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Today’s Pisces Horoscope: Jun 11, 2008

Adventurous soul that you are, dear Pisces, are you thinking about a little mischief today? Are you going to propose that you and a friend, or perhaps your romantic partner, skip town for a day and forget about work, household chores, and other routine matters? You’ve been bored lately, so who could blame you if you did? If you decide to do this, however, make sure that everyone knows what’s up. You won’t want to burn any bridges!

I could sure use a day off!


So the other day I was walking around the yard with my camera, taking pictures of my tulips. The orange and yellow ones, at least. I thought a nice Spring flower picture would cheer up the look of the old blog.  Well, of course I never got around to getting the pictures out of the camera.
But here’s when things took a turn for the weird. It was the day I posted my horoscope. That seems to be the day-or the first time that I noticed- that WordPress started listing “possibly related posts” at the end of a post. When I saw it, and it wasn’t even on the main page, it was on my dashboard. I clicked on this link. What I saw there was a Pisces horoscope and I was thinking it took me to my own page and my own horoscope. Imagine my surprise when I saw my tulips that I’d only been thinking about uploading. I was like Holy Crap, WordPress is magic! My brain went inside out before I realized that there was another blog out there (Hi Lawgirl!) with a Pisces horoscope and yellow and orange tulips. I guess, though, that you would have had to have spent some time inside my head to fully grasp the freak factor when I saw that page.  And yes, of course I noticed that Lawgirl’s  tulips are sharper and clearer than mine.  Shut up.


You probably aren’t going to feel very social today, dear Pisces. In fact, you’re likely to want to work on projects and tasks alone if you can. This actually might be good for you, as you probably need to concentrate on crossing certain things off your list without being distracted. Still, you should get out among others at some point during the day. You might want to be alone, but you’ll still need to feel that you belong. ≈

This was my dead-on horoscope for today and I only just now read it. But that’s usually how I read them; after the fact. That way, I know my actions on any given day aren’t influenced by a thought planted in my head and plus I get the added kick of seeing that mostly they’re pretty accurate. For me anyway.

So, as reported up there, I was wantin’ to be left alone today. Didn’t happen, which made that yearning all the more keen. I had two projects to accomplish at work today. Put the ear buds in and went at it. On breaks I went outside and soaked up as much sun as possible. Spent time thinking of what I needed to accomplish at home this evening and made a mental list. When I got home I dug in and took care of 8 or 10 of those. I did take time to sit on the porch for a little while, where I made a couple of phone calls I’d been putting off. PD got dinner and we sat down to watch Bridge to Terabithia, or the second half of it, since we watched the first half yesterday. I’d intended to watch it last week with Julian and never got to it.

While we dined and watched, a pretty substantial rain shower was going on outside. One single thunderclap and it was over. We finished the movie and dinner. I blew my nose and cleared my head from the profuse weeping (Thanks, Walt Disney) and went back to the porch and was astounded by how the rain transformed our backyard into a beautiful green paradise. The buds on the trees opened in less than two hours time! There must have been magic in that rain!

Either that or Terabithia did a number on my (already child-like) imagination. A kid’s movie for sure, but I came away feeling a surge of hope and creativity and a sense of wonder. I know this sounds hokey, but I ain’t lyin’ to ya. I can’t explain how beautiful the yard looks right now. The sunlight is shining through the rain-soaked leaves, the tulips and daffodils seem brighter and everything is green and shiny. It all has a kind of glow. It even smells wonderful and fresh. The birds must have noticed it too, they’re singing like crazy.

Ok, so my horoscope is a little off… I don’t need to get out among people to feel like I belong. Standing on my porch just then, taking in all the beauty in my own little corner of the world is the most belonging feeling I’ve felt in quite some time.

Going back there now… Wish you could join me : )


Some of my angst is a result of conflicting emotions. That’s nothing new for me, I can remember feeling “torn” for most of my life. One of the reasons I have such a hard time making decisions is that because most of the time I can see both sides of every issue. It’s hard for me to take sides for the same reason. If you read my Pisces profile (HERE’S MY SIGN) you are aware that Pisces is kind of a conglomeration of all the other signs. There are a few things that I feel strongly about (injustice, prejudice of any kind, inconsideration, to name a few) but on many things I find myself maintaining a neutral stance, simply because I understand the good and bad points of both sides.

