My Mom and Dad

This is my mom and dad, the couple standing. I’m pretty sure that’s not Lee Harvey Oswald in the foreground. The pic is circa 1954.

4 responses to “My Mom and Dad

  1. Cool family snapshot. As good if not better than a posed picture. Now if I could just convince my wife of that!

  2. Cool pic…I recently changed my Facebook over to the Timeline setup and decided to add and date pics from my childhood on there. I had so much fun scanning them in and using my detective skills to figure out who was in them and what year it was…

  3. Mark, the pictures my mom had stashed… omg was like finding a treasure trove. And I agree, candid is best most of the time.

    Mishka, good luck with that! One could make a career out of it. A fun one, yeah, but it can be a real chore.

  4. Lee Harvey comment, LOL

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