Hi : ) Would love to stay and chat but I’m kinda crazy today. But I wanted to share this link with you that I found.  You can download 27 songs for free on iTunes from Nylon Magazine.  It looks very simple… like you just click on the Download button. It only took me about ten minutes to figure out how to actually get the songs but they’re good and they’re free so it was worth the trouble. I will tell you that what I ended up doing was pasting something in my redeem box on the iTunes store page.  As for what that was, I’m sorry I can’t remember.  It took two tries.  So I guess this is an exercise in creativity for y’all.  See who can actually end up with 27 free songs in their iTunes.  At any rate, the offer expires sometime in February so don’t dally. If you’re not hungry for new free music, don’t even bother, you’ll just end up getting irritated at me.  And I don’t want that.

Couldn’t you just smack me sometimes?  Hey, nothings really worth anything if it’s just handed to you, right?  Right?

I guess I better give you the link, huh.  It’s here.

6 responses to “QUICK HI

  1. Have a great weekend!

  2. thanks for that sweet tip! i doubt i’d ever want to smack you 🙂

  3. Hi Cas: You have a good one too!

    Daisy: Somehow, I think you’d figure this out in less time than I did. One song in particular to check out: You Pick Me Up by Farmer Dave Scher. It’s amazing : )

  4. will do it’s downloading now. thanks for adhering to my new name, you rock AND roll!

  5. Daisy: LOL Did you have trouble? I think what I ended up doing was pasting the code part of the page url (The capitalized letters and numbers like what you get on an iTunes card) into the Redeem box on the Store page. I bet you found an easier way…

  6. no, i clicked their link and it opened itunes and did the deal. it didn’t ask me to enter anything. i *did* have to “allow” for mozilla and then refreshed the screen

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