When I was growing up I had several groups of friends and they were at opposite ends of whatever spectrum you might assign them to. I had friends who were considered academic or intellectuals. I had my”arty” friends. I had rowdy friends. I had religious friends and (I hesitate to use this word, but…) friends who were considered “misfits”. I was completely comfortable in each of those groups. They all “fed” different aspects of my personality. I didn’t identify more with one group or another. At different times during the day or week or year, I gravitated more here or there depending on my moods or what I was interested in at the time. (Or how much babysitting money I had saved up…)

Still today, if you would gather my closest and near-closest friends and put them in a room together, I’m hard pressed to say what could take place. The only thing they could really claim to have in common would be me. Looking around the room, you would see a group including, but not limited to; at least one teacher, nurse, retiree, engineer, alcoholic, computer geek, hair stylist, world traveler, chef, cashier, actor, college professor, pilot, stay-at-home-mom, receptionist, cancer survivor, poet, musician, smart-ass, biker, bible reader, college student. Some of those are the same person, I’m just illustrating their collective diversity. Some believe in God, some don’t. Some are white, some are female, some are half my age. I’m not even going to attempt to include online friends that I have yet to meet in the flesh. Or family members I like to hang with. Now there’s another diverse bunch…

But anyway. I’m always into different stuff. I never end up completely submerging myself to a point where I would be able to say, “Yes, I’m an expert on this,” or “You can ask me anything about that.” It’s frustrating. And sometimes I completely wear myself out bouncing back and forth between A and B. Not only is my attention span lacking, I get bored easily and find myself moving on to something else.

There is an upside to this weirdness that I call my personality. I know at least a little about a lot of things. I can honestly say that if I find myself amidst a bunch of strangers, I can always find something to start up a conversation and hold up my end for a little while anyway. I’m usually okay until someone starts talking about current events or politics or television or sports and then I’m at a distinct disadvantage. It rough… most adult conversations center around those very subjects.

My ex-brother-in-law once gave me one of my favorite compliments. He said to me, “You know, we could take you anywhere and you would fit in.” The more I thought about it the more it meant to me.

But sometimes lately I’m thinking, yeah, that’s great, but maybe I would rather fit just one place and be content there for a very long time.

HERE’S MY SIGN (Don’t say it…)

I’m going to preface my next post by sharing some Pisces indications courtesy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. I’m sharing to give you some very accurate insight to my personality for those who do and don’t know me so well. It’s kind of a way of giving you some background so’s you know the inherent traits I have to work with and some of the issues I deal with on a daily basis. I’m not saying I’m an astrology freak or that I blame my problems on the stars or the day upon which I happened to be born. I’m just saying that Ms. Goodman can give you a better description of my personality than I ever could hope to. Also, if you’ve ever had dealings on a personal level with someone born under the sign of the Fishes, you may have a fair idea of the kind of peoples we are. I’m just listing short excerpts so as not to overwhelm you. I think maybe this is what “paraphrasing” means? I’m creditting all the words in blue to Ms. L. Goodman. I’m assuming that is legal? If you know otherwise, Speak Up Please.

Very few can stand being confined for long in one place… There’s little worldly ambition in (these people.) … wouldn’t give a minnow for rank, power, leadership… wealth holds little attraction… heart free of greed… lack intensity, almost a carelessness about tomorrow… intuitive knolwledge of yesterday, general tolerance of today. (Must) fight their way upstream… it takes less effort to go with the current wherever it takes them. But to swim upstream is the challenge of Pisces- and the only way he ever finds true peace and happiness. Taking the easy way is a trap for (them)… a glittering bait that entices them, while it hides the dangerous hook- a wasted life. (She’s) indifferent to most limiting restrictions, if they don’t rob her of her freedom to dream and feel her way through life… can be bitingly sarcastic… will take the path of least resistance… very little will excite her to violent action or reaction… born with the desire to see the world through rose-colored glasses… knows well enough about the seamy side of reality but prefers to live in her own watery, gentle world where everyone is beautiful and all actions are lovely… (when reality becomes too terrible to face) escapes into rosy daydreams. The Pisces symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions indicate that the Neptunian is torn by dual desires… sometimes has difficulty seeing straight ahead (and so) often retreats- (sometimes) to stimulants, artificial emotions and false excitement… (have) fabulous powers of interpretation to project a myriad of emotions… memory is legendary, although with an afflicted Moon or Mercury they can forget their own telephone numbers.

