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DAD’S PLANT (Part 2)

So yeah, I’ve had the plant since my dad died April of 1998. It was the only plant from the dish garden that survived so I was very careful about tending to it. In fact, when we would go to the family park each year for our family reunion, PD fills up jugs with water from the creek there and I would use that to water it each and every Saturday morning. My dad probly played in that creek or fished in it and I figured he might appreciate some of that “down home food” for the plant. I got to the point that I would be devastated if anything happened to the plant so I tried numerous times to take cuttings, hoping they would root and I’d have a “back up” if anything ever happened to it. It took me all this time but I now have two full-sized plants and a baby that I’m tending with love and care.
The really cool thing about this plant… All of a sudden one day after I’d had it for awhile, it bloomed. Little wee tiny white flowers. I don’t remember how long the blooms lasted the first few times. But after a time, I noticed that there was no pattern to when it would bloom. After another time, I noticed that it would bloom when there was something good going on in the family, such as when a baby was born or a marriage, different milestones in the family. I started to interpret the flowers as Dad’s way of saying to me “This is good.” After a few years, I got used to it and could predict when I could start watching for the flowers. You can understand, I think, why the plants have come to be so important to me.
I have a cousin who grew fascinated with the plant a while back when I told her that it bloomed right before she told us she was expecting. A couple of years later when she found herself once again in a family way, she would call me from time to time to see what Dad was “saying.” As it so happened, she called one day and I reported that the plant was indeed in bloom but I was amazed this time, to see that the flowers were not white, but lavender. She laughed and told me she knew why. When I asked how she could know such a thing, she told me that she had painted the baby’s nursery lavender that morning. So of course, the next time I see her, I’m gifting her with the baby plant. I know she’ll appreciate it and take good care of it. And I think Dad would like that.
There have been times that my mom was struggling with health issues or some other type of stress. I love to be able to tell her that the plants are blooming and that Dad is saying “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”
I’m sure there are those out there who may be skeptical about this kind of communication I have with my Dad. But I don’t care, it’s between him and me and that’s all that matters.
It’s Saturday morning, time to go water the plants. : )

DAD’S PLANT (Part 1)

I have been meaning to share this with you for a few years now. I imagine that you’re wondering why it’s taken me so long and why I’ve finally decided to give it up… I have to admit that it’s kind of personal, that’s part of the reason I haven’t written about it. The other reason is that, well, it may be kind of hard to believe. But I think you know me well enough by now to know that I wouldn’t lie to you and that it’s perfectly normal for me to have weirdness.

This story is about a plant.  Which has since become three plants.  If my dream comes true, that number could grow to a whole terrarium of plants.  

“Where did this plant come from and why is it special? you may be asking by now.

When my father died in April 1998, many wonderful people sent beautiful flower arrangements and dish gardens, as people are wont to do when someone dies.  A few days after the funeral, me mum was divvying up the plants to assorted family members.  I became the owner of a beautiful and large dish garden.

The only surviving plant member from that dish garden has been with me for 11 years now.  That fact in itself is incredible, considering that my thumbs are not only not green, but utterly colorless.

A couple of years ago I finally was successful at (what is the word?)  Propagating? [ Whatever it is called when you make one plant into two and they are both alive and well.]  The main reason I did this is because I become totally terrified at the idea of the plant ever dying and I figured if there were two instead of one, my chances of saving at least one of two were way better than if I only had one and killed it.

I lovingly refer to the plant(s) as “Dad’s Plant(s)…”  for two reasons.  One, if it weren’t for my dad, I wouldn’t have the thing(s), and two, because I have never found out what the real name of the plant is.  It’s not because I can’t look it up or even that I’ve tried, because I haven’t.  I’m weird that way, some things are just not important to me.   Due to the amount of explaining that will be necessary for you to understand how important these plants have become to me, I will show you what they look like now and continue with the story another day.  If you know what family this plant belongs to, feel free to tell me.  I will be impressed.  I’ll probly forget two minutes after I go away from this page, but I will be impressed, nonetheless.

