So I got up this morning (didn’t wanna) and got ready for work, intermittently watching the bottom of the TV screen, taking stock of school closings, etc. to try and determine the condition of the roads for the trip to work. It didn’t seem too awful bad.  Got the car out of the garage and headed first to the post office to mail something.  The hill from our house to “town” was a little slick and slushy.  It was snowing still.  As I was leaving the post office, I took these things into consideration and thought of the possibility that, with the additional snow and the low temperature, things would more likely get worse than better.  I promptly turned toward home and went there.  Came here, whatever. I called off work and am now truly enjoying my morning coffee instead of guzzling it.

And I’m actually posting.  Imagine that.  It’s Friday and cold and snowing and I’m staying home and happy about it.

Incidentally, if you haven’t read my previous post and clicked on the Runaway Dorothy links, please do.  Dave has enlisted my assistance in getting some PR underway for the band.  I vowed to do what I could. The rest is up to you.

PD and I had a wonderful Holiday.  Lots of family around to make merry with, tons of great food and yummy junk, lovely gifts, vacation from work.  All around great times.  May post some pictures soon if I find the time.

A few months ago I came across a place to get my old blog published.  I deeply loved that old blog while I just have a passing fondness for this one.  My writing here is for crap and my posting is sporadic at best.  But I have a deep fear of the internet disappearing one day and losing all that I’d written on Old One Wink at a Time so I decided to get it printed.  It finally came in the mail day before yesterday and I was thrilled.  Like a dear old friend came to visit.

Let me tell you about Blog2Print, a division of  SharedBook Inc.  The actual process of putting the book together was fairly easy.  You’re able to design your cover and choose if you’d rather have hard back or a soft cover.  If I remember correctly there is a set price for each and if you have more pages than they specify, you are charged a set price per additional page.  At the time I placed my order, they were offering free shipping and that was a welcome discount.  If you love your blog as much as I do, I highly recommend looking into getting it printed.  If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer. I have lots more to say about it but that would take at least an entire post and I have some mail to answer and some time off to enjoy.  And I could do some shoveling, but hey.

PS I just noticed that Blog2Print always offers free shipping… yay!

10 responses to “FROSTY FRIDAY

  1. had never considered there was such a service, very useful indeed. I’ll probably give it a try when I feel happy about the amount of contents on my blog

  2. Thanks for the tip on Blog2Print. Like you, I used to write posts I truly enjoyed reading. Is that weird? Occasionally I still do, but it’s rare, mostly because I’ve run out of stories to share and already have put my ideas, etc. out there. WordPress (self-run, not hosted by WordPress) allows me to pull down a backup of all my posts, which I do regularly, but I don’t know what to do with the raw sql data and don’t feel like spending the time to figure it out.

    My question is: does it print the photos? Does it print the comments?

  3. Antonio : Thanks for visiting. Good luck with your blog : )

    Mark: I don’t think it’s weird, just frustrating. I’m not surprised that you enjoyed reading yours, you’re a very talented writer. I just enjoy reliving the experiences I wrote about and the interactive aspect.
    Don’t know what “sql” means.
    Yes, it prints the photos. It took me ages to learn to do it on my old blog so there aren’t a lot in my book. The quality of them is quite satisfactory but the colors are a wee bit vivid… Yes, the comments come through but they are in the back of the book which is tedious but I insisted on including them.
    My book has 378 pages and is more like a coffee table book! lol

  4. Home is the best placce to be when it’s snowing. We have new snow here this morning and I’m at home. Don, however, went out for his morning coffee with friends. He’s untrainable when it comes to snow.

  5. I will prob head that way and print my monthly letters to the kids…poor Andrew 😦

  6. One more thing of my list of Things To Do. This is great! Thanks, Linda!

  7. Great idea, unless you are a talentless hack like myself. 😉 I fall asleep reading my stuff. Maybe I could market it as a all natural tranquilizer!

  8. Cas: Sorry it took me so long to get back here… It’s STILL snowing AGAIN. This will definitely go down in the archives as the most snow in one January. Maybe not accumulation-wise, but it’s been snowing more often than not lately here. And I agree, it’s nice to stay inside!

    Ju: Isn’t it sad how we lavish our time on our first-born and the subsequent children get whatever we have left over? It’s one of life’s biggest injustices. I would love to read your blog from beginning to end some day!

    Mike: “The List…” One of the most intimidating things in the world. Crossing things off is a big deal anymore. Rare but oh, so gratifying.

    Amigo: Your self-deprecation unnerves me… You’re the only one who would fall asleep, I’m sure.

  9. Good night, my name is Elaine and in from BRAZIL. Please I would like to know about the meaning of ” regular stuff”. What is this? What this word(term) meaning?.Is it slang? Sorry my English.

  10. Hi Elaine: Welcome to my blog, thanks for coming by. I guess you could say the term means “nothing out of the ordinary.” The word “stuff” is a slang term which means “things.” Please let me know if I haven’t given you a clear answer to your question.
    I would like to know, how did you find my blog?

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