The fish is the twelfth sign, a composite of all the other signs, which is quite a lot to cope with. The one and only quality which originates with (Pisces) is the strange power to stand outside herself and see yesterday, today and tomorrow as one. Her love of music and art, her highly developed senses and versatility, (she inherits from) the other signs but her deep wisdom and compassion belong only to her, culled from her combined knowledge of every human experience. Now that you understand all that, is it any wonder that your Pisces friends are a bit of a puzzle at times, not to mention being outright kooky odd balls on occasion?

Pisceans tend to think that they can live forever and often act as if they believe it fervently… spends most of her excess energy (doen’t have much to spare) taking on burdens of relatives or friends…. can literally hypnotize themselves into or out of anything they choose- including a fears of cats, mice, heights, subways, elevators and people (okay, I have a little problem with the implications of this statement… maybe I should look into this and see if there really is some creedence.)

Humor is one of their secret weapons… grin to cover unshed tears… masters of satire and you may cringe from a bright remark thrown at you so casually that you’re unable to pin down the exact meaning or the intent… it’s usually to cover another emotion the fish wants to hide… some seem crusty and brusque, but it’s only a fragile shell, worn for protection. The world is not yet tuned to the sensitive Piscean wave-length, so to avoid ridicule, she sometimes feigns indifference. The depth of Neptune’s waters causes her to absorb every pain and joy as if it were her own. (if you see what appears as indifference, it is only her way of protecting herself from too much of your pain, it will pass and the real fish will surface.) You’ll frequently find fish who have buried their personal dreams to brighten odd corners of the lives of loved ones… often at the cost of the privacy Pisces seeks and needs… (When a Pisces is forced to twist and turn in two directions at once) will often hide her real emotions.

Pisces lives her life in lonely understanding of truth too deep to express in words. Those who love her or want her for a friend must use their imagination to grasp the strange planes of her mind and emotions.

That last paragraph explains probably more about me than all the other stuff put together. I just don’t see the big picture the way most other peoples do, mostly. And there’s no way I can communicate just exactly what I see. So to even try, would be too much. Remember, I travel the path of least resistance…


Hey y’all. I missed you! Amazing how a few days away can get a woman feelin’ all behind. It might take me awhile to get caught up, your patience is appreciated. I read all the comments left while I was gone, I will get to them at some point I hope. Alvis, it was great to hear from you! I hear you shaved your head. Cool. Since I’ve never seen you with hair, I’ll need to see before AND after pics.

Trip to NY was great. Weather on the way up wasn’t too bad. We hit snow once and some sleety icy crap another place. PD insisted on driving a good part of the trip. He shouldn’t and is paying for it now. But there is no arguing with that man. It felt so weird to be a passenger in my own car.

It was great to see the kids and the birthday party was fun. The little guy wasn’t too enthralled with his cake but hadn’t had a good nap. I wouldn’t have been either… The little ones are growing like weeds and developing very interesting personalities. I couldn’t get enough of them. I haven’t laughed quite so hard in quite some time. It was hard to leave them behind.

