I had this funny idea just now.  I was going to call this post DRUGS.  That way, when someone commented,  on my side bar, it would show peoples’ pictures and beside it would say “on drugs” thereby appearing what *you* would look like on drugs.  Ok, funny in kind of a sick way but still.  But being that most of you show up here as pretty quilt patches, it wouldn’t be so funny.

Anyway… Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

10 responses to “TOP

  1. I just had to do this. See in the recent comments column on the right.

  2. Clever very clever. Lol @ Mark, you have my kind of sense of humor. Happy Friday!

  3. I knew I could count on you guys to make me laugh. I Love You and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Do it your own way. I quit cold turkey, but then used the nicotine gum for weaning myself off the drug itself. I figured, better than smoking anything. Eventually, and I mean like 8 pieces total, I stopped the gum. Anger at the tobacco industry eventually subsided. Today, the new big tobacco is big corn, for high-fructose corn syrup. Besides difficulty with digestion, it’s now in freaking everything, not just my soda. So, when you kick tobacco, which you will in your own way, you can get pissed at corn next!

  5. Mike: I will consider that an option, thanks. Eight pieces, only? That’s impressive.
    I’m aware of the HFCS thing. Not aware enough though yet to the point where I eliminate it from my diet purposely. I don’t use sugar. Limited white bread and very little red meat. And am anti-NutraSweet and aspartame. Limits a lot of things from one’s diet and makes label-reading a constant pain in the butt. I’ve pretty much decided though, once I reach a certain age, God willing, let’s say 80, everything is fair game. I’m gonna be a smokin’, drinkin, junk food junkie.

  6. So now instead of drugs I’m on top? Don’t tell my wife, she’ll kill me!

  7. i think that’s an awesome idea. in fact, wait and do after we’ve forgotten.

  8. I just wanted to come back here and comment one more time so I could see how I look on top. What?

  9. LOL! wait. what?

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