I thought they were called Suicide Bunnies but it seems I was mistaken.  They are Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley and they are hilarious.  It’s sick as heck when you really think about it but these bunnies are not only determined to cross over, they are total geniuses when it comes to finding a a gazillion different ways.

I came across some of the comics quite awhile ago and I may have mentioned them here.  It was hard to find anyone else who’d heard of them.  And yeah, they looked at me kind of funny when I would say how hilarious it is to watch innocent, cute little bunnies trying to off themselves.

So yesterday when I was Christmas shopping I saw that they have a calendar out.  I would have bought it for someone or myself but it seemed kind of pricey for only twelve scenarios.  (Yes, I am cheap, but you knew that already.)  Now if it had been a daily desk calendar, I’d have paid more for it and I’d be wrapping a few of them for the crazy people I know.  And I’d have to have one myself.  Here is one of my favorites:

Check them out if you haven’t.  Judging by the collective sense of humor of (most of) my readership, I feel safe in saying that you’ll laugh pretty good. I couldn’t find a link that wasn’t to someone’s  blog,  and this was the best one I found, so I must give credit to Mr. Jimmy Ruska for his compilation, here.

14 responses to “LEFT HOLDING A PELT

  1. That’s hilarious!

  2. Mark: Aren’t they??? Glad to bring you some laughs : )

  3. Oh, I love it! This is almost as good as the “I Hate Cats” calendars I used to not buy…

  4. M+: Hehe. Glad you love it. My dad used to have a book, “101 uses for a dead cat.” Not saying I thought it was funny or anything… ; P

  5. thanks for the laughs! funny stuff

  6. Bob: If you’re happy, then I’m happy : )

  7. they are hilarious, that is all that matters.

    The snow startled me the first time I saw it. I thought something was crawling down my screen.

  8. Jeff: Made ya laff! Not sure why I get so much satisfaction from that… : )
    What snow?

  9. i love that cartoon, i’ll have to check them out. being frugal is a good thing to be 🙂

  10. Leah: Frugal makes it sound not so cheap, thank you. I looked for the book in one of my favorite book stores yesterday- which I found out is closing : ( and they didn’t have it. Was doubly sad…

  11. The snow on your page!

    I hope that everything is going well for you and PD. I am keeping you both in my prayers and hope that you have a joyous and wonderful Christmas.

  12. Jeff: You dear man. You breathed a little breath of life into my poor, expiring blog. I’ve been worried about her. I miss it here and have about six posts in my head waiting for the time to type them out.
    PD and I are doing good. Thanks for the reciprocated prayers. (That means we’re praying for you too. Don’t know why I just didn’t say that…) And we wish you a wonderful Holiday and a Healthy, Happy New Year.

  13. Well, I suppose if you’re not gonna post anything for Christmas then I’ll just go ahead and wish you a Merry Christmas here.

    Have a truly, wonderful and blessed Christmas!

    I’ll be sure to pass your wishes for a Merry Christmas on to Mom, too – because I know you’ll ask me to.

  14. M+: Thanks for the nudge and for the Christmas wishes. All the very best, also, to you and yours. A hug for your mom too : )

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