Here they are, the original (top) and then he and his brother for your thoughtful consideration:

Original Plant

Plants One and Two


I just spent about 20 minutes writing a newsy, introspective, albeit ranty post full of all the juicy categories you see up there.  I had just finished when the phone rang.  It was Juju and I was excited to talk to her, being that she and Mr. Juju were in Toronto last night to see U2 (and Snow Patrol.)  As we started our conversation I’d realized that I’d not published my post.  I clicked something- which I thought was Publish and sat back to enjoy the conversation.

Now I see that I did not click Publish.  Dagnabbit anyhow.  It’s G.O.N.E., GONE.  And of course the title makes no sense whatso EVER.

Excuse me while I go find a pigeon to kick.


I’m feeling especially grateful today and wanted to share my feelings.

Having spent last (but not this past)  weekend with my family made me realize how very, very lucky I am to have a loving, attentive daughter who’s an absolutely terrific mother to my three precious grandkids and a wonderful wife to my amazing son-in-law.  I am blessed to have a husband who appreciates our family as much as I do and who doesn’t think twice about stepping up to help out when I can’t be at 100%.

I’m grateful to have a mother who gives up her time to spend with us and enjoys watching her great-grandchildren grow and thrive.  It made me feel good to have her tell me what great parents the JuJu’s are and what a joy and how well-behaved the little ones are.

I’m thankful to have such terrific neighbors who are not only great friends but willing to help when needed, not only if asked but often before they’re even asked.  They are comfortable with us when we spend time together having fun and still respect our need for time alone.  We share our problems and joys alike.

This whole broken foot-thing has been stressful and trying at times but it’s been one of those experiences that illustrate loud and clear who your friends are.  While it’s been very small on the scale of bad things that can happen to a person, it still served as a reminder to me that you shouldn’t take things like body parts and friends for granted.

I’m especially grateful to PD who’s managed not only to pick up my tremendous slack around the house these past weeks but was able to drive me to and from work.  There were only a couple of incidents involving his Meniere’s that made it difficult and I thank God for that.  And who but someone who loved me more than I deserve would haul his butt out of bed at an ungodly hour every morning after having watched so many hockey games after I’d gone to bed?

Now that I’ve been able to retire the boot (as of Thursday past) I’m going to try to keep my pace slow and smell the proverbial flowers.  My ankle is weak from un-use and my going is still a bit pokey (it’s actually more painful than the break was on the side of my foot, believe it or not) but I’m exercising it every day and planning to run a marathon hopefully soon I’ll start feeling normal again.  I’m keeping my driving to a minimum.  No, the old guy was not sitting on his porch today.  And no, I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket yet.

LITTLE MR. BUNNY (and the rainbows)


This little guy has taken up residence under our back porch.  Twice now I’ve attempted to photograph him nibbling on the blossoms on my Bleeding Heart bush.  Both times he’s gotten spooked and took refuge under the porch.  I’ll keep trying because it’s so cute… the way he sits up on his hind feet and latches on to a blossom and yanks his head back and forth until he pulls it free from the bush.  I hope it’s ok for him to eat them.

This morning I woke up to Mr. Moon blatantly glaring through the window into my bedroom.  It was so bright, at first I thought it was the sun and I’d overslept.  Was kinda nice waking up bathed in moonlight like that.

It’s a beautiful day here.  A little cool but the sun is shining bright and the sky is blue dotted with fluffy white clouds.

I hung a couple of crystals on a plant hanger on my back porch.  This time of day the sun is behind the house and shines on the crystals.  Sometimes they shine through the windows and there are miniature rainbows dancing on my dining room walls.  It’s so cool, I wish you could see it.  Oh wait, you can.  One of them, anyway.  It’s the only one I could catch that wasn’t moving.  The picture doesn’t do the colors justice, they are very vivid and bright.  So use your imagination.



We had a bad windstorm on Sunday night and actually saw what most of the people around considered to be a funnel cloud. If I thought I could get it uploaded before my Internet access goes down again, I would post the pictures I took. Anyway, our online service has been sporadic since and I’ve not been able to be on here for more than a few minutes at a time. I’ll try to hurry and say what I have to before I lose it again.

