I’ve been loving this song, Winter Tears by Mark O’Sullivan aka Goatboy for several months now.  It never had as much meaning to me as it does now, being knee-deep (pun intended) in the throes of Old Man Winter.  The song is from Mark’s EP Moon After Yule (available here.)  I should have the EP in my hands very soon and am excited to hear the whole thing.   You can read about him here also.  Very interesting read.

You Tube didn’t give me a share option for my blog for this video, if it’s not here, please take the time to C+P the link into your browser and give it a listen.  I promise you’ll like it.  Or maybe even love it as I do.

2 responses to “WINTER TEARS

  1. That was a great track. Thanks for sharing.

  2. that’s got a great sound, i like it i do.

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