I have had a rough past couple of months in the sense that I’ve let myself become severely stressed and rather than drag you down with me, I’ve chosen to put together a post of the music that I’ve been relying on to keep myself relatively sane. It’s an odd mix so if you don’t like the first couple, that doesn’t mean you won’t find something you do.  Here goes:

Vanished ~ Crystal Castles

Cello Song ~ The Books

Forever Young ~ Alphaville

Modern Man ~ Arcade Fire

White Moon ~ Beach House

The Devil and the Liar ~ Long Wave

Hard Enough ~ Brandon Flowers

Ghosts and Stuff ~ Deadmau5

Do You Love Me ~ Guster

Let’s Go Surfing ~ The Drums

Better Together ~ Jack Johnson

Coming Through ~ The War On Drugs

Best Friends ~ The Perishers

Arkansas ~ Damien Jurado

Cold Love ~ Tim Kasher

God and Satan ~ Biffy Clyro

Death ~ White Lies

Strangers in the Wind ~ Cut Copy

Reuben ~ Cathy Davey

The Sky is Blue ~ Dynamite Hack

Need You Now ~ Lady Antebellum

My Girls ~ Animal Collective

USA Boys ~ Health

We Are Young ~ 3OH!3

Telling Lies ~ Great Northern

Need to Shout ~ Architecture in Helsinki

Mouth Full of Diamonds ~ Phantogram

Every Car You Chase ~ Snow Patrol/Police Mashup

Hey We Will Rock Ya ~ Outkast/Queen Mashup

That’s about it for now.  Hope maybe you find something you like that you hadn’t heard before.  I don’t listen to Top 40’s mainstream radio so I don’t know what they’re playing these days…

Have a good weekend, y’all.

7 responses to “DOIN’ THE IPOD CLUTCH

  1. LMK plz if any of these links don’t work. And feel free to say what you like and don’t. A good music discussion would be a welcome distraction for me…

  2. Interesting list you have here. I have had Need You Now stuck in my head for weeks, thanks for reinforcing that. Every Car You Chase, I will never be able to hear Every Breath You Take again without thinking of this.
    I’ll get back to you on the rest, I’m still trying to recover photos from that stupid hard drive.

  3. Looking forward to giving each of these a listen. I truly appreciate the hyperlinks – it’s so easy! I know a few of these bands and am curious about the song choices. I’ll come back and comment later! Hope all is well with you, Linda! ~Mike

  4. Thanks for stopping by Mike : ) Hope you liked some of these. Every time I come here, I get blogsickness, you know, Blog Sweet Blog. Maybe with cold weather coming I’ll have more time to write. Lord knows there’s a lot to write about!

    Jeff, Sorry I missed your visit. I need to check this place more often…

  5. The Crystal Castles song is good but wow, it sounds like a MGMT ripoff big time. For all I know it may have predated MGMT tho.

  6. The Phantogram song kicks ass too

  7. Vanished came out in 2008… MGMT I believe, has been around since 2005. I agree, they have that same dreamy, techno sound. I love MGMT… don’t know the Castles that well, just this particular song.
    Matt, Jerry’s tattoo guy got me listening to Phantogram. They were just in Pgh this past week. Wanted to see them but it was a week night.

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