Catch Up

This is gonna be quick. If I don’t post right this minute, I don’t know when I’ll ever get the time so here goes.

This has been a wild and crazy summer so far. Back to back things going on and not a lot of time to breathe in between.  But here’s the best part. Forgive me if you already know all this because I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops posting bits and pieces of my good fortune all over the internet the past month or so.

At the end of the month I’m going to be able to cross three items off my Bucket List.  One item in particular was a complete and utter fantasy because I didn’t think it was possible, that being SEEING THE REPLACEMENTS.  Since they sort of split up (parted ways and have not performed together since) in 1991, fans of the band only dared to dream that they would ever reunite.  As fate would have it, they are doing the Riot Fest tour this summer in Denver, Chicago and Toronto.

Long story short (my bedtime, I HATE Sunday nights) I’m going on a road trip with my daughter to Toronto to see The Replacements perform ALIVE AND IN PERSON.  And those three things are all on my Bucket List.

Now, if my passport only arrives in time, I’ll be all set.  Another story for another time.

3 responses to “Catch Up

  1. I never saw your review of the show, so I’ll just comment here. I saw the Replacements 4 times back in the day, but I never saw them drunk or stupid or sloppy. I “saw” them at Maxwells in the winter of 85 (86?), but the room, which had a capacity of 200, must have had 400 people crammed into it. (Maxwells was notorious for this, right to the end. I saw the Feelies there this summer and it was the same old deal.) Anyway, this was one of Bob’s last shows, though of course no one knew it at the time. They were locked in and entirely professional, it seemed to me, though we were at the back of the room and (sacrilege!) and left a little early because there was no air left in the room and we wanted to go get some beers somewhere. I remember Bob really pushing Paul, the pace was really fast. I never bought the crap about Bob being thrown out of the band for being a drunk. If you listen to boots of the era, Bob is always white hot, with a seemingly encyclopedic memory of cover song chords. Paul threw Bob out of the band because of shows like this. Bob wanted the Replacements to be a punk band, one banger after another, and Paul wanted to do ballads and take his time on stage. There are plenty of shows from this era where Bob is flawless and Paul is drunk and flailing. That’s why Bob had to go .Anyway, I saw them at the Ritz in 87 and the popular sentiment at the time was that this wasn’t the “real” Replacements because Bob was gone and Slim was in his place. (Poor Slim. He never tried to compete with Bob’s ghost and no one ever liked him. In the end, even Paul disliked him, until not liking him became impossible after Slim’s stroke.) This is the best Replacements show I saw. Again, no fooling around, no busted covers. It’s all on Paul at this point and he held up pretty well, considering. The Ritz was a big room and I can distinctly remember being surprised at how many girls were in the audience. That was something we didn’t see a lot in those days and I ended up in conversation with some girl on one of the Ritz’s big staircases. We were sitting and for some reason I kept untying the laces on her sneakers. Finally she said, I like you, but you have to stop untying my shoes. So I untied them again and she stomped off. Even then, I was pretty smooth with their girls. Paul was (and is) a middling rhythm guitarist, but by this point, he had the songs, so many great songs, a lead guitarist who would paint within the lines, and he had the stage presence. Suddenly, he was a rock star and he knew it. (Running out of time here; I’ll have to pick it up in another post.)

  2. Mr. Ramble, I am still working on (making time actually…) getting my post up. I thank you for your thoughtful post here. Stay tuned and I will get my take on the show up here (hopefully soon) and properly reply to this also.

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