I finally finally got to try some Tim Horton’s coffee after hearing about it for so long. Was good. And Mark, guess what I found? Coffee Crisp! Was in a vending machine at a rest stop. I just got one but PD said I’d be whining for the rest of my life if I didn’t buy more so he pretty much emptied out the machine. They’re ok, but I don’t get what all the fuss was about. Just taste like big fat Kit Kats to me. I couldn’t taste the coffee flavor. Oh well, now I can say I tried them. It seems that they are somewhat controversial, being in limited supply in the US and all…

I bought a few Christmas presents over the weekend. And stupid me, I was alone in the middle of a store… PD didn’t want to leave me and I assured him I would be fine. He told me exactly where he would be and I was cool with that. Well, I didn’t take into consideration that a department store that I was familiar with might be laid out differently in another state. And when I headed for the music dept. where he said he would be, I found myself dazed and confused instead. The panic started creeping in a few minutes before PD magically appeared around a corner. So that little disaster was deferred and I’m grateful. And disappointed too, because I really thought I would be fine. I’ve gotten away from the Serenity prayer, I guess I oughta work on that.

I got lots more to report but after tomorrow I’m off work until Monday so I should be able to get caught up. I don’t want this to turn into one of those posts that go on for days and make your eyes go up into your head. You’re welcome 😉


Yesterday’s horoscope: You’re ready for the next big phase of your life, whether it feels that way or not. Your positive spirit is almost overwhelming right now and others can see that you’ve got something good going on. Thought that was kind of interesting…


Been praying a lot. Been hiding (figuratively) a lot. Went to bed at 7pm last night. Work was trying today. Not so much the work, just being there. I wanted to be home and comfortable and, you know. Just Home.

My basic personality is that of a true Pisces. While I am not an astrology freak by any means, I can’t argue with the description of my Piscean personality. We swim in two directions at once. Maybe when I finally figure out how to do that without drowning, I will find my true peace. My daily life is a series of conflicts, one after another. Most never get resolved. At times I’m comfortable with this, as it’s been the way I’ve lived most of my life. But now, it’s just disconcerting and making me anxious. Struggling with what’s in my heart and what makes sense (to whom?) is a constant for me. I know the difference between right and wrong. I know what’s acceptable and what isn’t by society’s standards. I know my place and what is expected of me. I know rules are implemented for reasons. I know speed limits are enforced for the safety of you and me. I know what is considered good and bad etiquette. I know smoking is bad for me. I know lots of things. Some I just take for granted. But some things just plain do not make sense to me and I spend my life walking that thin line between what I’ve been told and what I believe. Tell me the sky is blue. I’ll say yeah, it is, but I’ll be thinking that it’s an awesome shade of cerulean or azure. When you see me crying and remind me that it’s “only a McDonald’s commercial,” I’m thinking, why did it touch my heart so much harder than yours? And yet, how many times a day have I hurt someone because I was too busy to pick up the phone or rushed by with a quick “hi” instead of a “how are you today?” I get caught up in things and my perception fades to black. Other times, my compassion goes unnoticed. It’s all the time, back and forth. The only constant seems to be the struggle.

I remember once in my early forties, I was feeling like the Queen of Bad Luck. It was then that I had one of those light bulb moments (I think Oprah coined that phrase…) when it came to me like a bolt of lightning, “Linda, this is Life.” I was not special or being picked on or anything else. I was just experiencing Life. It was then that I learned not to feel sorry for myself, that I was just another sucker participating in the game.

I talked to you before about the (shhhh…) procrastination. I gotta learn to erase that from my list of coping strategies. I’m knee-deep in one now. Things pile up, I get overwhelmed, I shut down. If I haven’t been on your blog lately, that’s my excuse. I got so far behind, I couldn’t catch up. So I gave up.

…to change the things I can…

But I’m working on it. One day, I’m gonna be a force to be reckoned with. A stellar human being.

But for now, I’m going to go eat some Breyer’s Butter Almond icecream. Yep, before dinner!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Despite the high level of drama that is creeping into your life right now, nothing too upsetting will develop by the end of the day. No great changes will occur before tomorrow. Right now you are sort of at a crossroads in your life. But the good news is, you do not have to worry about making a commitment or dealing with any major problems. Feel free to put your life on autopilot and ride any wave of good energy that comes your way.

My reaction to this… Autopilot, it is.

I love autopilot.