TECHNOLOGY AND ME (then & now)

Something weird happened to me last night and I’m half afraid to tell PD. He doesn’t react well to certain things…

I decided I wanted to try the new Google Chrome.  I told him and he said  fine, put it on your laptop, leave the PC alone. No problem.  I downloaded it on the laptop. Might just be a coincidence but when I type anything, it comes up backwards.  Like if I wrote Numbskull it would come up lluksbmuN.  What the heck??? I haven’t turned it on today, kind of afraid to.

Did I ever tell you about the time… I was about 14.  Dad bought this huge beautiful console color TV that cost $800. That was a big deal then for us.  A couple of days later he brought this huge magnet home from work that someone gave him. It was about the size of my fist with a handle on it.  We kids were screwing around with it and I found out that if you ran the magnet across the TV screen, it would pull the picture and I was making people’s faces all contorted.  It was big fun up until… Well…. When I stopped, the peoples’ faces didn’t go back the way they were supposed to. I freaked.  Dad was working the night shift and wouldn’t find out until morning but I cried myself to sleep that night, worrying that I’d ruined that expensive TV. The next morning my mom woke me up to tell me the TV was ok when she turned it on.  So I’m hoping when I fire up the laptop, it will miraculously be ok too.  Wish me luck… I’ll let you know.

6 responses to “TECHNOLOGY AND ME (then & now)

  1. Good luck. I’ll be waiting to hear.

  2. Well, my words aren’t coming up backwards but my mouse won’t work… I see that this could turn into a saga. Welcome to Winksville…

  3. Yikes. I’ve seen a friend’s kid do that to a computer monitor. Not pretty.

    I hope the kinks work out. Did you try uninstalling Chrome?

  4. Is it only doing it in your browser or in all of your programs…if it is only the browser, you might just need to change an “encoding” thing that I can help you with…if it is all your programs, you might need to uninstall the keyboard and let the computer find it again (not sure if you can do this on a laptop or not)…

  5. Mishka: Bless your heart for offering to help. It seems to be ok now but it was pretty freaky! I haven’t had time to check again to make sure it stayed ok but I will. The mouse just needed a new battery. I will keep you in mind next time I have a problem.
    I visited your blog over the weekend and enjoyed the flower arranging pics. Hope all is well with you. I’m not happy that we’ve lost touch…

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