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I noticed last weekend on our trip back from New York that there were about a gazillion silver SUVs on the road.  And there were so many Toyotas. (I notice that because I drive one.)  At one point PD noticed that there were three ahead of us and one behind us.

We noticed that Exit 58 on I90W would take you to Silver Creek near Irving, NY.  Judging by the billboards there seemed to be a lot of cool stuff there.  We decided that maybe sometime we would check that out on our way home.  But that is doubtful since we are usually in a hurry to get home because it’s so hard to leave when we’re visiting the JuJu’s.

I saw a cool license plate too.  It said NO FOAM.

Ok, that’s all I have time for.  Carry on with your Friday and make it a good one.

I have to work tomorrow so it doesn’t hold it’s usual allure for me. 😦

One more thing.  The Moon has been particularly awesome lately.



… I’m just busy. I meaning Me.  Just meaning merely. Busy meaning working all day and coming home, reading LOL Cats, playing Legos, and being entertained by the grandson in general.  And doing laundry and all that un-fun stuff too.

I still think about you too.


As you know, I’ve been trying to get a decent picture of my little furry friend in the backyard.  PD would argue that the little guy is HIS friend, being that he’s been teaching him tricks, giving him treats and potty-training him while I’m at work.  Isn’t he cute?




I must say and I’m even going to brag that I’m getting way better at posting photos.  Huh, Mark?  I mean, Baron. 😉

PD says the bunny is getting too tame.  He sat for about 15 photos and didn’t seem bothered by me at all.  I hope no kitty cats in the neighborhood get any ideas.

I was very happy to find myself taking pictures of a bunny instead of cowering in the basement, it seemed for awhile that we were in for a heckuva storm.  I saw a streak of lightning on my way home from work that would rival anything Spielberg coulda’ cranked out.  And besides, I’m home alone.  Because…

PD and Michael, the son, went to meet JuJu to kidnap the grandson, Julian!!! Yippee!  I’m going to ask him (Julian) if he’d like to guest post while he’s staying with us.  No, I’m not trying to cheat NaBloPoMo, I just think it would be fun.  I can’t wait to spoil see him 🙂

Ok, I’m going to go take a nap until the boyz get here.  PD wouldn’t let me go with them because I need my beauty rest. to get some sleep so I can get up for work in the morning.  If you read my rant, it will all make sense.

Protected: WORK RANT #5

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*surfing the web at 1 am.  (On a weekend a while back, not recently…  I just forgot to tell you until now.)

My part is called “Working in a Clean room… A Technician’s View“.  It appears about 3 quarters of the way down the page.  It seems to be pretty much word-for-word, I didn’t check exactly…  Click here.

This was taken from something I wrote on my blog.  I guess I’m kind of flattered by it.  I was just really amazed when I found it.  It seems kind of funny too, it’s kind of smart assy on this real businessy-looking site.  The writer must have had a hard time finding good material…


Look at me, it’s only 5 days into NaBloPoMo and I’m counting the days already.   And I guess you can chide me for cheating too, because this isn’t really a post as much as it is a pre-cursor to a post.  That having been said…

I got a work rant brewing.  Don’t look so surprised.  If you read here, you know me well enough to have seen it coming.  The reason I’m telling you now is that I won’t have time to write it until the weekend and I want to give you time to email me in case you forgot the whole protected password drill.  It will be the same as last time followed by the number of the rant.

It’s going to be the kind of post that I just vent a lot and ask for sympathy.  You won’t really miss anything if you don’t read it.

On a lighter note… I’m also going to try and put together a post of music that I’ve been listening to lately.   I haven’t done one for awhile and I have some stuff that I’m dying to share.

And if you didn’t catch this in a return comment I made on my Fair post, I’m not going to be able to make it to the Fair this year.  But we have a family reunion coming up mid-month and I’m not going to miss that, no matter what.

Okay.  You go and have a good day.  And give yourself a hug for me.


Aha! You are not used to coming here on Monday morning and finding a fresh post from me, are you?  Well, guess what?  Don’t get used to it.  It could possibly happen 4 or 5 times at the most.  I just noticed that there are 5 Mondays in August.  They didn’t bother to tell me that when I signed up for this NaBloPoMo thing.  That Blos.

Going to see the doctor today concerning the foot.  Hopefully it will be for the last time.  I like his receptionist a lot.  That’s the upside.  Downside?  I’ll probly get released and it will be back to working OT for me.  That Blos more.



… about the theme for this post, “Tomorrow” and I seemed to recall a George Carlin quote that I thought had to do with Tomorrow never coming because once you get there, it’s now Today.  But of course I was all confused and the quote I was thinking of doesn’t even mention the word Tomorrow.  The quote is, “There’s no present. There’s only the immediate future and the recent past.”  I’m going to assume a little literary license and adapt it to suit my need here…

“There is no Tomorrow.  There’s only Today and Yesterday because once you hit Tomorrow, it becomes Today and… blah blah blah.”

