Life and Aging

So I’ve become preoccupied with the whole concept of aging.  But mostly how unfair it is.  It occurs to me that in this instance, Life and Aging can be used interchangeably.

I keep thinking of my parents when they were young.  How they fell in love, how their lives unfolded and how innocent they started out.  There was no way they could have known that they would have six children or the allowances and sacrifices they would be required to make.  Both of them came from very poor families and decided that their kids would not do without as they did.  That, in itself is a rather daunting undertaking.

I think when we look at our parents, we forget that they were much like we are at one time. Most likely they had a lot of the same feelings and desires and fears.  When I look at myself and wonder how I got this old, I realize now that they must have done the same thing.  It seems so unfair to me that Life has robbed them, not only of their youth and innocence but their vitality and abilities to take care of themselves, and then, finally, their lives themselves. It seems so senseless.  I try to concentrate on the good memories, the happy times and the fact that the world is a better place for them having been here.  But when I think of how short a time we’re given on this Earth to accomplish something, it seems kind of cruel to me.

I think I’m about to embark on the angry stage of Grief.

5 responses to “Life and Aging

  1. I was looking in the mirror the other day and wondering who the hell the old guy looking back at me was. He seems to have snuck in when I wasn’t paying attention.

  2. Whatever you do, don’t look in a mirror in the daylight. That’s even more painful.

  3. It is all about who you love and who loves you….the rest of it doesn’t matter. Regardless of how our lives go, we have an effect on those around us and that is the legacy we leave behind…I try to think of that when I feel those mid-life thoughts creeping into my brain…LOL.

  4. Great expression of these feelings. I think about this more often than I should, which makes me worry how I will react when I lose one of my parents.

  5. The Powerlessness of it all requires ALOT of acceptance
    at times more than one can muster.

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