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If this were the kind of blog and I were the type of person to address current events, there would be a bunch of crap here about The Debate and The Bail-out and that sort of thing.  But it’s not and I’m not so let’s talk about something else, shall we?

I never finished the posting about the end of The Airborne Toxic Event show.  I’ll try to put it in a nutshell.  Not sure if I said this or not but I’m not a fan of The Fratelli’s, which was the headlining band.  But Michael and I stayed and gave them a fair listen.  I did particularly like one of their songs (the title escapes me) and 2 or 3 others were good.  Just about near the end of their set, I saw Daren, TATE’s drummer walking toward me and crooked my finger at him and he got a big smile and came over.  I was sitting on a step leading up to the sound booth and he told me not to get up (he’s kind to old ladies)  and leaned down and said “So how did we do?  You know, compared to…?” (I assumed he meant the Fratelli’s)  I said something like “They paled in comparison to you guys!”  and he seemed happy to hear that.  From what I remember of our conversation, I told him that I hope their iminent fame wasn’t going to affect them in a bad way or something to that effect.  He said, “You know, I think about that a lot.”  And I forget what else he said after that, dammit.  I do, however remember vividly what he said about how awesome it is to go to a strange town where most people never heard of the band and be so well-accepted.  I told him it was because the band is so approachable and friendly to their fans.  He told me how important “connecting” is to them (the band).  Whether it be on a musical level, a lyrical level or even a spiritual level, he said, there is just nothing like reaching out and connecting with virtual strangers and have them accept you.  I agreed that it must be an incredible feeling.  We talked a little longer and I told him again how great the show was and that I wished them a very successful tour and safe travels.  I stood up and hugged him kind of hard and he hugged back just as hard.  It was a “moment.” 😉  So that was that for the night.  I think.  I’m sure I left out some details but it seems so long ago now.   Although I still listen to them every day at least once because, dammit, they have some damn good music.  I read last week that they had to cut a few stops off their tour due to the Fratelli’s suffering a bereavement.

Something completely unrelated.  The Drive Thru Mo-Jo pic I posted?  I took that a couple of weeks ago and just never got it out of the camera until the day I posted it.  Today on my way home from work, I saw some construction going on there that looks suspiciously like the framing for a drive-up window.  🙂  So I’m excited again.  I hope it’s at least as good as Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee.  In that case I will be taking advantage of being a lazy Yank and not having to get out of my car to get coffee in the am.  Right, BD?  Riiiiiight.

Going to New York this weekend and I’m rilly, rilly looking forward to it.  Ju said Madeline has a cold so we won’t be doing a whole lot of smoochin’ but we’ll still have fun.  I’m anxious to see how big Andrew has gotten (hopefully not real big) and see what he’s been learning.  He’s going to be two next month already.  Julian reminded me on the phone last night that we have to play “What Nana Says” which is a game we made up where he has to do what I say, normally something goofy but with some sort of lesson.  I have to think up some new ones for him.  Suggestions welcome.

The router finally came, so soon as PD finds time to hook it up, I’ll be able to use my laptop again.  I’m thrilled about that because I hatehatehate the keyboard on this PC.

I’m down to 13 cigarettes a day this week.  Still down two pounds.

Question for y’all.  What’s your favorite way to spend a rainy dark Fall night?

I know I had some other stuff to tell you but I need to go eat dinner.  TTYL


PD has taken it upon himself to aid me in the frightful task of smoking cessation (mine).  He subscribes to the school of thought that the very best way for me to quit is to allot me a certain number of the cursed things cigarettes each day, tapering off until I’m smoke-free.  This week he’s kindly counted out 15 cigarettes each day and sends me out in the world with that much ammunition.  Next week he’ll arm me with 14 per day and so on and so on.

I hesitate to even post this information due to the fact that you wonderful people have heard so many different versions of this song and dance routine that I’m sure you’re thinking, “Yeah, right.  Here we go again…”  Yeah, well, you’re gonna hear it- and if and when I fail again, you can say “I told you so” but you can say it to yourself because if you say it to me I’ll cry.  And then I’ll try again and you’ll have to read about it again.  And so on.

I have to confess that I’m not exactly buying this method one hundred per cent.  And I’ve been honest with PD about it.  The times that I’ve tried this method before, what happens is this: by the time you get down to say, 5 cigarettes per day, those five cigarettes become the most important thing in the world and that’s all you can think about.  I feel like I wrote this before and if I did, I apologize. But that’s what I’m expecting.  In the mean time, I’m working on getting more exercise and drinking voluminous amounts of water. (Not entirely sure if I’m using voluminous correctly, I looked it up [honest I did, it’s somewhere between volcano and vomit in the dictionary] and I’m still not sure.  Anyway, I’m drinking gallons of water.  And trying to occupy my mind with prayer/song lyrics/plots to murder people who stress me into lighting up.

So.  I guess the plan is that 14 weeks from now I’ll be smoking one cigarette per day.  That ought to be quite an entertaining time to read here.

And as a side note fodder for your added entertainment in the coming weeks maybe I’ll chronicle my weight each week.  Just for fun.  Officially, today my weight is 123 lbs.  I actually lost two pounds since last week, not sure what to attribute that to…  And to wrap this up,  I would like to discourage any off-site wagering as to what the figure may be at Christmas time.  That would be funny, I know, but mean.  😉

And just because this page needs some color, here’s a recent sunset behind our house that I like.  A lot.


Taking full advantage of a beautiful morning, waking up on the back porch with coffee and web-surfing capabilities. I’ve visited with 3 people online, two neighbors and one husband so far and didn’t have to even stand up. Called and scheduled two medical appointments and am going to call me mum here in a few. Lazy is good 🙂

How do you like the devil in my eye up there in my new header?  lol.  That was fun.

Just in case you’re a fan, click here to find out where you can get a free Krispy Kreme in honor of National Donut Day or some damn thing. I’ll pass, I got my Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Cashew Bar. Plus, my closest free donut is about half an hour away.

I’m celebrating the beginning of Frizzy Hair Season today. How am I? By putting my head under the faucet and just letting my hair dry by itself in a wild mass of curl/frizz/shit. I’m actually excited to do this for a number of reasons, including the fact that no electricity or hair products are involved. It’s also kind of a free and easy-feeling thing. It’s fast. I feel like I’m enjoying a God-given gift of carefree hair. See, I can’t do this everyday, mostly because of the get-up I have to wear at work which flattens and otherwise f***s with my style. Working in a cleanroom totally is a disadvantage if you don’t have flat, straight hair. So on normal days I use electricity and assorted products to flatten and uncurl.

It feels good to have a three-day weekend and not a plan in sight. My house is (somewhat) in order, laundry (fairly) caught up and nothing pressing. This is what I strive for in life! 😉


PD just informed me that we need to make a trip to Lowe’s (half an hour’s drive.) Oh goody. I might get me a Krispy Kreme after all. Small consolation, huh, with a hole in it. Doh!

Hey, I’m listening to streaming Alt X Radio this morning. Not bad.