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I can hardly wait to see this movie.


Toy Story 3 – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

Sorry guys. I thought I was pretty smart catching the trailer that was supposedly leaked.  It’s gone now : (  All I can tell you is that it looks really awesome.  Andy is grown up and leaving for college and the toys are all worried about where they’ll end up. Andy decideds a good home for them would be a day care center and oh, the adventures they have!  Release date for the much-anticipated third installment is scheduled for June 18, 2010.  I’m excited.


I cannot wait to see this movie.  From what I understand, this is James Cameron’s ten-year project, costing $350 million.   I believe it’s due out on December 18, 2009.  Looks awesome!  It’s more impressive if you click on the box to make it full-screen.

AVATAR – International Teaser Trailer (HD)


You’re probly surprised to see me address a current event on here.  Even though it’s not as current as when it actually happened.  But this post is not about the death of a man I admire greatly.  It’s about one of the reasons that I admire him even more now.  Because I did not know that besides being wonderfully talented, John Hughes was also an awesome human being.

Checkiss out and tell me what you wouldn’t give to have experienced this degree of coolness.  Go HERE.

Might I add… next time you feel compelled to do something or are emotionally moved to reach out and make a connection, remember that IF YOU DON”T act, you could easily miss out on something so wonderful that it could change you somehow.  A good friend recently pointed this out to me and I will be doing a post about it in the near (relative) future.


PD and I had a lovely weekend with my daughter JuJu and her terrific family.  We celebrated Juju’s birthday, my granddaughter’s birthday, Easter and Mother’s Day.  A lot to cram into less than 48 hours.  Saturday night we had a fire and ate popcorn and had “beverages.”  That didn’t last too long, as the little ones pooped out early and it actually got quite chilly rather quickly.  We also started to watch Bedtime Stories and laughed a lot but we quit for some reason and never got back to it.  Mostly we played and talked and ate.  But it was good, however short.  Seems that with all of our work schedules and my limited absence of driving skills, it gets harder and harder to get together.  And that makes me very sad.  Really makes hitting the lottery and buying a helicopter look appealing.

So my house is quiet now, but still relatively clean.  It was a bit of a wreck before the weekend.  PD isn’t quite finished with the front porch closing-in.  The outside wall in the living room looks like we took a wrecking ball to it but the new window is in and when the dry wall gets put up and the painting gets done, all will be good.  The new window looks out on to the new room window so we still have a wonderful view of the field across the road and the hills and trees beyond that.  I can still watch the sunrise and the colors of the seasons change in the trees.

Well, this is short and I’m tired.  Plus, I hear the music of the Good Humor truck outside.  I need to run.


You know how sometimes you just come across something and it triggers a memory and you laugh and think, holy cow this would be a hoot to put on the old blog?


Well, I did and it did and I am and it is.  For me and I hope you too.

Once upon a time, long, long ago and far away, my bff Kate and I attended a concert.  On the bill were Johnny Lee, Mickey Gilley and the Urban Cowboy Band.  The concert doesn’t stick in my mind as much as the After-Concert shenanigans.  Oh, and when Kate and I got together in our younger days, there were always shenanigans.  You have no idea…

Anyway, I don’t recall the exact circumstances, but bff Kate and I found ourselves invited to join the party on Mickey‘s tour bus.  Mickey didn’t invite us but at least one member of the Urban Cowboy Band did.  And that would have been Dwight, the bass player.  Yeah, I’ve always had a soft spot for bass players.  I got a cheek kiss and an autograph before being invited to the party.

(I need to say, that just now, searching all the links I found for the Urban Cowboy band, I have yet to find a bass player named Dwight.  So he either had a short stint with the band or there’s just no record of him. At any rate, I still have the autograph… so I don’t think I dreamt it.)

So, not long at all after stepping up into the bus we noticed that the entertainment had already commenced in the form of a video playing on a screen above the dashboard that I seem to recall as a popular one at the time entitled “Debbie Does Some City that starts with D.”  Rather than flee, we talked the party people into replacing that tape with [what the heck is the name of the movie with Bill Murray and the gopher???] Anyway, that one.  Not Groundhog day, the other one. I always get them mixed up.  Ah, Caddy Shack! Somehow that seemed to add a little more (haha) class to the whole adventure.

So we hung out there for awhile, had a beer (I still have that Schlitz can somewhere) and I don’t remember much else except that Mickey came out from a room in the back for some reason and all I could see was a huge flash when the light reflected on his diamond pinky ring.  I also remember that Johnny was nowhere to be found.  Rumors at the time had circulated that he and Charlene Tilton (of Dallas fame) were on the skids and he wasn’t in much of a party mood.

So there you have it, a little trip down One Wink’s memory lane…


I think I must have reached some sort of milestone yesterday. Any one who uses iTunes will understand, anyone who does not, won’t…  You know how your Purchased folder lists the songs you’ve purchased in the order that you’ve purchased, latest, first? Well I go on there this morning and now they’re in alphabetical order by artist. I didn’t change anything… It’s a little inconvenient, being that I was used to the other listing. Wish I had put some things in folders before now, it will be difficult. I guess I’ll have to play around with it. Maybe I can opt to have it list by date added or something. Who has time to mess around like this? I have a very strong feeling that someone (LY) will comment with some incredibly obvious detail that I’m overlooking and I’ll have a major internet DUH moment for everyone to witness.
My goal for today is to get a web cam hooked up because I’m missing my kiddos something fierce. My work schedule, JuJu’s, and the uncertainty of the weather for traveling has kept us from visiting since early in January and there is no visit planned in the near future.

