolest grandkids in the world. I know I can get away with saying that here cause as far as I know, none of my readers have grandkids.

I wasn’t sure how long the computer would be hooked up here but it’s getting disconnected in the am and then I won’t be back online till I get home, most likely Monday.

The moving van is due to arrive at 9am tomorrow. We will hang around here until all the utilities get their final readings and then we’re off to the new house. I’m sure at some point next year when Ju gets settled, she’ll post some pics on her blog of the new house.

Going to bed now, big, busy day tomorrow. Y’all take care.


Replacements – Talent Show

The Replacements performing Talent Show on the MTV Awards in the late 80’s. Paul’s the frontman. I think you’ll like this, TC.


Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark

From the cd Plans/Directions. I think the lyrics are awesome. It’s a great sing-along. “If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied, illuminate the No’s on their Vacancy signs…”