Number One:  I’d like to put my blog roll back up.  I don’t have any Bookmarks saved here in my laptop yet and it’s a pain in the ass tracking down your damn blogs.  (please know I was being a smart ass there merely for effect.  but it truly is a pain in the ass…)  So I ask you this, may I put you (or at least a link to your blog) back on my sidebar?  If you don’t answer me, I’ll assume that you’d rather not be there.  And you know how I hate to assume things.


Number Two:  You know when it’s cold out and you exhale, you can see your breath?  Why isn’t there a word for that.  I’ve wracked my brain and polled about 50 people, asking what that’s called.  I’m sure there is probly some fancy-schmancy scientific terminology for it but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I want an everyday word for it.  All I can come up with is “seeing your breath.”  It seems to me, a very lame way to label kind of a cool (no pun intended) phenomenon.  Who has time to say that?  There should be one word.  Let’s come up with a new word.  Suggestions please.  Maybe we’ll vote on the best suggestion and I’ll give you a prize.  Okay?  Okay!

8 responses to “TWO THINGS

  1. i have no probs w/ being on the blog roll, if you want me there. 🙂

    hmmmm… i can’t think of a word for it… 😦 figures.

    i’ve looked places and, you’re right, there is no word. that’s strange…

    shoot… wish i had the knack of coming up w/ things quickly! hehe

  2. blogroll me, I’m good with it.

    vapor breath

    Ahh, I got nuthin!

  3. Sure, put me on your blogroll.

    I agree there should be a word for “seeing your breath.”

    It’s mist and it’s breath. Meth? Oh, um, no, that’s taken.

    It’s breath, and it’s fog. Brog? Nah.

    It’s breath and it’s mist. Brist? Nah.

    It’s breath and it’s condensation. Breathensation?

    Apparently I have nothing.

  4. You can put me on the blogroll…not sure why.

    I kinda like Mark’s word brist.

  5. Yeah, blogroll me.
    As for the word brist, isn’t that the name for the ceremony that surrounds a jewish infant’s circumcision? Perhaps spelled differently…
    I say we call it shitzingiggles, just for shits-n-giggles…

  6. You mean, the condensation?


  7. UN: Of course I want you there! You probly find yourself, like me, thinking of the perfect thing to say AFTER the perfect opportunity? Story of my life…

    Amigo: I kinda like foghaling…

    Mark: I appreciate the brainstrain you’ve displayed here 😉 Hazel does too, I think.

    Hazel: Because it will make my life easier, that’s why. I’ll be able to read you most of every November 😉

    M+: I think that’s “Bris???” Not up on all my Jewish traditions, sadly. Maybe Jack will come over and enlighten us.

    LY: Well, yeah, that. But I want something that specifically addresses the stuff that comes out of your nose and mouth. Though, I did get a definite sense of “duh” from ya. As always. 🙂

  8. we called it “breathing frost” when we were kids

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