Stole this from Zefrank’s Twitter page.  I think it’s beyond awesome and I wanted you to see it.  Tell me your thoughts…

7 responses to “THANKS, ZEFRANK

  1. I’ve always loved to watch that style of dancing. Is that breakdancing? Poppin’ and lockin’? It’s cool that there are so many graceful moves, too, not just the robotic effects. All of it’s fun to see, but it’s encouraging that boys at that age (whether pros dress down or true street kids) don’t think it’s uncool or too feminine to do things like that.

  2. This particular form is called “Turf Dancing.” Started in the 90’s in CA. It’s an acronym for Taking Up Room on the Floor. It’s different from other forms of dance depending on the type of music from what I understand. I love how it seems that there’s a bond between the dancers. Like a brotherhood…
    Impressed me with your street vocab, there, Dude.

  3. Love it! Shared it on fb.

  4. this is beautiful, seriously beautiful and maded my heart glad 🙂 like you.

  5. I knew you would like it : )

  6. That was fun. Thanks.

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