Anyone? Testing, testing… 1 2 3

Anyone besides Mark having trouble commenting here?  If you are, which means you can’t, shake your head real hard so I can see you.

Otherwise, email me and let me know, ’cause I gotta find out what’s going on here.  Just in case I write another post someday and you want to respond…

onewinkatatime@hotmail dot com

2 responses to “Anyone? Testing, testing… 1 2 3

  1. Okay, trying to post…think it will work fine since I have a wordpress account, but just thought I would test. Note, you should put in some spaces in your email address in this post so it isn’t picked up by bots and you end up with a bunch of spam. Or change the at symbol to the word “at” and the dot to the word “dot”…

  2. Thank you Mishka! Crazy after all these years I’m still learning. You’re a peach!

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