I did.  And more about that later.  But right now I’m in the mood to convert some fans.  “Oh no,” you’re saying, “Linda’s on one of her recruiting binges…”

Yeah, well, that’s my prerogative and if you don’t wanna play along, you don’t haf’ta. But when this guy (and band) gets all rich and famous one day, you’ll say, “Linda said he/they would.”  And I believe that he/they will.  Just like I told you about Airborne Toxic Event.  Well, they’re getting there.

You see, I forget what day Dave Parnell of Runaway Dorothy started his endeavor exactly but he’s given himself nine weeks to become a Rock Star.  You can read all about his aspirations here. I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t recall where I heard Runaway Dorothy for the first time.  That’s one of the downsides to listening to the volume of music that I’m accustomed to.   Just like Airborne Toxic Event.  I wish to hell I could remember the first time I heard Sometime Around Midnight. (Notice the  432,192 views of their vid!)

The really cool thing about Runaway Dorothy is that they are SO good that they made me listen to music that’s not even my style.  It doesn’t fit a category (in my opinion) and I tend toward that kind of music and make my own category but I’m having to dig deep to find one for these guys.  Dave Parnell, the future rock star that I have a huge, but manageable crush on (Surprise Dave!  I bet you couldn’t tell…) describes their sound best when he says they, and I quote, “Sound like a blend of coldplay, bob and jakob dylan.”  You can hear their music here. I especially love Abilene and Chases and Caulfield.

I am the lucky owner of their cd The Arc (which is autographed as you can see in the second photo) as well as an awesome Tshirt (ditto that.)  I can hardly wait for summer to come because I can’t think of a better way to spend a warm night sitting on my swing listening to their music and wearin’ mah shirt.


Now, as soon as Dave gets back to me with permission to post this, I’ll put it up.

And if he doesn’t, I’m gonna anyway cause he’s not my boss.  *wink wink* Unless of course I’ve talked him into letting me be a paid groupie roadie by now.

2 responses to “SURVIVED THE HOLIDAY…

  1. Name of band sounds so familiar…how long have they been around? Saw so many bands living in Kalamazoo that I’m wondering if they’ve ever been there or Novi…speakers are blown on computer or I’d probably be able to take and listen and know if I’ve seen them before.

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