Anybody know the band, Veruca Salt? I bought a cd, American Thighs, yesterday at the thrift store. I’d heard of the band and the cd art looked interesting. I haven’t opened it yet, haven’t had time. If they’re not good, tell me now. If it turns out I don’t like it and you do, it’s yours.
I also bought a kitchen trivet there that says “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.” It reminded me of my grandmother who had a wrought iron napkin holder when I was little that said the same thing. It’s the first thing I’d ever memorized and it was before I could read. Good memories…

Holy crap. I just realized that it’s been 2 whole years since I came over to WordPress from Blogger.  Where the hell did that time go?

Yes, of course I’ve noticed that I’m posting more now since I announced that I’d be posting less.  Just goes to show you that I’m a big fat liar my plans are never set in stone and that I’m totally clueless about my life and my intentions.

And in case anyone is wondering, I’m down to 9 cigarettes per day and have been stuck there for what seems like an eternity.  I have not gained a pound and that’s causing me some concern.  My appetite hasn’t increased at all.  If anything, I’m eating less.  Can’t figure that out.

The sweet, romantic movie that PD and I chose to watch in the spirit of Valentines Day last night?  Fight Club.  (Yeah, I know…)  It was as great as it was every other time I’ve watched it.  That has to be in my favorite Top Ten movies of all time.

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”   ~Tyler Durden


I was too tired last night to do much of anything so I snuggled up in bed and turned on the TV when I couldn’t fall asleep.  I started to watch 20/20 and was lying there in tears watching.  It was all about really poor people in the Appalachians who spent what little money they had on drugs to get them through.  It was appalling. Most of their kids were raised on Mountain Dew and their teeth had rotted by the time they were teenagers.

Before I got through the whole show, I had a toothache that had me on the verge of tears, itself, and I was convinced that the reason so many of the people in Appalachia were addicted to Oxycontin was because of the pain they must have endured with toothaches most of their lives.  I think I would have spent my last $120 on some last night…

At any rate, I didn’t get much sleep.  And I have some advice for y’all.  If you ever resort to treating a toothache with Ora gel, keep in mind as you’re slathering it on your tooth and gums, that if you happen to swallow any of it, it numbs your throat and then you can’t go to sleep because you’re afraid you’ll choke to death in your sleep.

So I spent the better part of the morning today at the dentist’s office having some temporary shit dental work done.  Then I spent a couple of hours thrift store shopping just because I could.  Then I came home and ate a sandwich and have spent the entire rest of the day on YouTube and buying music on iTunes.

Now it’s almost 6pm and I have nothing to show for my day.  I think we’ll order pizza for dinner and watch a movie tonight.  Something sweet and romantic in honor of St. Valentine.

Speaking of,  we got some wonderful homemade Valentines  today in the mail from the grandkids.  What a way to put a smile on your face on a dreary February snoozy day. 😀


I’ve been working on a post but I need the video from YouTube to accompany the post. Yet another reason why I never “work on a post.” I may have done it a couple of times over the years but normally I sit down, write, and click “Publish.” That explains a lot, doesn’t it? It comes out of my brain and into your eyes. Direct shot. Mostly I have an idea, at least, of what I’m going to talk about. And if I don’t, something usually forms in the way of a topic. Or I’ll just spew a bunch of whatever is floundering around in this vast wasteland of a head of mine.

Like now.

Before I forget, Raino commented here a day or so ago and referred to my recovering alcoholism. Just to clear up any confusion, I have never been (and hopefully never become) an alcoholic. I would never have the strength to recover from an addiction of that magnitude. Which is why I have tremendous respect for anyone who is and has. So, Raino, if you’re reading, I’m sorry if I said something that gave you that impression.

This week has been especially hard on me. Haven’t been sleeping and work was more taxing than usual, facing the threat of overtime has a way of inspiring me to work harder than normal. Too bad everyone I work with isn’t affected the same way. But I don’t talk about work here so enough of that. I’m kind of worn out physically and mentally. Seems like there is more that needs done every day and bad news at every turn. Actually, I’m probly more emotionally drained than anything. I’m not looking for sympathy or advice, just venting. What I’m going to do about it is this~ I’m retiring to my room after a nice hot shower with my laptop or a movie or a book and some new music and enjoy my own company for the rest of the evening. I’m also going to savor the fact that today was the last 10 hour day I’ll be working for awhile, until the big OT at least, if and when it comes. :-S

Happy Friday and have a great Labor Day weekend, Friends! Safe travels and good food are my wishes for y’all.


*Update: Just read that Steve Foley, one-time drummer for the Replacements, died Monday. That hurts.

Thanks, Steve, for helping the ‘Mats find a home in my heart, for always.  Happy Trails.


John Mayer: Say (music video from The Bucket List)


Last Friday night PD and I invited friends in for pizza, beer and The Bucket List. We enjoyed all three immensely. I’d been looking forward to watching the movie for quite awhile and it’s been all rented out at the video store. I have to tell you that this has to be the best movie I’ve seen this year, Juno being a close second.

We laughed like crazy and of course, I cried. Really hard. I mean out-loud-sobs. And no one made fun of me. So you know it was sad. But happy sad. And at the end was the video you see here. I’m happy that there are movie scenes in the video, so I don’t have to dig to find a link to do it justice.

Really. You gotta see this movie. If you have already, tell me how much you liked it. Did you cry too? No spoilers, plz.