I surely feel for the poor people in Texas who had storms so much more severe. Had our winds been a wee bit stronger, I would have been scared pissless.

I spent almost a half an hour on Monday after work untangling wind chimes on the back porch. They looked almost like someone tried to braid them. Fun, fun. And the pretend pansies I had in a bowl on the table on the porch, they’s missin’ sumptin’ awful.

Melinda over at Melinda Zook has bestowed an award upon (bestowed upon?) me if you’re interested. It’s pretty and I’m very touched. I wanted to show you a picture of it but I’m trying to hurry and finish this before my connection goes poof. Thank you Melinda!

The garage sale if finally over. Wasn’t a total waste of time, got rid of a lot of stuff but there are still quite a few boxes that will be donated. Met some really interesting people, not including the woman who told me I was an ignorant person. I don’t have time to get into that now. But I certainly will.

Did you see the Moon last night and this morning? Freakin’ awesome.

I have one more chapter of the Epic to share with you. Yes, I know you’ll all be glad when that’s over. Too bad, I want it chronicled so I can look back here and relive it when I’m old. Er. Older. Will post it on the weekend. Consider that your warning so you can avoid it if you’re sick of it…

I read all of your blogs tonight after dinner but couldn’t leave comments. What’s up with that? I opened all 15 up in tabs, read them but couldn’t leave comments. Computers and DSL make me crazy sometimes. Also, our landline phone was dead for two days. It’s back on but all staticy. The repairman is coming Thursday and I’m hoping he can cure the DSL too. My apologies if you sent email… If I read it, I didn’t get to answer it. Of course you would know that wouldn’t you.

I’m getting a small taste of what it would be like to be blog-less and email-less, and let me tell you… Well, I know there are plenty of things in life worse to be without but I would miss you all even more than I could imagine. So just in case I haven’t said this in awhile, I love you guys and it means so much to have you around.

Goodnight 🙂


So the other day I was walking around the yard with my camera, taking pictures of my tulips. The orange and yellow ones, at least. I thought a nice Spring flower picture would cheer up the look of the old blog.  Well, of course I never got around to getting the pictures out of the camera.
But here’s when things took a turn for the weird. It was the day I posted my horoscope. That seems to be the day-or the first time that I noticed- that WordPress started listing “possibly related posts” at the end of a post. When I saw it, and it wasn’t even on the main page, it was on my dashboard. I clicked on this link. What I saw there was a Pisces horoscope and I was thinking it took me to my own page and my own horoscope. Imagine my surprise when I saw my tulips that I’d only been thinking about uploading. I was like Holy Crap, WordPress is magic! My brain went inside out before I realized that there was another blog out there (Hi Lawgirl!) with a Pisces horoscope and yellow and orange tulips. I guess, though, that you would have had to have spent some time inside my head to fully grasp the freak factor when I saw that page.  And yes, of course I noticed that Lawgirl’s  tulips are sharper and clearer than mine.  Shut up.


You probably aren’t going to feel very social today, dear Pisces. In fact, you’re likely to want to work on projects and tasks alone if you can. This actually might be good for you, as you probably need to concentrate on crossing certain things off your list without being distracted. Still, you should get out among others at some point during the day. You might want to be alone, but you’ll still need to feel that you belong. ≈

This was my dead-on horoscope for today and I only just now read it. But that’s usually how I read them; after the fact. That way, I know my actions on any given day aren’t influenced by a thought planted in my head and plus I get the added kick of seeing that mostly they’re pretty accurate. For me anyway.

So, as reported up there, I was wantin’ to be left alone today. Didn’t happen, which made that yearning all the more keen. I had two projects to accomplish at work today. Put the ear buds in and went at it. On breaks I went outside and soaked up as much sun as possible. Spent time thinking of what I needed to accomplish at home this evening and made a mental list. When I got home I dug in and took care of 8 or 10 of those. I did take time to sit on the porch for a little while, where I made a couple of phone calls I’d been putting off. PD got dinner and we sat down to watch Bridge to Terabithia, or the second half of it, since we watched the first half yesterday. I’d intended to watch it last week with Julian and never got to it.

