This weekend’s project is cleaning out and organizing the attic.  I’ve put it off for way too long.  In the interest of feeling more in control of  my life as well as looking forward at the prospect of my children resenting me after I’m gone, I decided it was TIME.

As I was rooting through “the Kids’ Corner,” I found myself rapt in memories of times long ago, good memories.  Memories of a simpler time.  Looking at special baby clothes that I’d saved made me hungry to hold a baby.  Not just any baby, but one of mine.  Michael and Jennifer were two of the World’s Greatest Babies.  Both were beautiful beyond imagination and joys to take care of.  Sure there were fussy times and scary times as there are with all babies.  But looking back, I’m beyond positive that I would do it all again.   Of course, times were different then.  There were not so many conveniences.  There were no vibrating baby chairs that would lull the baby to sleep while Mama took care of other things.  There were no microwaves to heat bottles.  There were disposable diapers but I was as stubborn then as I am now.  (And environmentally conscious too)  but real diapers didn’t work well for me and my babies each had the wicked diaper rashes as proof.  I caved in the interest of my children’s bums and used the cursed all-absorbent land-filling disposables.

But back to my thoughts of simpler times.  How did everything get so complicated in a span of just 20-30 years?  Everything has become so specialized.  Used to be if you were going to cook something, you just did it.  You grabbed a pan and turned on the stove.  Now there are tons of different kinds of cookware depending on if you’re grilling, nuking, using a convection oven, toaster oven, whatever.  It’s become a big old circus.  And yet so many of us opt for grabbing something out of the freezer, throwing a paper towel over it and blasting the living shit out of it in a microwave.  That includes vitamins, enzymes and all the other things that are supposed to be in food.  All in the interest of saving time.  And ultimately starving our bodies of much-needed stuff like nutrients.

Do you remember when soap was soap?  It was something you washed with.  Now when something needs cleaned, your choices are endless.  You have bath and shower gels, body bars, pump sprays, scrubs, liquids, lotions, beads, oils, scented, unscented, emollients, exfoliators, with and without sunscreen, vitamin-enriched, organic, yadda badda bing. I could go on but I won’t.

Used to be if you had a headache, you simply took a freakin’ aspirin.  Now, omigawd, by the time you decide what to take, either your headache is a) gone or b) has escalated to migraine level which necessitates a whole ‘nother kind of pain reliever with about a gazillion other options.

Yeah well, I was just taking a break from the attic thing and needed to let some thoughts out.  Back to the sifting and sorting.  Anyone interested in six large boxes of slightly used stuffed animals?


  1. Raising my two sons was one of my greatest joys. They too, were nearly perfect.

    And I keep trying to make our little piece of life as simple as possible. We don’t seem to feel the need for all the latest and greatest gadgets. I don’t even know how to text. And I remember when cell meant something altogether different than the main use of the word now. Attic cleaning can take a very long time because of all the memories hiding there. It’s worth taking the time to remember

    Sorry about the stuffed animals. We have plenty of our own.

  2. Cas: Thanks for your heartfelt comments. I do enjoy going through the things I’ve held on to for sentimental reasons. I often wonder, though, if they will ever have meaning for anyone else besides me. My own inspiration for simplifying is this- when I’m gone, I don’t want my kids to have to face the monumental task of trying to get rid of everything I’ve collected all these years! And in the interest of time, the less I have to clean (or clean around) the better!

  3. My attic is empty(take that however you want), but my garage looks like a flea market exploded. When your done cleaning there, I could use some help!

  4. Having just moved I can relate to getting trapped by that stuff. I am ruthless in throwing out when I am preparing to pack for a move. How so little stuff can take up so many boxes is astonishing!

  5. Jeff, LOL on the empty attic. I would LOVE to go through your garage. I would love to get paid to go through other people’s junk. If I could keep the good stuff, that is ; )

    Scott, Bless your heart for taking the time to come and visit here at Ghost Town, USA. I wish aome of that ruthlessness would rub off on me. Since I wrote this, I’ve filled three huge garbage bags with clothes to go to the Goodwill. Plus I found another bag in the attic which I’d filled last year and never brought down.
    Best of luck in your new place with your pared-down collection of belongings : )

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