And of course there is “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”  Dale Carnegie said that.

I’m not thinking about Tomorrow today.  Yesterday I didn’t think about today, let alone TomorrowTomorrow is Monday and that brings about thoughts of getting up at an ungodly hour and starting the work routine.  I’ll worry about that tomorrow but not today.   This whole time thing is too much for Sunday morning relaxation. Besides, my BOLD button is getting tired.

End of post.


Several times lately I’ve sat down here to write and realized that things I wanted to say needed to be explained and didn’t have the time or energy to get into the whole whatever so I just didn’t write.  And Lord knows I don’t need one more reason to add to the list as long as my arm that’s keeping me from writing here.  So if you can find it in your heart to bear with me and muddle through a bunch of uninteresting but necessary (to me) details so that I can maneuver around this bump and move on, I’ll love you forever.

So I saw the foot doctor on Thursday.  He’s more or less satisfied with how my foot has healed (nearly 100%) but concerned about the pain I’ve had elsewhere in my foot since the boot came off.  So he wrote me a script for an anti-inflammatory and ambushed me with a hypo gave me a big-ass shot of cortisone in that little hollow spot in front of my outside ankle bone.  Crikey, that “pinched.”  Kind of like the same way a guillotine pinches your neck.  Incidentally, I lost the bandaid somewhere in my bed between that night and this morning when I woke up and found it pasted to my right ass cheek.  WTF. He told me to keep doing what I’m doing, stop when it hurts and come back on July 30.

Yesterday I decided I was totally fed up with sitting around and cleaned my whole house and did laundry and brought the rest of my summer clothes out of the attic.  PD and I decided we felt like entertaining so we invited some friends over to sample his recent acquirance of bison meat and I spent a couple of hours making supplementary food and getting the back yard ready for guests.  In other words, I totally abused my foot.  And it felt good. (The abusing of, not the foot, per se.)

Work is still the same, basically but with a few thousand twists.  No need to elaborate, so I won’t. *Yawn*  HR is being a pain in the ass, starting to pressure me about not working the over time.  They can’t quite seem to understand the complicated medical term “until further notice.”  Duh already.

In case you’re wondering, I still can’t get below 10 cigarettes per day and no, my weight has not changed despite the massive amounts of food I ingest on a daily basis.  Is there such a thing as a tapeworm with a nicotine addiction?  Surely there must be.  I must confess though, that several times on recent weekends, due to the frequency of friends dropping over to enjoy a fire and a few beers, I’ve gone over my daily limit.  I know.  You can’t say anything I haven’t thought or heard already.  But thanks.

So now we’re up to par on the foot/work/cig/weight fronts.  Now I can move on to other things.

Oh wait!  The old guy?  The Friday before Father’s Day, I spotted him (standing this time) on his porch.  Still with that faraway stare out into space, hands folded on the crook of a cane.  A car was parked in front of his house this time and a younger man was leaning into the back seat.  Led me to wonder if he’d had a visitor and who and why and a zillion other things for the rest of my drive home.

And YES I’m loving being able to drive again!  JOY JOY JOY 🙂


So I had my follow-up visit with Jeff the Cute Podiatrist this evening.

He took two more x-rays and the fracture is very nearly healed and he was happy with my progress. You can barely see the crack at all.  He said that I was fortunate that it was a nice clean break in “a good place” if there is such a thing.  He said it’s a large, hollow bone that, if kept stable, can heal very nicely.  And mine appears to be doing just that.  We discussed the possiblility of physical therapy and he didn’t see a need for it.  He thinks that I was walking nicely on it without the boot (from the exam room to the X-ray room.)  He said if I were older and wasn’t healing as well, he would recommend it but in my case, didn’t think it’s necessary.  That’s fine with me.  I’m tired missing out on things, extra hours out of my day sitting inside with professional people telling me to do shit isn’t something I would be happy about.

I need to wear my boot for two more weeks.  Then if I’m comfortable, I can switch to a good tennis shoe or go back to wearing my hard-soled shoe for another week and then the tennis shoe.  No driving while I’m still in the boot. 😦  But no 10-hour days at work at least until I go back and see him on June 25.

I’m pretty happy with this.  Especially walking crutchless and no OT.  Poor PD though, still playing chauffeur.  And it breaks my heart that it’s going to be that much longer before I can plan a trip to NY to see the JuJu’s.  But as long as I keep healing the way I am, I can stop worrying about the possibility of surgery and a real cast and crutches and all that crap.  It was nagging at me in the back of my mind.  So I’m relieved in that respect.

Thanks for the prayers and putting up with my whining.

There’s another storm coming through and I think I’ll get off here now.