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Well, it looks like I’ve gone and done it.

“What?”  you ask?  I forgot about THIS.  And I feel like such a loser.  Thanks for reminding me, y’all.

Which reminds me, I have towels in the dryer that need folding.  So I’ll make this fast…

I have part one of my rant finished.  I just need to do a test run on the password protect thing.  I keep figuring it out and then I come on here and I’m clueless all over again.  M+ explained it to me in an email. I guess I need to go read it again.  After I do my towels.

Give me a couple days and then come back.  Ok?  Bye.  In the mean time, here are some ugly pictures of my grandkids for you to scream and run from.

Here’s Andrew Wyatt, who’s two years old.

Andrew Wyatt

This is Madeline Grace, soon to be four.

Maddie Grace

And this is Julian Michael, my hero. He’s nine, going on twenty.



I’m wondering if I should password protect my rant… I’m thinking I should.  Soon as I decide, I’ll let you know.  Some of it is touchy stuff.


… a major rant coming on.  Stay tuned.


… your butt off, but I can’t stop listening to this song.  (The video isn’t funny, what’s humorous is that no one I know in my age bracket listens to Lil Wayne.)  I found it on an iMix last night and bought it.  I LOVE IT.  Ok, the vid isn’t exactly my cup of tea but the song blew me away.  This guy has like $150K worth of diamond dental work.  And he plays scrabble with Charles Gibson.

Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver (NO DJ)

And yeah, work is still kicking my butt.  I’m burned out and dragging a**.  And I miss you guys like crazy.  For the next three weeks I’ll be working 48 hours instead of 50.  Spread those two hours out over 5 days… I’ll have all kinda free time.  Forgive me if I’m not popping champagne bottles and tossing confetti all over you.  I want my life back.


Yeah, I need to post.  No, I haven’t had time.  But I wanted to see how you’re all doing since I haven’t had time to read many of your blogs either.

JuJu is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend and that makes me Happy.


The Airborne Toxic Event –

TATE SHOW 3/02/09 (Part 1)

So PD and I got to Mr. Small’s about a quarter to six last  Monday night for the Airborne Toxic Event show in Pittsburgh. Doors were scheduled to open at 6pm. It was about 12 degrees, blustery and frigid. There were only four other people waiting at the door when we got there. We struck up a conversation and I mentioned a guy who I’d seen on TATE’s MySpace page who was going to drive three and a half hours to Pittsburgh to see the show.  Of course it was one of those four people.  We bonded.  lol.

Little by little, more people started arriving but they never opened the door until nearly 6:30 so we were all starting to get cranky and frost-bitten.  Didn’t help that someone from inside opened the door at about ten after, stuck their head out and then closed it again.  Couldn’t they see that my nose was running, and forget that I’d spent an hour on my hair and it was all wind-blown and messy and I’d wanted to look good for my band…

The first band to play was The Henry Clay People. I only knew one of their songs but now I know lots and I like them.  I talked to the lead singer Joey after their set and he was a great conversationalist.  Just this minute I remember that he mentioned onstage that all through the tour, his band hadn’t had to book hotel rooms b/c fans had been kind enough to invite them to stay in their homes in each of the cities that they’d performed in. I hope that held true in Pgh as well.

Here’s a link to a vid if you want to hear and see them perform.

The Henry Clay People

The Henry Clay People

I had heard a little of Alberta Cross before the concert but was not prepared for their Live performance. The lead singer’s voice is very different but it only took a little while to get used to and to appreciate it. Their music kind of crept in and snagged me. One song, Low Man, (from Californication) especially touched me and now lives happily in the iPod.  I think it blows Metallica’s version completely out of the water.

Lead singer for Alberta Cross, Petter Ericson Stakee

Lead singer for Alberta Cross, Petter Ericson Stakee

And although I don’t have a post ready about the main attraction of the show, here’s a little clip of one of TATE’s new songs, Echo Park.  The vocals are a bit rough, I’d say this was filmed about the time that Mikel needed to start cancelling shows and drink some hot tea instead of performing.


The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event

(photo courtesy of jeff koga @ kcrw)

Was distressed to find this in my mail the other day from one of my truly best bands, the Airborne Toxic Event.  I have tickets to see them tomorrow night so I was concerned…

hello there —

This sucks, we know. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the humbling position of having to cancel our next TWO shows in Lawrence (Feb 25) and Des Moines (Feb 26). Our singer Mikel’s laryngitis, coupled with a bad throat infection that’s actually paralyzed part of his vocal cords, has forced us to postpone these shows indefinitely. Since rescheduling our last three shows (Boise, Salt Lake City, and Denver) for April, we’ve padded the end of our tour to such an extent that we’ve simply run out of time. This isn’t easy to announce, nor is it really a decision as much as it is a physical reality that we’re trying to deal with the best way that we can.
This past week has been very worrying for us, and we hope we haven’t terribly inconvenienced you or let anyone down.
We know there’s been a huge amount of support in both of these cities—more than we could hope for—and we promise we’ll make it up to you. We’ll definitely be back in the fall and hopefully before then.


Noah, Steven, Mikel, Daren, and Anna
The Airborne Toxic Event

I’ve been checking sites and discussion boards like crazy for the past few days and it seems that they played a show on 2/28, they’re in Columbus tonight and barring any unforeseen vocal tragedies circumstances, they will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow night.  (That’s Mikel, first on the left in the pic above)

There is a cute apology video on their MySpace page (to the cities where they had to cancel shows) if you’d like to watch it.

Since I became a fan of TATE’s music, PD has become quite a fanatic about them.  He’s decided to go to the show despite all his misgivings.  You see, he has a rough time in enclosed places where there is a lot of noise due to his Meniere’s.  The way the club is set up, more like a bar than a theatre, he’ll be able to get as far as he needs to from the speakers.  I’m just hoping and praying that he’ll be able to enjoy the show, it means a lot to him.  I’m anxious for him to see that I wasn’t fibbing about how nice and personable they are to their fans.

So I’m hoping, being that the show has not been cancelled and that Mikel is recovered, that we don’t get ten feet of snow.  It could happen.  Ask Tennesee.  And Alabama.  And all them there other states down ‘ere.