While we dined and watched, a pretty substantial rain shower was going on outside. One single thunderclap and it was over. We finished the movie and dinner. I blew my nose and cleared my head from the profuse weeping (Thanks, Walt Disney) and went back to the porch and was astounded by how the rain transformed our backyard into a beautiful green paradise. The buds on the trees opened in less than two hours time! There must have been magic in that rain!

Either that or Terabithia did a number on my (already child-like) imagination. A kid’s movie for sure, but I came away feeling a surge of hope and creativity and a sense of wonder. I know this sounds hokey, but I ain’t lyin’ to ya. I can’t explain how beautiful the yard looks right now. The sunlight is shining through the rain-soaked leaves, the tulips and daffodils seem brighter and everything is green and shiny. It all has a kind of glow. It even smells wonderful and fresh. The birds must have noticed it too, they’re singing like crazy.

Ok, so my horoscope is a little off… I don’t need to get out among people to feel like I belong. Standing on my porch just then, taking in all the beauty in my own little corner of the world is the most belonging feeling I’ve felt in quite some time.

Going back there now… Wish you could join me : )


Just out of curiosity, coupled with my own masochistic tendencies, I’m going to try to post a picture using the new WordPress handy, dandy  “Add Media” option.  This could seriously change my life!  Or send me deeper into the depths of depression… 😉  Wish me luck.

\"Pretty Posies\"


PD and I went to the flea market at the park today instead of tomorrow. I thought it might be nice to just have an at-home day before going back to work.

I did pretty good as far as not buying too much stuff I don’t need. I think I took about $70 with me and came home with a ten and some change. Mostly what I bought were cds. I got Warren Zevon’s The Wind, a Michelle Branch, Slim Dunlap (ex-‘Mats member), Outkast, Lemonheads, Hooters, (really.) Joni Mitchell and one of those American Eagle Outfitter’s Compilations. I have three or four of those and no complaints. I think maybe that’s it for the cds. I picked up a 3-pack of Yankee Leather scented car fresheners. (Love those.) Pretty much everything else was art supplies. I found a really cool vendor who had printed up a lot of nostalgic art things and framed them or made magnets or bookmarks and greeting cards. A lot were pictures by my favorite artist John Waterhouse. So I had to buy a bagful of that stuff. I also bought a blue glass bottle for my kitchen window collection and two marbles. And a tin of colored pencils. PD bought a dvd and a Batman figure for Little Juju. Oh, yeah and I bought some hair thingies and a mink bracelet for Little Miss Juju. I think that’s it.

We had a fun day. There were tons of people there and some good music and food. I got a lot of ideas for some art projects. Right now my legs are tired. PD has those attractive white lines on his temples where his sunglasses kept the sun off. I haven’t looked at my shoulders yet but I bet they’re red…

Last night we watched Fracture. (starring my hero, Anthony Hopkins.) Pretty good but I can’t figure out why they called it “Fracture.” Like I need anything else to wonder about… I rented Shopgirl to watch. Will let you know how it is.

I planted wild flowers in my flower beds this year, I think I told you. You would not believe how they’ve grown and how tall and thick they are. There were these crazy vines with huge heart-shaped leaves that just took over. They climbed up the foundation and over the porch railing which is higher than I can reach standing on the ground. Yesterday one of the tendrils grew almost a foot from morning to evening. This morning it bloomed and of all things, they are Morning Glories. Huge, deep purple blossoms and they’re beautiful. I just can’t get over how quickly they grow. And they twine around every single thing in their path. If I’d remembered to replace the batteries in my camera I would take pictures. But you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway… so you’ll just have to take my word for it. In the meantime, I came across this painting of flowers that’s pretty cool. Check it out and then I’m checkin’ out.

Goodnight. Enjoy the Holiday tomorrow. (Today, now.  Or yesterday if it’s Tuesday.)

PS Somebody let me know if all these links work. 😉