Everything is irritating the hell out of me lately.  iTunes has been down for two days.  Every time I come on here (the blog) I have to sign in again.  There has been spam in my comments queue.  I rarely get spam in there, haven’t had to sign in to WordPress in ages and have never been deprived of iTunes for two days in a row.  And these are all tiny little wee irritations.

Dry itchy Winter skin has me wanting to rip my skin off.  I’m tired of slathering on face cream and hand cream and body lotion. I’m sick to death of my daily routine.  I’m sick and tired of piling on clothes and wearing coats and gloves and bulky socks and scarves.  Heavy comforters and real pajamas are getting old.  I’m tired listening to people talk about snow and cold temperatures.  And these are all small annoyances as well, considering.

We’ve had a couple of warmer, sunny days here in PA and the excitement and relief is slipping away already.  I feel like I’ve been ruined somehow by this dastardly Winter that we’ve had and have not yet put behind us.  I find myself thinking that I can’t/won’t/don’t ever want to see another Winter as long as I live.  It took something out of me and I’m not sure what.  It made me tired, I know that.  I feel like I’ve aged 5 years in 4 short months (that seemed more like years.)   Depending on where you’re reading this, you may or may not understand.

Ok, I need to stop writing.  I’m on the PC and for some reason PD says the laptop won’t go online.  WTF. The good news is that my iTunes is up now…

I’m going to bed.  But first I’m having a drink to send off  Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse who died today.  That moved me way past irritable.

Sorry for the downer post.

Click on this link for my favorite Sparklehorse song.

Shade and Honey by Sparklehorse

7 responses to “WAY PAST IRRITABLE

  1. Before I was interrupted, I meant to write something about how I should shake this all off and concentrate on my blessings… of which I have more than I deserve. But then I read about Mark Linkous and just lost all desire to be positive and shit.

  2. I know just how you feel…..hang in there.

  3. You shared the misery. Sometimes that helps. If it helps cheer you up, any time I see Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, and a few others listed on a talk-show’s lineup, I think of you because you introduce me to their music, and wonder if you know they’re on.

  4. Well… that’s quiet interessting but frankly i have a hard time understanding it… wonder what others have to say..

  5. Hazel: Make sure you call me when you’re coming up. Maybe we can organize a night out. This time you can stay here.

    Mark: I did and it did a little. You spend a lot of time writing so you understand the concept of having to let some out so your don’t implode, right?
    Of course it cheers me up to know that you think of me for whatever reason, but music is my favorite thing to share. Next time yell. I miss so many bands’ performances because I never have the TV on.

  6. I hope things are better todsy, and that your skin has stopped itching. That makes everything worse.


  7. you just might have to head on down south my dearest, it’s cold here but nothing like what you have. and we get all four seasons for you to enjoy and we’re close to both the beach and mountains 🙂

    i too am sick of folks just wasting themselves away like that. i don’t think they are actually escaping, i think that they just have to start over where they left off. the idea of that, to hit the reset button makes me not ever want to take myself out.

    it’s good to get this stuff out of your head.

    love you lots!

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