You may have heard about PD’s little buddy, Broken Foot here or on my facebook page.

Early this past summer he called me outside to see a bunny in our backyard.  There I saw this little guy.  He had some trouble hopping and we decided that his right back paw had been broken at some time and never healed correctly. It’s not obvious in this photo but he also had part of his left ear missing.  Such a lot of turmoil he must have endured in his short little life.

Over the course of the summer, PD would throw carrots to him from a safe distance and we would watch him nibble them.  After a couple of weeks, he would show up several times during the day.  PD began keeping carrots in a plastic container just for the bunny and would shake them when he would go outside and after a time, the bunny would come close to the house for his daily treats.  PD started to call him Broken Foot.  As time went on, Broken Foot would come closer and closer until we could sit at our picnic table and he would merrily chomp down his treats a few feet away,  not afraid at all.

Neighborhood cats made us nervous a lot of the time.  There were two that we’d see now and then and were never sure if they were strays or if they belonged to someone.  A certain black one would show up at night and when we would see Broken Foot the next day we would feel relief, knowing that he had avoided a tangle with the cat.

Then one day another bunny showed up in our yard. Shortly after it became commonplace to see this bunny and Broken Foot playing together.  We decided it was a she and that she was BF’s girlfriend.  She was not as fearless and never came so close for carrots.

Nature being what it is,  a short time passed and PD called me out one day to show me a little nest covered with grass and bunny fur with five teeny tiny bunnies nestled inside.  PD had very nearly run over it with the lawn mower.  We were both excited for the Foot family and looked forward to watching them grow.  And we felt honored that they chose the relative safety of our yard to raise a family.

Sadly, the next day PD buried what was left of the babies after a cat had found the nest.  We grieved for Broken Foot and his Lady.

Time went on and Broken Foot grew to the size you see here.

Then late in October, Broken Foot didn’t show up and for two weeks, PD and I nervously watched along the road in front of our house expecting to see a little brown mound, figuring that he’d maybe run in front of a passing car.  We would see the Lady from time to time but she would be alone.

Then one cold snowy night, PD was looking out the back door and I was busy. I heard him rustling around and then I heard the door close.  I went to investigate and I found PD in the yard, with carrots welcoming Broken Foot back.  There was pure joy in his voice and I could tell how happy he was to see him.

BF took up residence first under the utility shed in the back yard.  PD would make sure the entrance to his hole was clear of snow and ice.  Lately with the cold, cold temperatures, he’s been living under our back porch.

Today when I came home from work, PD greeted me with the sad news that he’d found Broken Foot’s broken little body under our porch when he was putting a sled away that we’d decorated for Christmas with a wreath and bow.  He said it was obvious that he’d tangled with a cat, finally.  And lost.  He buried him in a special place.

You were a tough little bunny and you found a place in our hearts.  I hope there are no kitties where you are now.  XO



9 responses to “SAD HERE TODAY

  1. What a sad, sad story…. Broke my heart!
    Please share with PD how sorry I am for your loss.
    We normally take the little things in life for granted, it is heartwarming to hear how you guys “adopted” him.

  2. Thanks Cherie, I will pass that along to him.
    It was more PD than me… watching his face with him, the patience… He was proud of him, you know. I’m really sad for him and wrote this to show him that I cared that he cared. That’s one of the things I love about him, he doesn’t take things for granted.

  3. ((hugs)) for you and Jerry.

  4. Awww, poor bunny. See that’s why I despise cats! Well that and they seem to hate me too.

  5. Hazel: Thanks : ) Wish you could have met him.
    Jeff: I just don’t understand some of the ways of nature. Cats don’t like you? That just proves that they’re at least semi-intelligent ; )

  6. So sorry…that sucks. I have always felt kind of bad keeping my cat indoors but then I hear stories like that and I am glad that she isn’t able to kill birds and bunnies.

  7. Mishka: Thank you. I wonder if cats really care where they live?

  8. Obviously I’ve been negligent checking in, but I’m glad I did. As sad as this story is, it also warms my heart. You made a rare connection with your friend BF, and his GF, and gave him more carrots than he ever could have dreamed of. You’re good people, Linda! 🙂

  9. Thanks Mike. No need to apology for not checking in, there’s usually nothing new to read here~ Nice words you wrote.

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