Got homesick for the old blog.  Came over and started playing around with some new themes, thinking that maybe in the process I would be inspired to actually write something of substance.

I was wrong.  And now here I am with this ghastly-looking purple monstrosity.

Oh well.  It still reads the same.  Old news.  Same old news.

One tidbit, though, that I do have to share.  PD and I have been hard at work giving our living room a face lift.  It’s a slow process, indeed… Considering that I am tired when I get home from work during the week and our weekends are usually crammed full of other responsibilities.  What we have accomplished so far is making us both happy at least, so hopefully by the time the holidays roll around we will have a nice shiny new place for entertaining.

5 responses to “NEW LOOK

  1. I get sad sometimes when I start typing something for my blog, because it’s a community that has all but died. That’s kind of what has happened to blogs in general. I admit I had hit my saturation point for blogs to read. I still have (most of) the friends I made through blogs, and wasn’t going to make anymore, so I’m not sure why it bothers me so much.

    I think maybe it’s the itch to be published and read. I never lost it after being a newspaper reporter/photographer. Oddly, I often had no proof that anybody besides my editors actually read my news pieces and columns, but blogging changed that. Folks read, and then left proof that they read (both through comments and through Ah, well, nothing great lasts forever, but I’m still out there posting when I think something I’ve done is worth sharing.

  2. It’s good, very girly but good! 😉

  3. @Mark: Even sadder, I was just clicking through links on my blogroll and at least half of them are no longer up or haven’t been updated in, like, a year. So sad. Keep blogging and I’ll do my best…

    @Jeff: Sorry, it’s not gonna stay. Wish I could design my own, none of the available themes are “me” or even close…

  4. I know how you feel about wanting to change things up. I want to update my template too but I have some customizations that I don’t want to lose and I don’t have the energy right now to replace them in a new template (or even if they would work in a new template…guess it will have to wait but I definitely need a new header…need to get on that for sure….

  5. Mishka: Hi! Long time no see…
    I was hoping it would inspire me to take the time to write something of substance. I’ll have to come over and check and see what you come up with : )

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