Yesterday was not so bad.  The evening, again was my worst time but it was more bearable.  The hardest part now is when it hits me that No, I can’t have a cigarette.

I didn’t wake up around midnight last night as I have been.  There were other wake-ups but not that big, disturbing one that I’d been having.

One day at a time.  Oh yeah, gained 3 pounds so far.

4 responses to “DAY SIX

  1. Great job. This takes huge will power.

  2. It seems like the weight gain just goes with the quitting.

    Hang in there! You’re doing great!

  3. The urge to replace the cigarette w/ food will go away and your weight will return to normal, luckily you are thin by nature, so no one would even notice!

  4. Mark: Huge, yeah. How many thousands of times have you heard me bemoan my lack thereof? This has been a real exercise in searching for inner strength, strength that I hope is there somewhere…

    Cas: I sooo appreciate you coming over every day to cheer me on!

    Ju: I hope that happens soon, I’m running out of interesting food to keep me occupied. lol
    I don’t mind a moderate weight gain, in fact I welcome it. Just don’t want to have to invest in a new wardrobe!

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